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94-ceiling-cleaningDust on the ceiling is quite common, because we usually do not clear the ceiling during cleaning. As a result, the tiny dirt and dust particles are deposited on the surface of the ceiling, and it looks dull and gray. In premises with high humidity and in the kitchen steam and smoke also settle on the ceiling.

Employees of our cleaning company will professionally and efficiently perform cleaning of your ceiling from dust and dirt. If you want to do it yourself, you may use pieces of advice given by our experts.

Dry cleaning method is the best one to clean the dust from the ceiling.

Purchase a long-handled brush with soft hair and use it merely for cleaning dust from the ceiling. This brush is convenient for removing cobwebs; it collects and retains fine dust and dirt without smearing it over the surface. It is extremely difficult to damage the ceiling surface while cleaning with such a brush.

To remove dust from the ceiling, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush-tip may be used. To avoid scratching the ceiling, the tip of the vacuum cleaner must be kept at a small distance from the ceiling surface.

If the ceiling is particularly dirty, it is necessary to clean it manually. This requires a ladder or a sturdy table. The choice of cleaning method depends on the ceiling surface.

Emulsion paint 

Emulsion paint is the most common finishing coat of the ceiling in our homes. This coating does not tolerate wet cleaning; water contact with such water-based paint can cause stains and blotchiness. Therefore, the dry cleaning will suit better for such ceiling.
Small contamination can be cleaned from the ceiling surface with special wipes. Before using them, check the effectiveness of their impact on the paint at an inconspicuous place.

Oil paint 

Taking care of ceilings covered with oil or latex paint is much easier. All-purpose detergent can be used to remove contaminants from such a ceiling. Dissolve it in water and wipe the ceiling with a sponge or a cloth soaked in this solution. In order not to leave any water stains or blotches on the ceiling, thoroughly wipe it with a clean dry cloth.

Polystyrene tiles 

Ceiling tile lined with polystyrene tiles with protective film on them can be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth. If there is no protective film, only dry cleaning is recommended.

Stretch ceilings 

While cleaning the stretch ceilings you should be very careful not to damage the surface. They can be washed with lukewarm water with using some specialized detergent. To clean the surface use a spray bottle, a soft damp cloth or if you like it more – microfiber cloth. Excess moisture should be removed from the surface in the direction of the welding joint. The cleaned surface must be carefully wiped with a dry cloth.

Important! When cleaning the stretch ceilings do not use hard brushes or abrasive detergents.

92-cleaning-cornerstone-of-successWherever a person is staying – at home, at work, on vacation, or at other public facilities, everywhere the proper cleanliness and order should be constantly maintained. It is well-known and has been proved long time ago by advanced Institutes of Health and the world-renowned scientists that cleanliness is a guarantee of human health. Every possible kind of contaminations do not only spoil the environmental background, aesthetic appearance of the interior, leave bad impressions in people from untidy rooms, but are also centers of concentrations of allergens and various pathogenic bacteria. Only the timely and proper cleaning of all rooms ensures a healthy atmosphere and a pleasant view of the surroundings.

You may carry out the cleaning works yourself, spending on it a lot of your effort and precious time, herewith cleaning the way you know it (which is not always the right way). But if the question is about a higher quality cleaning, then it is necessary to apply to professionals, whose daily work is aiming at absolute cleanness at the premises and buildings of any type and designation.
Such cleaning can be provided only by specialized cleaning companies, with a staff of qualified cleaners using professional products for cleaning of various surfaces, as well as modern expendable materials and necessary equipment.

Types of cleaning

There are different types of cleaning; the main ones are the general (deep) cleaning, daily cleaning, and cleaning after repair. Each of the listed has its own peculiarities and is applicable to the cleaning of apartments, houses, offices and other residential and social facilities.
Each type of cleaning is individual, includes a set of standard, obligatory services – it is usually dry and wet cleaning of floors, dry or wet wiping of all surfaces of the interior and household appliances, cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, washing of standard windows and window sills, skirting boards, doors.

