Proper Care for Rattan Furniture

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93-rattan-furnitureIn order for decorative wicker interior elements to serve long time and have nice appearance rattan furniture needs a proper care. Actually, care for such type of furniture implies carrying out a range of preventive measures and prevention of cracking.
Rattan furniture is resistant to moisture, so it does not require treatment with various water-repellent agents or polishes. In the manufacture rattan furniture is coated with a special water-based varnish which creates moisture repellent properties.

Perfect conditions for using the rattan furniture

- Such furniture should be used in a dry place where there is a good ventilation and heating during the winter period. The most optimal temperature is from 40 degrees to 100 degrees, and humidity – 65-90%.

- To avoid dulling and deformation of the furniture top coat, wicker furniture should not be placed next to radiators, and it should be protected from direct sunlight.

- Such liquids as gasoline, alcohol, acetone and other solvents of lacquer coatings will damage the furniture. Therefore, you should avoid the contact of these liquids with furniture surface.

- To remove dust from the rattan furniture is better with a soft bristle brush or vacuum cleaner. If the surface of the interior items becomes dirty, then you can wipe it with a soft sponge soaked in a solution of soap and water or a special detergent designed for delicate fabrics.

- You should also protect such furniture from the hot, for example, do not put on the table surface hot kitchen items, or cups with hot tea on the armrests. The coating of rattan is absolutely not intended for such purposes.

- When caring for rattan interior articles, do not use stiff, especially metallic brushes and graters, since its coating doesn’t like such mechanical impacts.

- It is also not recommended to use abrasive cleaning agents for cleaning the surface of the wicker furniture, as they may affect the appearance of micro-scratches on the surface. It is better to use some mild detergents diluted in warm water.

Removing some stains from upholstery material of rattan furniture:

· To clean the upholstery fabric of rattan furniture from stains of tea or coffee you need to moisten a  soft sponge or a cloth in a soap solution and wipe the contaminated places, then wipe already with a clean damp sponge. It is also possible to use for cleaning of such stains on the upholstery a special foaming agent, designed for cleaning carpets.

· If you have smeared the surface of furniture with upholstery with lipstick, fruit juice, a ball pen or with wine, then you can use a 10% solution of ethyl alcohol. Dampen a sponge in alcohol and wipe the stains with it, then wipe with a cloth dampened in clear water.

· Beer stains are easily removed with the help of vinegar and water. 2 tablespoons of vinegar combine with 1 liter of water and use this solution to wipe the stains.

· The wax from the candles can be removed with a knife and a vacuum cleaner. To do this, gently scrape off the wax from the surface of upholstery material and collect it with a vacuum cleaner. Then cover the wax stain with a thin paper and iron with warm iron. After that, apply a stain remover on the cloth and dry the liquid on the surface.

· If the chewing gum stuck to the upholstered material, then ice and methyl alcohol will help us to deal with this. Lay the ice cubes over the gum, and when it freezes scrape it. Now apply methyl alcohol with a sponge and dry the material.

· At least once a year, but it is better, of course, once in six months, it is recommended to wash the rattan furniture with warm soapy water. And remember, until the furniture is completely dry it is forbidden to sit on it. Drying of such furniture must be in natural way, indoors or outside but not in the sun.

· To return to such furniture its original gloss, you may apply a thin layer of oil varnish, and then a layer of colorless lacquer.

As you can see, maintenance of rattan furniture is not problematic; you just need to remember that this furniture needs your care. Therefore, carrying out the necessary procedures, you will be able to preserve its original appearance for many years. After all, furniture made of natural, eco materials have always been popular and appreciated.

Removing Stains from Marble Surfaces

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85-marble-surfacesIf you think that the stone surfaces require no maintenance, you are wrong. Marble, despite its durability, is rather porous stone which absorbs fluid greatly, is destructible under the influence of atmospheric conditions (rain, wind), cannot stand the impact of acids and mechanical effects leave traces on it.

So how to take care of marble surfaces?

The easiest and most effective way to deal with damage and contamination on marble is to prevent them.

