The Importance of Keeping a School Clean

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school cleaningEvery year the doors of thousands educational institutions open their doors for millions of school kids and students all over the country. A lot of people come there: teachers, pupils, visitors, and the heads of educational institutions are facing the question of how to preserve cleanliness, ensure a healthy environment and safety for everybody.

Our cleaning service experts offer a few tips that will help to rationally organize the cleaning and ensure the maintaining of cleanliness in the school premises.
If the cleaning of premises is made without a precise plan, it takes more time and does not guarantee an excellent result, thus at the very beginning of the school year, a comprehensive cleaning plan should be made. In this plan it is necessary to determine daily, weekly and monthly tasks and arrange the routes according to which the cleaning will be performed. It is better to clean up from the upper floors to the lower ones, paying special attention to the sanitary accommodations. The staff should be instructed to check whether all planned work is completed before they begin the next cleaning phase.

• Quick floor cleaning

Children are quite restless and active, so the breaks between the classes they use not only to eat, but also to actively move. The staff in charge of cleaning should remove the remains of fruit and traces of spilled drinks from the floor in a timely manner. This will not only ensure the maintaining the cleanliness in the room, but will also help to avoid falls and injuries on the slippery floor.

• Do not forget about the important point

In school premises there are many surfaces on which dirt accumulates and many germs can multiply. Therefore, during cleaning, the walls, door handles, window sills, cabinet surfaces, stair rails, toilets should be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, it shouldn’t be forgotten to remove dust and dirt behind doors, under tables, in corners and on surfaces above eye level, for example, on rack shelves or on the surface of light fixtures.

To make the tools and equipment service as long as possible, they should be kept clean. Cloths, rags and mops should be kept squeezed out, but if they do not dry quickly, they can be kept in a bucket of clean water. This will help get rid of unpleasant odors and will prevent the spread of fungi. To avoid the spread of germs and cross-contamination of premises, always work with clean tools: mops, rags and other tools. Do not use the same equipment to clean classrooms, corridors and toilets. Immediately replace contaminated mops and cloths.

• Ask for help from teachers and pupils

Teachers and pupils can help the cleaning staff by following a few simple rules: do not clutter the premises to be cleaned, restrict meals in the classrooms, do not stick chewing gum under tables and under chairs, do not draw on tables, chairs and other furniture.

42-cleaning-tips-restaurantToday, professional cleaning in catering establishments has become not a luxury, but a real production necessity. Cleanliness of the premises is directly linked to the health of people who visit the restaurants, cafes, bars, and therefore the requirements of regulatory health authorities as to production and storage facilities are very high.

Hot Line / Food Preparation area

Cleaning of this space is the most time- and labor-consuming. Deep cleaning of the hot line is conducted mainly at night-time. At the initial stage of cleaning the filters are removed from the hoods and put into the degreasing solution, and all cutting boards which were in use are placed in a protein concentrate, the windows are washed. Next comes the turn of the walls; they are washed with a solution of a bactericidal alkaline detergent that is removes grease and oil very well from any solid surface.
Then the numerous kitchen appliances should be cleaned. The specifics of this type of work are that the cleaners often have to deal with the grease on the walls of the oven. For this purpose there are special cleaning agents in a form of concentrated gel, which has a strongly alkaline medium. The agent is applied to the walls of ovens and cooking tops, and after a while carbon deposits dissolve and can be easily washed off even with a sponge.
The next step is to clean refrigerator / freezer, previously removing products from it, then shelving, cabinets and work tables. For their cleaning the same cleaning agents can be applied as for the cleaning of walls.
A separate phase of deep cleaning is a power cutoff and the purification of all electric motors of the equipment from grease, oil and dust.
In conclusion, the floor is cleaned. First, all the focus is on ramps, draining. The degreasing chemical is poured in them, that dissolve all the grease deposited on the pipes, and at the end of the shift the enzymes friendly substance must be poured. It is composed of bacteria that decompose grease and at the same time eliminate the bad smell.
Next, the floors are washed by the floor scrubber using a universal kitchen cleaning detergent.
Regular daily cleaning of hot lines / food preparation areas is not so time-consuming. It includes cleaning of the equipment, working surfaces and floors.

Cold kitchen / Storage / Bakery

In the cold kitchen the main problem is associated with the juice from fruits and vegetables. But during daily cleaning using universal cleaning products for kitchens there should not be any difficulties in removing these stains. If the rules of food storage are observed, the warehouses can be cleaned only once a month. And the bakery available at the territory of a restaurant is equated by the complexity of cleaning to the hot line.