A number of major additional services performed at the request of premises’ owners, includes dry cleaning of various upholstered furniture, washing of non-standard windows and various glassing, wiping of the inner surfaces of cabinets, mezzanines, wardrobes, washing of the inner surfaces of the kitchen and other household appliances, and much more.

There are a lot of chemical agents, both multipurpose and used for cleaning of certain surfaces or objects. Diligent cleaning companies as a rule use the most advanced, environmentally friendly, professional chemical agents; regularly improve the skills of their workers, which allow obtaining high performance and achieving the ideal cleanliness in serviced areas.

If you are looking for a team of skilled professionals to perform the cleaning works at any facilities of your business - Pro Quality Office Cleaning is just the best choice for you!
We work hard to make your visitors feel comfortable and happy with what you are doing.

Clean Windows in the Office – EASY!

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90-office-window-cleaningCleaning windows in an apartment or office, at first glance, is not the most difficult task. In most cases, getting ready for a big cleaning, usually between dusting and cleaning the office equipment, people begin to clean windows. And we agree with that. Cleaning of office premises, of course, has its own peculiarities and nuances, but we recommend starting with window cleaning. Let in your office more light and sun! Then the rest of the work on cleaning the office will be much faster and better!

Our cleaning company provides services on cleaning windows  in premises of any type. We qualitatively perform our work in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices. Moreover, we clean windows not only inside but also outside. No building is too high or wide for us. More information about window cleaning – in Section OFFICE WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE. COMMERCIAL WINDOW CLEANING.

But let us return to our task. Before you start cleaning, check the the availability of detergents.

Means for cleaning the windows

For window cleaning, you will need:

• A brush or a paintbrush to clean the glass and window frames from dust and stubborn stains
• Microfiber cloth
• Squeegee with rubber
• Washing liquid for windows

Let’s consider the listed tools and equipment in details.

Brush instead of cloth
To remove dust, we do not recommend using a cloth, but a brush. Or even a paint brush. Wiping the dust with a cloth may leave dirty marks on the glass and frames, which then will leave spots and stains. Best of all is in the beginning to dust off by using a brush and collect the dust with a vacuum cleaner. You can even vacuum the glass and frame – it will be much more effective than using cloths. It does not take much time, but will greatly facilitate the subsequent washing of glass and help to cope with cleaning faster and better.

Always use a squeegee for window. It has a rubber blade that effectively cleans dirt from the glass. The main difference of squeegee from the cloth – combined with a good glass cleaner it copes well with fat, so there will be no streaks or blotches or greasy stains. The main thing is to clean the rubber well after each passage. And ensure that the rubber is not worn off and is not deformed.

Cloth is also useful
Cloth can also be useful for us, but only for cleaning window frames and making the final gloss on the window glass. Prepare several cloths of soft microfiber.

Often, instead of using cloths people use different handy tools. For example, it is recommended to wipe the glass and mirrors with old newspapers. This method has been widely used by our grandmothers in the past, but nowadays it is still better to use modern materials. Moreover, the newsprint, after getting wet, leave dirt on the glass, barely noticeable at first, but later creating a lot of problems.

Powder or alcohol?
And at the end – a little bit about cleaning agents and detergents. Do not use washing powder or soda for cleaning your windows – due to the abrasive substances in their composition, which can scratch and “wear” window glass. Best of all is to dissolve instead in warm water some ordinary soap and rinse the window glass with this solution. But the best choice is alcohol-based liquids for window washing. As for the efficiency and ability to cope with grease on the glass such means has no equal!

And in the conclusion – about the time suitable for washing the windows. It sounds strange, but cloudy cool weather, and not a hot and sunny day, is better for window cleaning. The fact is that in the sun the water used for cleaning dries too quickly – before it is removed. As a result, the stains and unpleasant streaks remain on the glass. Therefore, wait for a cool day, and start a big cleaning in your office.

