The Importance of Keeping a School Clean

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school cleaningEvery year the doors of thousands educational institutions open their doors for millions of school kids and students all over the country. A lot of people come there: teachers, pupils, visitors, and the heads of educational institutions are facing the question of how to preserve cleanliness, ensure a healthy environment and safety for everybody.

Our cleaning service experts offer a few tips that will help to rationally organize the cleaning and ensure the maintaining of cleanliness in the school premises.
If the cleaning of premises is made without a precise plan, it takes more time and does not guarantee an excellent result, thus at the very beginning of the school year, a comprehensive cleaning plan should be made. In this plan it is necessary to determine daily, weekly and monthly tasks and arrange the routes according to which the cleaning will be performed. It is better to clean up from the upper floors to the lower ones, paying special attention to the sanitary accommodations. The staff should be instructed to check whether all planned work is completed before they begin the next cleaning phase.

• Quick floor cleaning

Children are quite restless and active, so the breaks between the classes they use not only to eat, but also to actively move. The staff in charge of cleaning should remove the remains of fruit and traces of spilled drinks from the floor in a timely manner. This will not only ensure the maintaining the cleanliness in the room, but will also help to avoid falls and injuries on the slippery floor.

• Do not forget about the important point

In school premises there are many surfaces on which dirt accumulates and many germs can multiply. Therefore, during cleaning, the walls, door handles, window sills, cabinet surfaces, stair rails, toilets should be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, it shouldn’t be forgotten to remove dust and dirt behind doors, under tables, in corners and on surfaces above eye level, for example, on rack shelves or on the surface of light fixtures.

To make the tools and equipment service as long as possible, they should be kept clean. Cloths, rags and mops should be kept squeezed out, but if they do not dry quickly, they can be kept in a bucket of clean water. This will help get rid of unpleasant odors and will prevent the spread of fungi. To avoid the spread of germs and cross-contamination of premises, always work with clean tools: mops, rags and other tools. Do not use the same equipment to clean classrooms, corridors and toilets. Immediately replace contaminated mops and cloths.

• Ask for help from teachers and pupils

Teachers and pupils can help the cleaning staff by following a few simple rules: do not clutter the premises to be cleaned, restrict meals in the classrooms, do not stick chewing gum under tables and under chairs, do not draw on tables, chairs and other furniture.

home-scents-for-officeComfort and coziness of an office does not begin with modern furniture and decor elements. A positive first impression, feeling of well-being and good mood are created by air freshness and delicate aroma.

You can ensure the freshness in the room by wet cleaning and open windows, but this is in case your office is not located in the city center, where the air is full of carbon monoxide. When the weather outside is oppressively hot, frosty or just bad, artificial air fresheners come to help. But, unfortunately, most of them have a synthetic basis, which does not have a beneficial effect on our health, and their use in the premise with small children in it is completely undesirable.

It is possible to replace industrial fresheners for the premises with natural air fresheners, which you can do with your own hands. This article presents various ways that will help you to give the office a pleasant aroma and freshness without any risk to health.

“Citrus” freshener

Take the peels of citrus fruits (orange, lemon, tangerine, etc.) and cover them with alcohol. Let the peels sit in alcohol for some time and then dilute with a little water and use a spray gun to spray the resulting liquid around the room. This freshener will remove an unpleasant smell, moisten the air, and essential oils of citrus fruits will give you energy and a good mood.

“On-the-spot” freshener

If your office is lucky to have a kitchen part in it, there is one more method which can be helpful for an urgent and quick elimination of unpleasant smell. Use coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and dry peels of orange or lemon. Put them on a hot (but not burning!) stove burner. Under the influence of heat, they will give off a pleasant aroma and absorb foreign odors.

“Aroma of petals”

Use the fallen petals of fragrant flowers, for example, roses, peony, lilac, jasmine and others, to create a flower air freshener. For this method, you will need an ordinary salt of medium-fine grinding, petals and 50 g of alcohol. Into a dry jar with a volume of approximately 0.5 liters, put the petals of flowers and salt. Fill the jar with alcohol up to about 2 fingers below the neck and tightly close the lid. Then you need to put the jar in a dark place for two weeks, periodically shaking it.
In two weeks, the home-made freshener will be ready. For an aesthetic look, place it in a beautiful vase or a glass and enjoy the aroma. To give some spicy notes, add a few twigs of smelling herbs, such as basil or mint.

