Cleaning CompanyProfessional cleaning services has become more and more popular within the recent years among banks, factories, schools, restaurants, stores and warehouses. Professional companies perform cleaning of various areas – from tiny apartments or simply carpet cleaning, to cleaning the facades of huge shopping centers or deep cleaning at the restaurant or factory premises.

Inviting the cleaning specialists, we want to get quality services for a reasonable price. To ensure that the expectations are 100% met, you need to know what to look for when choosing a cleaning company and what problems can be hidden behind surprisingly low prices.

Qualification Criteria
What needs to be considered when choosing a company, so as not to waste your money and time? Let’s try to enumerate the main points from which to start.

Presentability Factor
Nowadays cleaning services are offered by many companies. Pay attention first of all to those who have their own office (clean office!), beautifully designed and well-filled web-site, a significant period of work in the market of services.
A well-proven company will always take care of its image and reputation!

Even now, at the modern age of technologies, valuable and worthwhile experts are “passed from hand to hand”, by sharing contacts with friends and relatives. To learn the impressions of a friend about the work of a particular company is always valuable, because he certainly will not deceive!
If this is not possible – read the reviews on the level of services provided on the company’s website.

Do not hesitate to clarify with the manager, with the help of what equipment is cleaning performed: household vacuum cleaners are out of place here! Find out which cleaning agents and detergents are used and of which manufacturers, and whether there are certificates on them. A solid company usually buys products from the same suppliers, and uses 2-3 proven brands of “chemical agents”.

In a good company, all employees undergo compulsory training: the more extensive is their professional knowledge, the better result will be obtained by the client. At work, cleaners should be given special clothing, all necessary equipment and cleaning agents for various surfaces.

Variety of services
The large company offers a wide range of services – from the daily cleaning to deep cleaning, from dry cleaning to washing facades with the use of industrial climbers, from maintenance of the adjacent territory to cleaning roofs from snow and its subsequent removal. Of course, it is much more profitable to entrust all the necessary work to one company than to several different services.

Prices for the services
From the available offers choose the average cost of services. The understated price should alert you (but not in case when it comes to discounts!), unreasonably high price is often not justified and gets driven up for the brand. Find out how pricing is done, what bonuses are received by a regular customer.

Stages of a cleaning company selection

Step 1. Chose several companies working in your city, focusing on prices, reviews and its reputation. Call the managers asking for an estimate of the costs for the necessary services. Please note that prices vary depending on the size of the room, the level of its pollution and the amount of work ahead!

Step 2. Settle upon 1 or 2 companies interesting for you and arrange a meeting with a specialist – he/she will assess the state of your house or office, recommend the most appropriate type of cleaning and make an estimate. Be sure to find out whether the removal of garbage is performed outside of the territory (especially important for large office buildings, after repairs in an apartment or a country house).

Step 3. If everything suits you, conclude a contract with the cleaning company. Make sure that it contains a paragraph on compensation for damage caused by employees during the cleaning process or because of their lack of professionalism when choosing cleaning products!

Step 4. Assess the appearance and behavior of the workers who arrived, their provision with inventory and cleaning agents. When accepting the performed work, pay attention to the cleanliness of hard-to-reach places and the quality of delicate surfaces cleaning.

When choosing a cleaning company, consider a number of requirements that are important for you. The concept of cleanliness for each person is different, and the cleaning company must have the highest requirements in the first place to their employees and the quality of their work.
The successful choice of a cleaning company is, first of all, a guarantee of cleanliness and safety of your property. Use the knowledge obtained from this article not to waste your money and not to be disappointed in your decision!

office-cleaningWhy are the cleaning companies, whose work on the market of cleaning services is ten years or more, are preferable to the “newcomers”?

Throughout the years of their work they create a team of specialists, acquire the priceless experience, and most importantly – they gain reputation.

Such a cleaning company knows, and which is most importantly – follows the accepted norms and standards for cleaning at sites that have different specifics – factories, offices, living quarters and stores.

Very often such companies have a supply department that buys cleaning accessories, equipment and cleaning chemicals directly from the manufacturer, which is a huge advantage. Thus, consumables are obtained with a minimum mark-up and cleaning costs, respectively, are also reduced. While those who purchase goods through intermediaries put a much higher price tag to their cleaning services.