How to Clean Wood Floors in the Office

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73-wood-floorCleaning wood floors in your office can be really hard and time-sapping. Our experts recommend several tips that will help to save your time and money.

First of all, no need to purchase expensive cleaners. Regular floor cleaning can be done with the help of apple cider vinegar and warm water.

What you will need:

·    ½ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

·    Good mop with microfiber cover

·    and a bucket of warm water

First you will need to dust your floors or vacuum them removing all particles. Then add vinegar into the water, dip your mop into the solution and clean your floors.

Please, keep in mind that your wood floors shouldn’t be too wet. Water can destroy and damage your nice wood floors.
Our experts also say that finished wood floors can be cleaned using usual clean water without adding different cleaners, but from time to time you will need to refinish your floors.

How to Prevent Falls at Work 

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72-falls-at-workRecent statistics show that 91 millions of working days are lost missed due to fall injuries annually and 90% of them happen because of wet floors at work. If we only think, these numbers are horrible, and they should be decreased. Furthermore, it is so easy to prevent slip and falls at work.

As a professional cleaning company, we can say that clean floors look fabulous and create the positive impression, but there are several rules that should be followed in order to prevent falls.

Indoor floors

1.    Remove different obstacles

2.    All the mats and rugs should be safely secured

3.    Clean the spills as soon as you notice them

4.    Cables should be covered, especially if they cross walkways

5.    Dangerous areas should be well-lighted

Safety rules for stairs

1.    Clean all the grease or liquid spills

2.    Make sure that stairways are correctly lighted, change the light bulbs regularly.

The outside of your office building should be also well-maintained to ensure safety.

Below there are several safety tips for you:

1.    All the obstacles should be removed, no boxes, no loose rugs and no trash canes.

2.    Remove snow or water regularly.

3.    Keep the entrance well lit.

The outside of your building also creates a first impression and needs to be monitored to help ensure safety so people don’t slip, trip and fall.

71-main-cleaning-productsFacility Cleaning Decisions Magazine conducted a survey among the facility managers. They were asked about the cleaning products that they consistently need to order and keep in stock.

Here are their most common answers:

The first place goes to paper towels and tissues.

The runner-up is sanitizer (disinfectant) and hand soap receiver the third prize.

So, what conclusions can we make thanks to this survey? Hand hygiene and germ-free surfaces are very important for any office building.

If you do not have a professional janitorial company that helps you to deal with cleanliness, it is very important to keep in mind the results of the survey to look professionally in the eyes of both employees and customers.

If you are looking for an affordable cleaning service, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will be glad to help you. Pro Quality Office Cleaning is the most affordable company in Washington State. We offer the best way for keeping your building with the right surface cleaning products.

We work hard to make your visitors feel comfortable and happy with what you are doing.

68-new-year-cleanupThe New Year has come and usually we decide to accomplish lots of things and one of them is to be organized! Good decision, let’s get rid of this clutter at home, at the office and in your life!

Our professional crew has prepared several tips that will be helpful in the process of cleaning. We are here to help you declutter your office! Clean office is a productive and effective office.

·    Get rid of unnecessary papers. You can contact a special shredding company that can propose you several choices of shredding possibilities.

·    Set a special day that will be a declutter day. Choose a day, once or twice a month when your employees check their desks, folders and documents. Let them clean their workplace. Buy special folders and organizers to make this process easier.

·    Before asking your employees to clean – start with your workplace, be a positive examples for your colleagues. Remove papers from your desk, keep all the documents in special file folders. Use organizers and boxes for the old documents that should be kept.

·    Be ready to develop your own archiving system. All the outdated documents should be stocked in a special area in special boxes. Keep these papers for a required period of time. Our team recommends writing an expiry date on the boxes or folders.

