office-cleaningWhy are the cleaning companies, whose work on the market of cleaning services is ten years or more, are preferable to the “newcomers”?

Throughout the years of their work they create a team of specialists, acquire the priceless experience, and most importantly – they gain reputation.

Such a cleaning company knows, and which is most importantly – follows the accepted norms and standards for cleaning at sites that have different specifics – factories, offices, living quarters and stores.

Very often such companies have a supply department that buys cleaning accessories, equipment and cleaning chemicals directly from the manufacturer, which is a huge advantage. Thus, consumables are obtained with a minimum mark-up and cleaning costs, respectively, are also reduced. While those who purchase goods through intermediaries put a much higher price tag to their cleaning services.

Qualified managers in the shortest possible time can calculate the cost of cleaning because they know how many cleaners, floor washing machines, brooms, cleaning agents and even toilet paper in the bathrooms it is necessary to estimate for each object.

A thought may appear, that such companies from the beginning of their existence apply the same cleaning methods. But of course it’s not true; there are classical cleaning technologies that are always effective and relevant.

However, the success of  ”long-playing” cleaning companies is a constant increase of  the skill- level of their cleaners, the application in practice of various market innovations combined with competent personnel management.

With many years of successful practice in this field, Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company can offer you affordable prices and excellent cleaning quality, performed by trained skilled professionals.

5-commercial-cleaningCleaning companies can efficiently and comprehensively solve issues for businesses concerning cleaning the business territory, office cleanliness, maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness and even the timely management of all sorts of wastes and garbage.

Business structures are the ones who most commonly involve (pay for) services of cleaning companies. It is also worth mentioning that quite often industrial and commercial enterprises after the conclusion of the contract on the usual periodic cleaning, after considering the whole range of possible benefits from such cooperation, move on to more intensive cooperation with a cleaning company. For example, they hire the specialists to prepare the rented premises for holding various business events or corporate entertainment events, followed by cleaning the place of the event.

Cleaning companies are always ready to provide services in quick or deep cleaning of premises, such as cleaning the windows, getting rid of dust, bringing the flooring in a perfect state, keeping bathrooms perfectly clean, etc. And after all representatives of any business understand like no one else, that order and cleanliness can be used to create a good atmosphere in the team and improve working efficiency, and this opportunity should always be used.

Peculiarities of professional cleaning

- deep cleaning of premises, including window cleaning, cleaning of carpets and flooring, wall panels, upholstered furniture;

- cleaning after repair, relocation and construction works, conducting the intermediate cleaning to perform various repair stages;

- cleaning of common areas, such as entrance halls, elevators, underground parking;

- external cleaning of facades and glazing of different types and complexity;

- seasonal cleaning services of the adjacent territory and roofs – snow or leaves removal, washing the sidewalks, breaking the ice;

- cleaning and disinfection of premises, including industrial ones.

Customers can order both, a comprehensive performance of works, and carrying out one-time cleanings. Fast performance of works and their high quality determines the level of a specialized company.

The main advantages of addressing to a cleaning company for cleaning and disinfection of premises are as follows:

- time saving – certain types of work can be quickly and accurately performed only by a specialist, constantly improving his skills in this area. Cleaning company also determines the number of employees who will optimally accomplish the assigned tasks;

- cleaning with using professional equipment and special agents – purchase of cleaning machines and special care products for cleaning surfaces made of various materials, as a rule, is not provided by any family or corporate budget;

- cost saving – the high enough cost of professional cleaning services is still lower than the purchase of expensive equipment, safe detergents and risks to reduce the quality of cleaned premises and equipment;

-reduction of risk of unfair provision of services and preservation of property – addressing to a professional team reduces the likelihood of property damage, poor performance of works or theft of valuable things, than a one-time involvement of individuals to perform such works.

92-cleaning-cornerstone-of-successWherever a person is staying – at home, at work, on vacation, or at other public facilities, everywhere the proper cleanliness and order should be constantly maintained. It is well-known and has been proved long time ago by advanced Institutes of Health and the world-renowned scientists that cleanliness is a guarantee of human health. Every possible kind of contaminations do not only spoil the environmental background, aesthetic appearance of the interior, leave bad impressions in people from untidy rooms, but are also centers of concentrations of allergens and various pathogenic bacteria. Only the timely and proper cleaning of all rooms ensures a healthy atmosphere and a pleasant view of the surroundings.

You may carry out the cleaning works yourself, spending on it a lot of your effort and precious time, herewith cleaning the way you know it (which is not always the right way). But if the question is about a higher quality cleaning, then it is necessary to apply to professionals, whose daily work is aiming at absolute cleanness at the premises and buildings of any type and designation.
Such cleaning can be provided only by specialized cleaning companies, with a staff of qualified cleaners using professional products for cleaning of various surfaces, as well as modern expendable materials and necessary equipment.