Qualified managers in the shortest possible time can calculate the cost of cleaning because they know how many cleaners, floor washing machines, brooms, cleaning agents and even toilet paper in the bathrooms it is necessary to estimate for each object.

A thought may appear, that such companies from the beginning of their existence apply the same cleaning methods. But of course it’s not true; there are classical cleaning technologies that are always effective and relevant.

However, the success of  ”long-playing” cleaning companies is a constant increase of  the skill- level of their cleaners, the application in practice of various market innovations combined with competent personnel management.

With many years of successful practice in this field, Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company can offer you affordable prices and excellent cleaning quality, performed by trained skilled professionals.

56-janitorial-cleaning-serviceIf you are an owner of an office or any other type of business from a store to manufacturing plants, you will surely know that a clean environment is one of the most important factors for being successful. A dirty and unhealthy environment brings problems, unhappy faces and poor reputation. People walk in and they do not want to see dirt, they want to see professional working in an appropriate atmosphere.

Professional cleaning services will help you to keep your office clean and professionally looking.

Sometimes owners think that they can clean their business by ourselves…but is it really so?

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Companies know exactly their job; they know what to do and how to clean. They pay special attention to the details that you might forget and do not see. These companies know how to make your establishment to look best, they have experience. Commercial cleaning services will make your office shine and sparkle.

Professional janitorial cleaning services, such as Pro Quality Office Cleaning, offer to its’ customers not only usual cleaning services, but also customized ones. If a client needs his office to be cleaned on weekend, they will surely come. If a client needs a crew to pay attention to certain details, or course, our cleaning crew will do that.

Every office and establishment has their own requirements and needs, some offices are small and others are large, that’s why customized services help not only to save time, but also money.

A clean environment has numerous benefits:

  • Happy employees
  • Safe working environment
  • Increased working efficiency

A professional janitorial cleaning company helps to keep your office spotless. Professionals pay attention and put more efforts in cleaning the areas that usually are overlooked by others.

Cleaning professionals save your time and give the opportunity to work over important deals.


How to Make a Meeting Room Comfortable?

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41-comfortable-meeting-roomIn 2005, Microsoft Company completed a survey, which showed interesting results about personal productivity in the office. 71% of the office workers, who spend an average of six hours at the office, said that their meetings are unproductive.

What should be done to make an office meeting room comfortable and functional?

Let’s start with the most important things: Tables and chairs

It should be said that table and chairs in the meeting room is considered to be a center. Here are several tips for arranging your conference furniture.

Round tables are ideal for meetings, because every worker has equal opportunities with the others for idea contributions. Long rectangular tables are perfect for meetings where there will be people who will make the decision.

We live in the times of new technologies, and offices should also be equipped with everything needed.

This high-tech equipment will help you to increase creativity and cooperation. Your modern conference room should have a projector with a screen. If you think about saving money of course you may choose a usual board. Then it is great to have conference phones that will help you to hold conference calls

Easel pads are also important. Many office workers prefer to mark ideas on an easel and then take it back to the office and work on the ideas.

Don’t forget about a wall calendar, which will help to plan during meetings and set realistic deadlines for your projects.

Now let’s say several words about the color of the walls. Scientists say that yellow color promotes concentration; blue color promotes relaxation and agreeability. Do not use grey color, because it promotes negativity; red color promotes aggression and conflict.

The other important thing is lightning. It would be great if your conference room will have windows, because natural light keeps people awake.

And of course, keep your conference room clean. Our janitorial company will gladly help you with all the cleaning around your office. We propose best quality and affordable prices.


How to Organize Photo Wall in the Office?

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31-how-to-organize-photosUsually the walls in the office are dull and grey. How to make them bright? Experts recommend creating a special picture wall on it. Doesn’t matter what kinds of pictures you will choose, they surely will brighten your office.

First of all, you need to pick up the right wall. This wall should be big enough and empty without bookshelves and other pieces of furniture.

This wall should be well lit in order to see all the objects that will be hanging there. Pay attention to the color of the wall. Choose the color which will serve as a great background for your pictures.

Now is the time to choose pictures. Pay attention to the balance between colored pictures and those that are done in black and white. Choose pictures that will calm your customers. The best way is the pictures that depict nature. Such beautiful photos will add life to your wall.