“Gelatin” freshener

This freshener can become a part of the office decor, giving it a pleasant aroma. You will need 30 g of gelatin and 10-15 drops of essential oil to your taste. Dissolve gelatin in 1 glass of water and add oil. To avoid rapid drying, add 1 tsp. of glycerol. Adding food coloring or flower petals to gelatin, you will get a fragrant stylish decoration of the room.

Fragrant wooden cubes

Wooden blocks, impregnated with essential oil, will become the original decoration of the room. Take your favorite essential oil, pour it into a small container and apply it to the cubes with a brush. Next, place the cubes in a closed container and leave overnight. In the morning you can use them.

Aroma sticks

Pour essential oil into a jar and add some baby oil. Give the resulting mixture a day to sit in a dark place. Then put the bamboo sticks into it, turn them upside-down in an hour and enjoy the aroma.

42-cleaning-tips-restaurantToday, professional cleaning in catering establishments has become not a luxury, but a real production necessity. Cleanliness of the premises is directly linked to the health of people who visit the restaurants, cafes, bars, and therefore the requirements of regulatory health authorities as to production and storage facilities are very high.

Hot Line / Food Preparation area

Cleaning of this space is the most time- and labor-consuming. Deep cleaning of the hot line is conducted mainly at night-time. At the initial stage of cleaning the filters are removed from the hoods and put into the degreasing solution, and all cutting boards which were in use are placed in a protein concentrate, the windows are washed. Next comes the turn of the walls; they are washed with a solution of a bactericidal alkaline detergent that is removes grease and oil very well from any solid surface.
Then the numerous kitchen appliances should be cleaned. The specifics of this type of work are that the cleaners often have to deal with the grease on the walls of the oven. For this purpose there are special cleaning agents in a form of concentrated gel, which has a strongly alkaline medium. The agent is applied to the walls of ovens and cooking tops, and after a while carbon deposits dissolve and can be easily washed off even with a sponge.
The next step is to clean refrigerator / freezer, previously removing products from it, then shelving, cabinets and work tables. For their cleaning the same cleaning agents can be applied as for the cleaning of walls.
A separate phase of deep cleaning is a power cutoff and the purification of all electric motors of the equipment from grease, oil and dust.
In conclusion, the floor is cleaned. First, all the focus is on ramps, draining. The degreasing chemical is poured in them, that dissolve all the grease deposited on the pipes, and at the end of the shift the enzymes friendly substance must be poured. It is composed of bacteria that decompose grease and at the same time eliminate the bad smell.
Next, the floors are washed by the floor scrubber using a universal kitchen cleaning detergent.
Regular daily cleaning of hot lines / food preparation areas is not so time-consuming. It includes cleaning of the equipment, working surfaces and floors.

Cold kitchen / Storage / Bakery

In the cold kitchen the main problem is associated with the juice from fruits and vegetables. But during daily cleaning using universal cleaning products for kitchens there should not be any difficulties in removing these stains. If the rules of food storage are observed, the warehouses can be cleaned only once a month. And the bakery available at the territory of a restaurant is equated by the complexity of cleaning to the hot line.

Dishwashing area

In addition to the basic steps of cleaning the dishwashing department, do not forget about the main functional purpose of these premises, in accordance with which it is equipped with a large stainless sink and dishwasher. Sink is designed for soaking and washing of kettles, grilles and other large cookware. To wash such cookware the detergents are used which have a neutral reaction and are absolutely safe for hands and do not require rinsing.
All other glassware used by restaurants is cleaned in the dishwasher, for which there are specialized detergents. They consist of a cleaning agent removing the main contaminations and rinse aid, which prevents the formation of streaks and reduces drying time of glassware. Thus, the dishwashing process is fully automated. We should not forget about the maintenance of the dishwasher itself. The main problem here is the high concentration of salts in tap water. Therefore, periodically run dishwashers idle, using special agent, cleaning their parts from limescale.

Equipment and inventory

To the large equipment used in cleaning refers the floor scrubber (floor washing machine). It has a big round brush, with the help of which it removes grease from the floor surface. Less bulky and more affordable is the cleaning inventory. This can be a bucket with reinforced back for removing water from the mop.

As you can see, the deep cleaning of the kitchen is a time- and labor-consuming process. The best and easiest way to get your kitchen sparkle is to entrust the cleaning to professionals like Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company. Our staff will do all the needed cleaning quickly and meticulously, without missing any, even smallest, spot. All you need is just to contact us!