Types of cleaning

There are different types of cleaning; the main ones are the general (deep) cleaning, daily cleaning, and cleaning after repair. Each of the listed has its own peculiarities and is applicable to the cleaning of apartments, houses, offices and other residential and social facilities.
Each type of cleaning is individual, includes a set of standard, obligatory services – it is usually dry and wet cleaning of floors, dry or wet wiping of all surfaces of the interior and household appliances, cleaning of toilets, bathrooms, washing of standard windows and window sills, skirting boards, doors.

A number of major additional services performed at the request of premises’ owners, includes dry cleaning of various upholstered furniture, washing of non-standard windows and various glassing, wiping of the inner surfaces of cabinets, mezzanines, wardrobes, washing of the inner surfaces of the kitchen and other household appliances, and much more.

There are a lot of chemical agents, both multipurpose and used for cleaning of certain surfaces or objects. Diligent cleaning companies as a rule use the most advanced, environmentally friendly, professional chemical agents; regularly improve the skills of their workers, which allow obtaining high performance and achieving the ideal cleanliness in serviced areas.

If you are looking for a team of skilled professionals to perform the cleaning works at any facilities of your business - Pro Quality Office Cleaning is just the best choice for you!
We work hard to make your visitors feel comfortable and happy with what you are doing.

Easy Ways to Freshen Office Car

On May 5, 2014, in Odor removal, by admin

46-freshen-office-carHow to make your drive to the office pleasant? Sometimes we drive the car that smells not really nice. Below are the pieces of advice from our experts that help to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Bath salt

Pour bath salt with strong fragrance into a small cotton bag. Place this bag into glove compartment. Every time you open it, you will surely enjoy the smell. Replace the bag when needed.

Potpourri wax tart

A potpourri wax tart is made and sold by candle companies. Experts advise to choose the scent you like and to place it into a cup holder in your car.

Fresh herbs

If you want to get rid unpleasant odors, we recommend placing fresh herbs on a newspaper in your car. Just leave these herbs to dry. The herbs will dry and bad odors will be removed.

Essential oils

Sprinkle several drops of your favorite essential oil onto mats. Use lemon or eucalyptus oil. They will help your car to smell nicely for the next several weeks.


39-cleaning-of-homeofficeIf you work at home, usually you spend lots of hours in your home office. Most people do not like to work in a mess that is why it is very important to keep your workplace in order for increasing your productivity!

Here are several quick tips that will help you to de-clutter your working space.

First of all, you are to clean all the surfaces using a microfiber cloth. You may add lemon into the water, it will help to disinfect and to add pleasant odor.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your desk, shelves and tables. Remove all the papers and other things and wipe down the surfaces. When you clean your desk, only return the things that are really needed.

The next thing you need to clean is your electronics.

Computer, keyboard, mouse, phone. All these electronics are dirty and full of germs. Your task is to clean and to disinfect the surfaces.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning. You may also add vinegar into the water for better cleaning. LCD screens are recommended to be cleaned with special LCD cleaning solutions.

When you are done with the cleaning of the outside of the room, it is time to clean the inside. I mean different drawers and cabinets.

Look through the papers and things that are found in your drawers. Everything that is not needed and is not used should be thrown away immediately.

Use folders for the papers and bins for other small things.

Now it’s time to clean floors.

Throw away everything that is not needed. Vacuum carpets and wash floors. Don’t forget about the spaces that are difficult to reach.

After this quick cleaning you will really like your shiny office.


Hand Sanitizer at Work? Do We Need It?

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36-hand-sanitizer-at-workExperts say that offices tend to have much more germs than other territories. What are the dirtiest things at the office? The answer is easy…the phone, computer and your desk. Scientists say that there are 400 times more bacteria on your desk than on an average toilet seat.

So, do we need a hand sanitizer at work?

YES, we need it.

Hand sanitizer at work will help you to get rid of bacteria, but you also need to remember that you need to wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect your workplace, telephone and computer with special disinfecting wipes.

It is recommended to keep a bottle with hand sanitizer on your desk.

Also place several bottles in public areas, kitchen (if you have one) and in a break room. If there is a special phone or other equipment in your office that is used by many people, place hand sanitizers near them too.

It is not recommended placing hand sanitizer in the restroom, because employees may substitute washing hands by using sanitizer. You need to remember that some bacteria cannot be killed by hand sanitizer that is why it is highly recommended washing the hands as often as possible, especially when the flue season starts.

Be healthy and take care!

Easy PC Cleaning

On January 20, 2014, in Computer cleaning, by admin

35-easy-pc-cleaningThe PC, screen, mouse and keyboard need to be cleaned like anything else in the office. But unfortunately, we do forget to give them appropriate cleaning.