Dishwashing area

In addition to the basic steps of cleaning the dishwashing department, do not forget about the main functional purpose of these premises, in accordance with which it is equipped with a large stainless sink and dishwasher. Sink is designed for soaking and washing of kettles, grilles and other large cookware. To wash such cookware the detergents are used which have a neutral reaction and are absolutely safe for hands and do not require rinsing.
All other glassware used by restaurants is cleaned in the dishwasher, for which there are specialized detergents. They consist of a cleaning agent removing the main contaminations and rinse aid, which prevents the formation of streaks and reduces drying time of glassware. Thus, the dishwashing process is fully automated. We should not forget about the maintenance of the dishwasher itself. The main problem here is the high concentration of salts in tap water. Therefore, periodically run dishwashers idle, using special agent, cleaning their parts from limescale.

Equipment and inventory

To the large equipment used in cleaning refers the floor scrubber (floor washing machine). It has a big round brush, with the help of which it removes grease from the floor surface. Less bulky and more affordable is the cleaning inventory. This can be a bucket with reinforced back for removing water from the mop.

As you can see, the deep cleaning of the kitchen is a time- and labor-consuming process. The best and easiest way to get your kitchen sparkle is to entrust the cleaning to professionals like Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company. Our staff will do all the needed cleaning quickly and meticulously, without missing any, even smallest, spot. All you need is just to contact us!

Removing Stains from Marble Surfaces

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85-marble-surfacesIf you think that the stone surfaces require no maintenance, you are wrong. Marble, despite its durability, is rather porous stone which absorbs fluid greatly, is destructible under the influence of atmospheric conditions (rain, wind), cannot stand the impact of acids and mechanical effects leave traces on it.

So how to take care of marble surfaces?

The easiest and most effective way to deal with damage and contamination on marble is to prevent them.

1. Marble is easily exposed to mechanical impact. You should not walk on the marble floor in shoes with heels. Even sand and debris harm this stone, which get in the premise with shoes. It works as abrasive material and scratches the surface of the floor. Marble fades and loses its appearance.
In order the sand to remain at the entrance and not to be brought into the premise, you may put a rug at the door.

2. Stick felt pads to furniture legs, especially on chairs, stools, tables and other pieces of furniture that you periodically move.

3. Marble is very popular for the production of window sills. You shouldn’t put the flower pots on it, because water during watering the flowers may get on the stone surface and form streaks and rust stains.

4. Marble can and must be protected by special means. Use water-oil remedies that prevent not only liquids but also fats from penetrating into the stone.

It should be remembered that the impregnating agent is applied to a clean and dry surface, necessarily with a thin layer.
When using any remedy, it should originally be tested in inconspicuous places to make sure that it will not harm. Depending on the intensity of use of the surface, the protective impregnating agents are applied once in one to three years.

5. For the daily care of marble, do not use detergents. It’s enough to wipe it with a damp cloth, then polish by a suede cloth or by any other soft material.
Spilled liquids or any other stains should be immediately removed. Marble quickly absorbs dirt and stone color may change, leaving bad stains.


If nevertheless a stain appeared on the marble surface, try to remove it by one of the methods described below.

• If you react quickly, then it is possible to get rid of the stain that remained of various beverages, by cleaning it with soapy water. In a more complex case, you can use a solution of borax and warm water. Two teaspoons of borax are dissolved in a glass of water, a cloth is moistened in this solution and the stain should be wiped with it. The agent then should be rinsed with water and marble wiped dry.

• You can use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from light marble. Apply peroxide to cloth, press it to the stain, and after a while, rinse with water.

• Limestone on the marble is removed mechanically. Rub it with a soft metal brush, which is used for washing dishes.

• Stains from ink or ballpoint pen wipe with hydrogen peroxide, if the marble is light-colored, or acetone – if the dark-colored.

• Treat places, damaged by mold or other fungi with ammonia.

In special cases, when all means have been tried, but the result is disappointing, perform the grinding of the marble surfaces. You shouldn’t do it on your own. Invite specialists.

Peculiarities of leather furniture cleaning

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80-leather-furnitureLeather is the most expensive, but at the same time the most beautiful and practical material for furniture upholstery. Its usability is in the fact that such upholstery may serve for a long time, maintaining its glamour, however under a condition that proper leather furniture cleaning will be performed. And the best thing is to entrust this procedure to professionals.

Leather is a natural material, but porous, and hence it is hygroscopic. This means that any spilled liquid will be very quickly absorbed by upholstery. And if it’s a drink or wine, you should hurry up with its removal, otherwise the stains are inevitable. The protective coating, applied at the furniture factories, eventually deteriorates and upholstery becomes less protected.

But what to do, if the stains appeared after all? First of all you shouldn’t try to remove them by yourself. Most likely you will just reinforce it by using the on-hand household detergents. The best thing is to call to the cleaning company. And as quickly as possible.