75-30-minutesProfessional cleaners should work not only efficiently and qualitatively, they should work quickly. Nobody needs a cleaner who only plays for time. The World Wide Cleaning Industry Association ISSA has published a brochure where they’d calculated the cleaning time of different things.
These ISSA standards are interesting to read and sometimes to show to your cleaning company in order they roll up the sleeves and get to the real cleaning.

So, in 30 minutes a professional cleaner should:

·    Clean up to 60 desk phones

·    The outside of 10-15 microwaves

·    Thoroughly clean 20-30 chairs

·    300 dumbbells

·    10-15 Pilates machines

·    Thoroughly clean 10-15 bathroom sinks

·    Outside of 10-15 lockers

·    Be able to empty 50-60 trash cans

·    Vacuum 12-15 small offices using HEPA backpack vacuum

·    Or mop the middle-sized lobby about 6-8 times

Are your workers that quick?

Yes, speed is important, but results are more important than that.

How to Prevent Falls at Work 

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72-falls-at-workRecent statistics show that 91 millions of working days are lost missed due to fall injuries annually and 90% of them happen because of wet floors at work. If we only think, these numbers are horrible, and they should be decreased. Furthermore, it is so easy to prevent slip and falls at work.

As a professional cleaning company, we can say that clean floors look fabulous and create the positive impression, but there are several rules that should be followed in order to prevent falls.

Indoor floors

1.    Remove different obstacles

2.    All the mats and rugs should be safely secured

3.    Clean the spills as soon as you notice them

4.    Cables should be covered, especially if they cross walkways

5.    Dangerous areas should be well-lighted

Safety rules for stairs

1.    Clean all the grease or liquid spills

2.    Make sure that stairways are correctly lighted, change the light bulbs regularly.

The outside of your office building should be also well-maintained to ensure safety.

Below there are several safety tips for you:

1.    All the obstacles should be removed, no boxes, no loose rugs and no trash canes.

2.    Remove snow or water regularly.

3.    Keep the entrance well lit.

The outside of your building also creates a first impression and needs to be monitored to help ensure safety so people don’t slip, trip and fall.

67-janitorial-serviceWe should say that almost every business needs commercial cleaning. You may ask why? And the answer is easy… If your employees are busy with cleaning tasks, their main work will not be done properly. Your employees will accomplish tasks better if they are concentrated on the main tasks. If you want your employees work well and your office to be clean, you need to hire a commercial cleaning team.

Recent researches have shown that commercial cleaning crew impresses customers. It means that if customers see janitors around the office, they feel sure that bathrooms are clean and carpets are vacuumed. At the same time your customers will know that you care about the healthy environment in your office.

Professional Cleaning team knows how to make the working environment healthier. Nowadays many janitorial companies use special cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies. Cleaning companies also know how to get rid of germs and bacteria and to keep your employees healthy and your office clean.

Commercial cleaning companies help business owners to work more efficiently. They free you from unnecessary stress and headaches. Janitorial companies give you the opportunity and time to be involved in more important work and control the results of your company. Free your time and enjoy cleaning environment that will boost working efficiency. If you have any questions or you need help with cleaning your office, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will gladly help you.

Present Your Office Areas Correctly

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60-present-office-areasOur janitorial company would like to share with you today most important tips that help to present office areas correctly.

Create professional and friendly atmosphere

1.    Reception area is one of the best places that can tell a lot about your company. Have a special wall in the reception area that tells the history of your company, your traditions and life.

2.    Administration areas in the office should also be comfortable and positive.

3.    Marketing and Sales office area is also important. Experts recommend framing thank-you-letters from your customers.

4.    If you have pictures and prints, make sure they are not old and boring.

5.    Hopefully, your workers understand that they shouldn’t put different unnecessary info on the walls. If not, encourage them not to do that. But don’t be against personalization.

6.    Clean environment is important, but don’t try to make your office sterile. It’s impossible.

7.    Also receptionist is a face of your office and your company. Make sure you’ve chosen the right person. This person should know your clients by name and use it each time they address to them. Be selective, and make sure this person has nice voice and manners.

8.    Restrooms are very important at the office. Make sure your restrooms are clean and have all the needed essentials like soap, toilet paper, tissues, toilet seats, etc.