The next important thing for the picture is a frame. Designers recommend sticking to one color (black, white or brown), the sizes of the frames as well as pictures may vary.

The next step is to lay all the pictures on the tale or on the floor. Choose the best combination for you, balance large and small frames and leave enough space between them.

When you will be satisfied with the layout be sure to repeat it on the wall. Take a pencil and mark the places for the pictures. Don’t forget that the pictures should hang straight, that’s why you will need to use a level.

When the preparation is done and the nails are hammered, it’s time to hang pictures. Once your frames with pictures are on the wall, check the layout. If you don’t like something, try to change places of the frames.

Add extra light to the wall, place a sofa or a set of arm-chairs on the opposite side in order to pay attention of the clients to the wall.

And do not stop, add new frames and pictures that will brighten the wall more and more.


Office Cleaners in Seattle

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27-office-cleaners-in-seattleOffice is a place where there are lots of people come in and out. Because there are lots of people in the office you need to think about the cleaning from different aspect. It seems to me that cleaning crew should be used in the office because:

  1. Clean environment affects the productivity of workers.

Dirty environment can be distracting. Professional cleaning crew knows how to create positive conditions for work.

  1. Clean environment attracts more customers.

It goes without saying that customers look for a professional service. And no one will argue that professional service can be available in the office that is dirty and dusty. Office is the first thing that impresses the customer. Make this impression positive.

  1. Clean environment is safe environment.

Cleanness means safety. Germs spread very quickly in the office causing different kinds of allergies and diseases. Professional cleaning crew knows what methods of cleaning to use in order to remove hazardous germs and bacteria.

  1. Clean environment is less distractive.

Probably, no one at work wants to think about cleanness, workers should think about work at work. They shouldn’t worry about their health. By the way, the cleaning crew should come to clean the office after the working hours, because this will also be less distractive for employees.

  1. Clean environment should be supported by all the employees.

Workers should also understand that they need to clean after themselves. No papers should be accumulated on the table.

Of course there are many cleaning companies in Seattle, but you need to understand that professional cleaning company will provide the best results for your business. Professional company uses new techniques and new cleaning products.


How to Make Your Office Smell Great?

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15-how-to-make-office-smellNowadays more and more offices want to go green. Our company also supports this idea, we use a great number of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Today our experts want to share several tips on how to make your office smell great using natural scents.

First of all, let’s say that different smells have different effect on our body. A smell can relax, energize or trigger memory.

If you want to relax a little bit, or you want your client to be relaxed during the meetings, make special lavender water which is known for its relaxing abilities. In order to prepare lavender oil, take two cups of distilled water, two tablespoons of vodka and half of a tablespoon of lavender oil. Mix everything in a spray bottle. Now you may use it, spray it everywhere: on your carpet, chairs, and other surfaces.

Potpourri is a great way to make your office smell wonderfully. To prepare potpourri in a saucepan, combine two cups of water with your favorite scents. You may use fruit peels (apples, oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons etc.) and spices (vanilla, cinnamon, etc.). Don’t forget to add water when it’s needed.

If you want your workers to feel more energized, prepare a special citrus room spray. Mix two tablespoons of distilled water with two tablespoons of vodka and add you favorite citrus essential oils. Keep in mind that this room spray can’t be used on fabrics.

If you want to remove unpleasant odor and at the same time fill the room with the pleasant one, we recommend using coffee beans. Just put some coffee beans in a beautiful cup or a dish and let it stand at your workplace. You will enjoy the most pleasant odor all day long.

Enjoy your new and natural smells in the office!


3-how-to-motivate-workersIt’s worth noting that the working place of your workers is so to say the “face” of your company. None of the customers wants to see piles of papers and dust on the desks of your workers.

A messy workplace is not one of the most productive places. And it happens so that in this mess the workers loose important documents and disorganize the work of personnel as a whole.

But to tell you the truth, it’s very easy to motivate your employees to clean-up after themselves, and there are several ways how you can achieve good results.

First of all, you need to voice out loud that everybody in the office must clean up after himself. You can also assign special cleaning tasks to different employees.

