Hiring the professional and efficient cleaning company can be hard and challenging. Check out the following tips that can help you find the right cleaning service provider.

There are lots of commercial cleaning companies out there that offer quality services and competitive prices. All of them would love to have your business. So, you have a lot of options and should choose the best cleaning company. This company should be professional enough to serve all your needs. The key is hiring the medium-sized local cleaning company that has a good reputation, well trained insured and bonded staff that love their work. The cleaners should be dedicated to what they do, pay attention to delails and do their best to meet all the clients’ needs.

Your city has a lot of good, local cleaning companies to choose from. But how to make the best choice? Here are a few questions you should ask the cleaning company you contact. These questions will help you screen out the not so professional, not efficient, not reliable cleaning services:

What do you use for Dusting? There are many dusters and cleaning rags out there. Look for company that uses microfiber dusters and rags. Micro-Fiber is the best material that catches and contains the dust. Some housekeepers use cotton rags to clean the surfaces. But first of all, cotton rugs may leave lint behind and it will make your desk look like it still has dust and second the housekeeper will spend more time on completing the same task as using a microfiber rag.

What equipment do you use for Sweeping? Make sure the cleaning staff use a dust-mop and not a simple broom. Using a dust-mop cuts the working time almost in half! Everyone wants to hire a cleaning company that is efficient when cleaning. Cleaning time is your money and you can save a lot if the company you hire clean thoroughly and efficiently.

Ask the cleaners what vacuum they use for carpet cleaning. If you have at least 2,000 sq.ft. of carpeting, it is more efficient to use a back-pack vacuum. For smaller places it’s good to use an upright vacuum. If you want to get under those hard to reach areas, it’s better to use a back-pack vacuum as it will anable you to maneuver. This type of vacuum is more expensive than an upright one. But a back-pack vacuum saves cleaners time they can spand on other task. In addition, this vacuum doesn’t cause harm to your floor as it doesn’t have rollers that can scrub your flooring. Cleaners cary this vacuum on their back thus have both hands free. They can simultaneously operate the “wand” and move items when vacuuming.

A professional and efficient cleaning company will make sure they have the right tools to do a quality work. Professional cleaners should know how to choose the right equipment depending on the area, specifications and size of the job. Hire a cleaning company that is locally owned and operated, treat its employees well and meets your needs and requirements.

Every business looks for professional, reliable cleaning company that offers quality cleaning services. It’s very important to find a reliable and reputable cleaning provider whom you can trust your facility. Cleaners spend quite a long time in your offices, that’s why you want to be sure they are insured, bonded, and background checked.

Business owners want their offices to be not just “look-cleaned”, but “health-cleaned.” That’s why more and more cleaning companies turn to green cleaning services. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products and safe cleaning procedures. Cleaning providers apply safe and healthy practices in order to reduce the spread of cross-contamination and micro-organisms. Different procedures are very beneficial in reducing employee absenteeism and improving peace of mind.

It’s very important to spend your working time in a clean and sanitized office space especially with today’s health risks such as MRSA and viruses. Commercial cleaning companies strive to use the latest technology available, including:

microfiber cleaning cloths that are very effective at grabbing fine particles and oils that hide in the crevices of an office surface;

commercial vacuum equipment – high-powered, HEPA-filter vacuum system to help improve indoor air quality and get the space extra-clean, etc.

Look for a professional cleaning company that understands your needs and requirements.