9.    Your office looks nice, is clean and your team is perfect. Make sure your employees remember the manners. When the clients are leaving, see them to the door. Leave good impression on your clients.

10.    Continue to develop your office. Change and improve the working environment.

52-air-conditioner-filtersIt is very important to remember when your air conditioner filters should be replaced or cleaned, and at the same time it is very important to know how to clean them. Fresh and cool air is important for high working efficiency.

Remember that regular cleaning will prolong the life of air conditioners in your office. Regular cleaning is important in order to avoid accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens of filters. Regular cleaning is your clean and healthy environment.

Below are several steps that will help you to clean your air conditioner.

First of all, open your air conditioner. But before opening it, make sure it is turned off.

Remove air conditioner filters from the device. Inspect them and make sure they are in good condition. If you see damages on your filter, it is better to replace it.

Vacuum it. Vacuuming is needed for getting rid from dust and dirt from the inside of the conditioner.

Filters disinfection is important. Sanitize them by using usual vinegar. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar in a basin and place filters in this solution. The mixture should cover all the surfaces of the filters. Vinegar will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave your filters in this solution for about 4 hours. In 4 hours remove them and allow to dry. Do not rinse them. Place them on a towel and leave to dry.

Check your filters again. If they are in normal condition, fit them back in the system. You may also replace air conditioner components if needed. Enjoy fresh and clean air in your office!


40-tips-for-office-preparing-for-springSpring is the time when we try to bring everything in order. The same can be said about office. Let’s declutter and clean our offices and keep them tidy.

First of all try to get rid of all the unnecessary things that clutter your work space. Throw all the papers that you don’t need. Get rid of the unnecessary knickknacks, pens, etc.

Experts say that it is very important to have special zones for daily functioning. Usually you will need to have a workspace with a computer, a storage area, a filing area for the documents and a place for meetings.

Your workplace with a computer should not be cluttered with things that you don’t need. The only things that you will need in this area are a computer and a notebook with several pens. All the other things should be stored somewhere else.

Experts also recommend creating a special system for your papers. It is difficult to recommend something here, because every person should create it according to his needs.

The same can be said about filing. Prepare different folders in different colors for the documents that you work with.

Nowadays in the time of new technologies and internet experts began to pay attention to the digital clutter. They say that digital clutter is just as stressful as usual physical one. That is why it very important to keep your e-mail in order.

At the same time declutter your desktop of the computer. Delete all the unnecessary documents and icons. Create a logical digital filing system. And please, do not stick the notes or reminders to the monitor; they only distract you from work.

And one more important thing…disinfect regularly.

Even if you consider yourself to be a neat person, you still need to disinfect your work area. Use special disinfecting wipes for the computer, the mouse and the keyboard. Don’t forget about the phone and the desk. Try to disinfect at least one a week. Experts say that you need to develop a habit of keeping your office clean. A clean office makes you more productive!


How to Organize Photo Wall in the Office?

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31-how-to-organize-photosUsually the walls in the office are dull and grey. How to make them bright? Experts recommend creating a special picture wall on it. Doesn’t matter what kinds of pictures you will choose, they surely will brighten your office.

First of all, you need to pick up the right wall. This wall should be big enough and empty without bookshelves and other pieces of furniture.

This wall should be well lit in order to see all the objects that will be hanging there. Pay attention to the color of the wall. Choose the color which will serve as a great background for your pictures.

Now is the time to choose pictures. Pay attention to the balance between colored pictures and those that are done in black and white. Choose pictures that will calm your customers. The best way is the pictures that depict nature. Such beautiful photos will add life to your wall.

The next important thing for the picture is a frame. Designers recommend sticking to one color (black, white or brown), the sizes of the frames as well as pictures may vary.

The next step is to lay all the pictures on the tale or on the floor. Choose the best combination for you, balance large and small frames and leave enough space between them.

When you will be satisfied with the layout be sure to repeat it on the wall. Take a pencil and mark the places for the pictures. Don’t forget that the pictures should hang straight, that’s why you will need to use a level.

When the preparation is done and the nails are hammered, it’s time to hang pictures. Once your frames with pictures are on the wall, check the layout. If you don’t like something, try to change places of the frames.

Add extra light to the wall, place a sofa or a set of arm-chairs on the opposite side in order to pay attention of the clients to the wall.

And do not stop, add new frames and pictures that will brighten the wall more and more.