·    Keep this process going, do not stop. When you receive a document, work on it immediately: file it or shred.

·    When the working day is over, set a rule to leave the office ONLY when your desk is CLEAN

67-janitorial-serviceWe should say that almost every business needs commercial cleaning. You may ask why? And the answer is easy… If your employees are busy with cleaning tasks, their main work will not be done properly. Your employees will accomplish tasks better if they are concentrated on the main tasks. If you want your employees work well and your office to be clean, you need to hire a commercial cleaning team.

Recent researches have shown that commercial cleaning crew impresses customers. It means that if customers see janitors around the office, they feel sure that bathrooms are clean and carpets are vacuumed. At the same time your customers will know that you care about the healthy environment in your office.

Professional Cleaning team knows how to make the working environment healthier. Nowadays many janitorial companies use special cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies. Cleaning companies also know how to get rid of germs and bacteria and to keep your employees healthy and your office clean.

Commercial cleaning companies help business owners to work more efficiently. They free you from unnecessary stress and headaches. Janitorial companies give you the opportunity and time to be involved in more important work and control the results of your company. Free your time and enjoy cleaning environment that will boost working efficiency. If you have any questions or you need help with cleaning your office, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will gladly help you.

How to Maintain Office Carpets

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65-maintain-office-carpetDo you have an office that meets lots of people daily? Do you want to extend the life and durability of your carpets? If yes, than this article is prepared just for you. Experts from Pro Quality Office cleaning have prepared several tips for you that will surely come in handy.

The number one aim for the janitorial companies in offices is to keep carpets clean, free from stains, but it is very important for managers and property owners to know what cleaning supplies are used in their office.

First of all, you can ask you janitorial company to provide you with the list of chemicals they use for cleaning stains. You need it because sometimes cleaning supplies do not work well and the stains appear again and become even worse.

What do you know about the methods of carpet cleaning? The most common methods include:

  • Water Extraction

Special equipment sprays water with special chemicals and at the same time vacuums it. The water dissolves dirt and a vacuum cleans it.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is good, but it cannot be used on man-made carpets or it can cause shrinking of wool carpets. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it kills dust mites, and removes almost every stain, but it will take about 8 hours for your carpet to dry.

  • Foam Dry Cleaning

Do not believe that it says “dry”. This method also requires usage of water. Cleaning machines of this type use foam to cover the surface and then it is vacuumed. Usually the carpet will be dry whining an hour. Disadvantages include damaging of the carpet by brushes and bleed lines from a shampoo.

Use entrance mats. We have said about it so many times, but again this tip is important.

You cannot believe, but door mats do wonders, they reduce the amount of dirt, moisture, sand, etc.

Germiest Places in the Mall

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61-shopping-mallMalls around the country are the most popular and the most visited places. Doctors and heath experts announced that there are eight places that are homes for millions of bacteria and viruses: the flu viruses, E. coli and others.

Food Courts Tables

We think that all food courts are clean and sanitized, but actually the cleaners use the rags and cloths that contain bacteria that can be spread around, such as E. coli.

Restroom Sinks

Experts agree that the germiest places in restrooms are sinks and soap dispensers. Use special hand sanitizers and they will help you to decrease the number of bacteria on your hands.

ATM Keypads

Researches have found that every ATM key contain 1,200 germs, including viruses and bacteria. The germiest key is ENTER because everybody touches it.

Fitting Rooms

Not only fitting rooms, but also such an action as trying on clothes can lead to catching different diseases. Be careful and use hand sanitizers at least.

Toy Stores

Experts say that toy stores can contain much more germs than playgrounds. This happens because very often children behave inadequately at the stores in order their parents buy a toy they like. Kids lick them, rub their faces, kiss toys, etc.

Electronic Shops

Different gadget shops are not safe because people touch these gadgets thousands of times, if not more. Scientists also conduct the research that showed that viruses can be easily transferred between screens (glass surfaces) and fingers.