1. Marble is easily exposed to mechanical impact. You should not walk on the marble floor in shoes with heels. Even sand and debris harm this stone, which get in the premise with shoes. It works as abrasive material and scratches the surface of the floor. Marble fades and loses its appearance.
In order the sand to remain at the entrance and not to be brought into the premise, you may put a rug at the door.

2. Stick felt pads to furniture legs, especially on chairs, stools, tables and other pieces of furniture that you periodically move.

3. Marble is very popular for the production of window sills. You shouldn’t put the flower pots on it, because water during watering the flowers may get on the stone surface and form streaks and rust stains.

4. Marble can and must be protected by special means. Use water-oil remedies that prevent not only liquids but also fats from penetrating into the stone.

It should be remembered that the impregnating agent is applied to a clean and dry surface, necessarily with a thin layer.
When using any remedy, it should originally be tested in inconspicuous places to make sure that it will not harm. Depending on the intensity of use of the surface, the protective impregnating agents are applied once in one to three years.

5. For the daily care of marble, do not use detergents. It’s enough to wipe it with a damp cloth, then polish by a suede cloth or by any other soft material.
Spilled liquids or any other stains should be immediately removed. Marble quickly absorbs dirt and stone color may change, leaving bad stains.


If nevertheless a stain appeared on the marble surface, try to remove it by one of the methods described below.

• If you react quickly, then it is possible to get rid of the stain that remained of various beverages, by cleaning it with soapy water. In a more complex case, you can use a solution of borax and warm water. Two teaspoons of borax are dissolved in a glass of water, a cloth is moistened in this solution and the stain should be wiped with it. The agent then should be rinsed with water and marble wiped dry.

• You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from light marble. Apply peroxide to cloth, press it to the stain, and after a while, rinse with water.

• Limestone on the marble is removed mechanically. Rub it with a soft metal brush, which is used for washing dishes.

• Stains from ink or ballpoint pen wipe with hydrogen peroxide, if the marble is light-colored, or acetone – if the dark-colored.

• Treat places, damaged by mold or other fungi with ammonia.

In special cases, when all means have been tried, but the result is disappointing, perform the grinding of the marble surfaces. You shouldn’t do it on your own. Invite specialists.

Furniture: Stain Removal

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81-furniture-stain-removalContinuing to talk about office furniture, today’s article will cover some tips from the professionals on how to remove different types of stains from the office furniture.
Depending on the “recency” of the stains and their specific nature, some types of stains on upholstered furniture can be removed with the help of the materials at hand. However, if some stains are old ones and highly deep – you will not be able to do anything with them without help of a cleaning company. This is due to the fact that only qualified professionals with modern equipment and appropriate detergents can guarantee you a perfect result.

Recommendations on removing stains from the furniture:
- If the white wine was spilled on the upholstery, we recommend you to put an ice cube on the stain, and then sponge it up with a clean cloth.
- Red wine stains are much more difficult to handle. One fact is really important for this process: the stain must be recent. To get rid of such a contamination, try to apply a little bit of salt to it, and afterwards wipe it with a cloth, dampened with soapy water.
- Ink stains can be derived by means of conventional acetone or alcohol. To get rid of the strong smell after cleaning, you can simply wipe this section with a gentle detergent. This method will also help you to remove the lipstick stains.
- Beer stains are removed with the help of a weak vinegar solution.
- To get rid of jam stains, you need to put some soap solution on the contaminated area and lightly sprinkle it with salt. After performing this procedure, you should thoroughly clean and vacuum the surface.
- Wax stains can be removed by using the blotting paper and an iron. The wax stain should be ironed through the paper. If at the place of the stain some grease remains, it can be easily removed by a detergent.
- Tea sprinkling, chocolate stains are removed by liquid soap, which is easily wiped off with a slightly damp cloth.
- Blood stains should be treated as quickly as possible. To remove them use a cloth soaked in cold water. If the stain is very old – only specialists from a cleaning company will be able to help you.
- There is one more way to remove ink stains. The following procedures need to be performed: mix baking soda and water, then put the prepared mixture on the stain. To get rid of the traces of this solution, just wipe the surface dry.