But you can not forget about yourself, you also need to clean up and show them a role model how to act. You shouldn’t grumble while cleaning, do it with a smile, showing to the co-workers that it’s not difficult to keep you workplace clean and well-organized.

Your colleagues shouldn’t also forget about the food leftovers that rot and smell horribly. Explain to the workers why it is important to clean up, tell them that dirty office gives to the customers the idea of non-competitiveness.

It’s also a great idea to have a system of rewards and penalties. The boss may reward them financially or giving free lunch, etc. And employees who do not clean up for themselves may clean after everybody as a kind of a punishment. Hopefully, in such a way they will be able to understand that it’s much easier to clean up only after yourself.

A special cleaning schedule should be developed; it will give the employees a special time that is especially dedicated to the cleaning. Usually this time is given at the end of the day, 5-10 minute is quite enough to arrange the workplace.

It would also be nice to have special organizers for papers, pens, pencils, documents, etc. Try to encourage your workers to eat their lunches in a special canteen and not at the desk, where they leave lots of stains and crumps.

Very often people just forget to clean because of the busy day they have, that’s why it’s good to have special reminders.

If these ways don’t help you with the coworkers, our company would love to clean your office. Pro Quality Cleaning provides all kinds of  commercial cleaning services for your business in Seattle.

Even if you know that someone will be taking care of your regular office cleaning chores you also should take care of your workspace. You should keep your office looking its best between cleans. Don’t leave everything to the cleaners. Check our useful tips and make the most of the office clean.

First of all agree on a cleaning schedule. Describe your needs and expectations. Decide what cleaning tasks should be performed daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as-need basis. You can complete the checklist and leave it with your cleaners each time they come to clean your office. Describe in details the things you want done.

Introduce a clear desk policy. It’s not a secret that clutter makes it difficult to clean. To enable your cleaning team do their job of cleaning the workspace, get a little bit organised. Direct all your employees to clear their desks at the end of each work day. Following this policy will help your company reduce the risk of information theft or a security breach caused by important information being left visible in plain view. It will also ensure that your office furniture is cleaned well.

Take advantage of using recycling bins. Place recyclable items in recycling bins. Some commercial cleaning companies charge less for recycling so this can save you money.

Be realistic. If you want your office to sparkle from top to bottom prepare to spend more than you are willing to. Use your cleaning services for the time consuming, difficult chores. Don’t leave a week’s worth of coffee mugs in the sink. Your cleaners may spend their time (and your money) in a much better way scrubbing the sink or countertops, for example. Take it into account and explain it to your employees.

Strive to use after hours services. Your cleaners will be able to work more effectively with the office free of people. Schedule your office cleaning service at a time when there are minimal employees on the premises. Consider installing a monitoring system if you are worried about protecting valuable company property and information.

Read your contract attentively. Check the terms and conditions of your cleaning contract and make sure every detail you discussed is in writing. It will help you regulate misunderstandings that may occur. Follow our tricks and you will definitely get the most from your office cleaning services.

Enjoy a clean and hygienic workspace

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There are lots of reasons why an office space should be clean and tidy and productivity is one of them. Employees should work in a clean and hygienic environment to be able to focus on their direct responsibilities. The company should find a reputable office cleaning company that has many positive reviews. Make sure the company you choose is a reputable one. This factor directly relates to the quality of work. If the company cares deeply about its reputation, it always provides the highest quality of service and dedication.

One more thing that you need to consider when you choose a company is the office cleaning services that they provide. There are many different services that a company can offer and it is up to you to decide which ones should be provided in your office. Anything from skyscraper window cleaning to floor waxing should be on the list as each business has different needs and a professional cleaning company should definitely offer them all. A cleaning staff should be highly trained in different cleaning techniques and equipment. It should be insured, bonded and background checked.

After you have chosen the company, ask for an office cleaning checklist. This checklist contains all the cleaning services that the cleaners should go through in every session. Ask them to fill in each task they perform each day so that you can track the process and progress. Then, ask them for a quote. Compare the quality of their work with their prices. Make sure not to overpay. Today, there are plenty of cleaning companies, so the prices should be compatible and attached to the quality of the tasks performed.

Having a clean office environment is priceless and employees should strive to keep it that way until the next time when the office cleaning company arrives to clean the facility.