If you are the one who forgets to do it, let’s start immediately.

Turn off your computer. Spray a glass cleaning product on a soft cloth, don’t spray it directly on the screen. The cleaning product may damage the screen.

Gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth, be sure to wipe away all the fingerprints.

And now let’s clean the keyboard. It should be said that every keyboard is full of crumbs, coffee spills and dust.

In order to clean it, turn it over and let all the crumbs to fall. You may also remove all the keys, but be sure to make a picture of their right order. It is not recommended taking off big keys, such as the Enter Key, the space bar, etc.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe the keyboard.

Gently wipe away all the stains and spills.

As for the key caps, you may wash then and rinse them thoroughly and then leave them to dry in the air. Put them on the same places.

 The mouse

Unplug the computer mouse, open the underside of it and remove the ball and the batteries.

Use a damp cloth to wipe any grime. You may also use rubbing alcohol for a better cleaning.

Gently wipe the inside of the mouse and let it air-dry.

Now your computer is clean and safe to use it again.

33-questions-for-carpet-cleaningNowadays the number of cleaning companies is great. The same happens with carpet cleaning services. How to choose the most reputable and professional carpet cleaning service?

Here are several tips that will help you to find a carpet cleaning service for your office that will meet all your needs and requirements.

You need to understand that you, as a manager or the office, will need to ask a lot of questions in order to understand whether this company suits you or not.

These questions should include:

1.       Does your company charge extra for moving the furniture around?

2.       How long does it take until it is allowed to walk on the clean carpets?

3.       Will the scents be a problem for the employees with allergies?

4.       Do you charge extra for difficult stains?

5.       Will you provide a written cost estimate?

6.       Do you have any references to call?

7.       Do you provide a copy of the proof of liability insurance?

8.       Do you use a carpet steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning?

You need to be aware about all the services the carpet cleaning company provides, because different companies provide different services.

Before the carpet rug cleaners come you need to secure valuable and breakable items.

Put away documents and paper piles.

After the cleaning is done you are to make sure you like it.

Inspect the cleaning work that was done within 24 hours.

If you find the drawbacks in the work, unclean areas or stains that have not been removed, make the company known immediately.

The cleaners should come again and resolve the problem in the shortest possible time.


Carpet Cleaning Tips for Your Office

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29-carpet-cleaning-tipsClean office is the real face of how the office works. That’s why it is very important to have clean carpet in your office and not only on the day of cleaning, but all the year round. Professional janitorial service shares cleaning tips for your carpet.

1.      If you use the help of janitorial service, make sure they vacuum all the areas which are most frequently used at least two or three times a week, and the rest of the carpet at least once a week.

2.      Professionals recommend using special floor mats under the chairs, because it will save your carpet from scraping.

3.      You also need to make sure that cleaning crew uses stain-resistant carpet protector after cleanings.

4.      Make sure that a commercial cleaning company is ready to help you as soon as possible when a heavy stain occurs on the carpet.

5.      Cleaning crew shouldn’t also forget to clean under the rugs and carpets from time to time.

6.      If you don’t want the color to transfer from the furniture to the floor, use protective blocks for several days after cleaning.

7.      It is much better to clean carpets and furniture on the same day, because it will save time and won’t interrupt the working process.

When your carpet is properly maintained and cleaned, its’ life will be extended. But be sure to choose the right company that provide commercial cleaning services, choose the most professional company.

If you still look for a professional commercial cleaning crew, our cleaning company that works in Seattle and the area will gladly help you.


How to Clean Your Cell Phone?

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26-how-to-clean-cellphoneCell phones, especially those with touchscreens, get dirty very quickly and easily. Dust, fingerprints, food stains and other unpleasant things can be found on them.

Studies have shown that cell phones are home for a greater number of more harmful bacteria than keyboard or doorknobs.

Another study has proved that infectious microbes and viruses can easily enter your body through eyes, nose and mouth.

Cleaning of your cell phone with touchscreen may seem a crazy idea at first sight, but it should be done no matter what.

The main idea in cleaning your cell phone is being gentle with it. Be careful with choosing methods and device that will be used for cleaning.

All the cloths that you will use should be soft and all the cleaners should be mild.

All kinds of wipes are designed for cleaning and disinfecting cell phones, but our experts recommend using DIY products. You may moisten a cloth with a mixture of 40% isopropyl alcohol that is available at any drug store with 60% of water. This solution will not only clean your cell phone, but it will also disinfect it easily.

There are several “Don’t” things that should be kept in mind.

1.      Don’t use a paper towel. Rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Microfiber cloth is the best one to use.

2.      Don’t use any kind of glass cleaner that contain ammonia, because these chemicals will damage an LCD display.

3.      Don’t spray water directly on your phone, just use a moisten cloth to wipe a cell phone down.