Our cleaning company strongly recommends you always to pay attention to the composition of cleaning agents. Some chemicals used in such products may significantly harm the appearance of upholstered furniture. If you do not know how to get rid of various stains on the furniture and you want to remove quickly stains of any complexity, to arrange a professional cleaning, please feel free to contact our specialists at the phone numbers indicated on this website.

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The Germiest Spots at School

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74-germiest-spot-at-schoolSchool is a perfect place for germs, bacteria and different viruses. There are so many places for them where they can grow and spread. Today we will talk about the germiest places at schools, your cleaning crew should pay special attention while cleaning these spots.

Every building is different, but the spots are the same.

1.    Electronics (keyboards, computers, mice, etc)

2.    Doorknobs

3.    Water fountain controls

4.    Hand rails

5.    Gym and the equipment in it

6.    Classrooms – especially desks and chairs, their tops.

What should be done to decrease the number of bacteria in these places?

First of all, regular and thorough cleaning. Ask your janitorial company to clean and disinfect these spots as often as possible, and also make sure that your cleaning company uses safe, but efficient products.

How to Maintain Office Carpets

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65-maintain-office-carpetDo you have an office that meets lots of people daily? Do you want to extend the life and durability of your carpets? If yes, than this article is prepared just for you. Experts from Pro Quality Office cleaning have prepared several tips for you that will surely come in handy.

The number one aim for the janitorial companies in offices is to keep carpets clean, free from stains, but it is very important for managers and property owners to know what cleaning supplies are used in their office.

First of all, you can ask you janitorial company to provide you with the list of chemicals they use for cleaning stains. You need it because sometimes cleaning supplies do not work well and the stains appear again and become even worse.

What do you know about the methods of carpet cleaning? The most common methods include:

  • Water Extraction

Special equipment sprays water with special chemicals and at the same time vacuums it. The water dissolves dirt and a vacuum cleans it.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is good, but it cannot be used on man-made carpets or it can cause shrinking of wool carpets. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it kills dust mites, and removes almost every stain, but it will take about 8 hours for your carpet to dry.

  • Foam Dry Cleaning

Do not believe that it says “dry”. This method also requires usage of water. Cleaning machines of this type use foam to cover the surface and then it is vacuumed. Usually the carpet will be dry whining an hour. Disadvantages include damaging of the carpet by brushes and bleed lines from a shampoo.

Use entrance mats. We have said about it so many times, but again this tip is important.

You cannot believe, but door mats do wonders, they reduce the amount of dirt, moisture, sand, etc.

How to Keep Office Floors Clean

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62-office-floorsClean floors are very important for every office, but when autumn and winter comes it becomes harder and harder to keep them clean. Below there is the list of the tips that will help to keep your floors shiny.

Use Mats!

It is very important to stop dirt at the entrance, that’s why cleaning experts recommend using floor mats at every entrance. Outdoor and indoor mats will help to reduce the amount of dirt in the building.

Frequent Mopping

Ask your cleaners to mop floors as often as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of dirt and water if it is raining or snowing. Mopping also helps to remove stains from ice melting. Make sure that your cleaners know how to mop correctly and use special techniques and supplies.

Regular Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment

Floors become even much dirtier if your cleaner forget to clean the equipment. Ask the cleaning team to change water in the bucket more often and to use special detergents and chemicals. If your office chooses to go green, there are lots of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is also very important and it should be scheduled and regular, especially in winter. Deep cleaning will help to preserve floors from damaging because of water.

Prepare your Cleaning Crew

Make sure that your cleaning crew is trained and knows how to get rid of dirt.

But if you feel unsure and don’t know how to clean your office floors correctly, call us and we will help gladly.

52-air-conditioner-filtersIt is very important to remember when your air conditioner filters should be replaced or cleaned, and at the same time it is very important to know how to clean them. Fresh and cool air is important for high working efficiency.

Remember that regular cleaning will prolong the life of air conditioners in your office. Regular cleaning is important in order to avoid accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens of filters. Regular cleaning is your clean and healthy environment.

Below are several steps that will help you to clean your air conditioner.

First of all, open your air conditioner. But before opening it, make sure it is turned off.

Remove air conditioner filters from the device. Inspect them and make sure they are in good condition. If you see damages on your filter, it is better to replace it.

Vacuum it. Vacuuming is needed for getting rid from dust and dirt from the inside of the conditioner.

Filters disinfection is important. Sanitize them by using usual vinegar. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar in a basin and place filters in this solution. The mixture should cover all the surfaces of the filters. Vinegar will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave your filters in this solution for about 4 hours. In 4 hours remove them and allow to dry. Do not rinse them. Place them on a towel and leave to dry.

Check your filters again. If they are in normal condition, fit them back in the system. You may also replace air conditioner components if needed. Enjoy fresh and clean air in your office!


Office Kitchen Tips

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50-office-kitchen-tipsEvery office is different, but usually it is very important to have rules in every of them. Especially, kitchen rules are very important.

Here are several tips and rules that will help to save peace in your office.

  • Put your name on every product that is yours. If you brought food for everyone, write down that it is for everyone.
  • Don’t even touch the food that is not yours.
  • Wash the dishes and cups after every use.
  • If you see that something is pilled, or you have spilled something, wipe it up as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended to use a special cover for the microwave.
  • You need to plan when and how often to clean a fridge.
  • If you have noticed spoiled food in a fridge, throw it away.
  • If you have drunk the last cup of coffee from a coffee pot, it is recommended making fresh coffee for others.
  • Don’t bring lots of food to the office. The place in the fridge should be divided between the workers.
  • If you add cups or dishes to the drying rank, you need to put those that are dry away. The best way to dry the dishes and cups immediately.

If all the workers follow these rules, the kitchen will be really clean and neat. Be sure that no one forgets the rules. It is recommended printing them and placing the list in the kitchen.


Natural Air-fresheners for Your Office

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48-natural-air-freshenersHow can we avoid aerosols that are very harmful to our health? The answer is simple; you need to prepare your own air fresheners.

Make your own air-fresheners by combining equal parts lemon juice and water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it whenever is needed.

You may also use spices that you like to prepare deodorizers. You will need a sauce pan with water. Add all kinds of spices that you like and simmer them together with water.

You may simmer cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger, and the herbs of your choice.

Mint also works great if simmered with other spices. It adds summer smell to your home.

While preparing these deodorizers, you may also add essential oils that are considered to be your favorite.

The quick way to refresh your room is to place there a cotton ball that is soaked in vanilla extract or in other essential oil.

If you have a small bowl, you may just pour a little bit of vanilla extract in it and enjoy the odor in your home.

House plants are also a great answer.

But keep in mind that not all of them smell nicely.

Here is the list of the plants that are great for every office.

·         The Boston fern (Nephrolepi exalta “Bostoniensis”)

·         florist’s mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

·         gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

·         dwarf date palm (Phoenix roebelenii)

·         areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)

·         moth orchid (Phalenopsis)

·         bamboo palm (Chamaedorea)

·         Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema)

·         English ivy (Hedera helix)

·         indoor dracaenas (Dracaena “Janet Craig,” D. marginata, D. massangeana, and D. warnekii)

·         the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii)

Easy Ways to Freshen Office Car

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46-freshen-office-carHow to make your drive to the office pleasant? Sometimes we drive the car that smells not really nice. Below are the pieces of advice from our experts that help to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Bath salt

Pour bath salt with strong fragrance into a small cotton bag. Place this bag into glove compartment. Every time you open it, you will surely enjoy the smell. Replace the bag when needed.

Potpourri wax tart

A potpourri wax tart is made and sold by candle companies. Experts advise to choose the scent you like and to place it into a cup holder in your car.

Fresh herbs

If you want to get rid unpleasant odors, we recommend placing fresh herbs on a newspaper in your car. Just leave these herbs to dry. The herbs will dry and bad odors will be removed.

Essential oils

Sprinkle several drops of your favorite essential oil onto mats. Use lemon or eucalyptus oil. They will help your car to smell nicely for the next several weeks.