However, leather furniture cleaning belongs to the high complexity services category, that’s why it requires from the specialists high qualification, professional experience and availability of special cleaning agents. Therefore, the price of the service shouldn’t be a major factor in your choice. Inexpensive so-called “professionals” offer treating the leather with wax containing compositions. But this is strictly forbidden.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, wax is very hard to be removed from leather afterwards. Secondly, this material bridge the pores, the upholstery starts to age rapidly due to lack of gas exchange. Third, leather furniture is getting dirty much quicker, as wax absorbs dirt actively. And finally, the typical for polished natural leather gloss disappears.

Thus, if you want your leather furniture to serve you faithfully for a long time, don’t tempt fate, entrust the care about it to real professionals.


Easy Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers

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76-cleaning-tips-for-house-sellersAre you selling your house? It should be ready for visitors…it should be clean and shiny!

Here are some daily cleaning tips that will be really helpful when potential buyers are coming in 10-15 minutes.

1.    Wipe away! Clean everything with special wipes. Don’t forget about toilet and areas in the kitchen.

2.    Before going to bed, pour your favorite scented cleaner in the toilet bowls. The next morning they will be shiny and will smell well.

3.    After taking a shower, don’t forget to clean it. Use a tub and tile spray that works perfectly!

4.    Don’t forget to wash your dishes, or at least put them in the dishwasher.

5.    Do not leave stains, spills, etc. Clean them as soon as possible.

6.    Use rugs at the entrance doors, because they will help you to catch dirt!

Your floors and carpets will thank you.

Clean Office In Three Steps

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53-clean-office-in-three-stepsMany companies and employees think that is it hard to maintain clean environment in the office. But our experts say that it is not as difficult as they think. There are several steps that will bring cleanness into your office.

Step #1


Before you start thorough cleaning of your office, you need to declutter all the drawers, shelves and cabinets. Experts recommend cleaning from top to the bottom.

Don’t hesitate and throw away all the unnecessary things, pens that do not work, sheets of papers that are used etc.

Try to make your cabinets and drawers as empty as possible, use special organizers that will help you to store small things.

Don’t forget to declutter your computer. Delete all the unnecessary letters and documents, delete all the voice messages.

Step #2


Now let’s start cleaning. Experts recommend using detergents and cleaning supplies that do not cause allergies. The main thing at your work desk is your computer. Don’t forget to clean it thoroughly. Check our articles that tell about cleaning tips of the computers.

The best cleaner for the office is a mixture of water and white vinegar. Mix the liquids in a spray bottle. This mixture can be used for cleaning almost all surfaces, at the same time this mixture is a great disinfector.

Step #3


Once you’ve cleaned everything and decluttered all the drawers and cabinets, it’s time to put your efforts in maintaining this cleanness. Try to make a list of daily and weekly cleaning for your employees that will help to keep your office in tip-top shape.


Carpet Cleaning Tips for Your Office

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29-carpet-cleaning-tipsClean office is the real face of how the office works. That’s why it is very important to have clean carpet in your office and not only on the day of cleaning, but all the year round. Professional janitorial service shares cleaning tips for your carpet.

1.      If you use the help of janitorial service, make sure they vacuum all the areas which are most frequently used at least two or three times a week, and the rest of the carpet at least once a week.

2.      Professionals recommend using special floor mats under the chairs, because it will save your carpet from scraping.

3.      You also need to make sure that cleaning crew uses stain-resistant carpet protector after cleanings.

4.      Make sure that a commercial cleaning company is ready to help you as soon as possible when a heavy stain occurs on the carpet.

5.      Cleaning crew shouldn’t also forget to clean under the rugs and carpets from time to time.

6.      If you don’t want the color to transfer from the furniture to the floor, use protective blocks for several days after cleaning.

7.      It is much better to clean carpets and furniture on the same day, because it will save time and won’t interrupt the working process.

When your carpet is properly maintained and cleaned, its’ life will be extended. But be sure to choose the right company that provide commercial cleaning services, choose the most professional company.

If you still look for a professional commercial cleaning crew, our cleaning company that works in Seattle and the area will gladly help you.


Stay Away from Flu at Workplace

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28-stay-away-from-fluCold and flu season is coming. What has your company done to keep the employees safe from flu? Does your commercial cleaning company use the special techniques to keep the environment flu-free?

Public place is a very germy place. Germs are easily transmitted from one person to the other very easily, so your commercial cleaning company should provide the germ-free environment.

Just think about all the surfaces that are found in the office and are used by many employees. There are a great number of surfaces that should be disinfected, but nobody even wipes them down.

This is the mistake of your commercial cleaning company.

Of course, it a good idea to have a commercial cleaning company to look after the cleanness in your office. But you need to choose the ones that will not only clean the floors and the mirrors, but those who will perfectly clean and disinfect all the surfaces in your office.

During cold and flue season your cleaning crew should prevent such bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus and E.coli, cold and flu viruses using new bacteria fighting techniques and practices.

If a commercial cleaning crew uses green products to clean the office, it’s even better, because it will help to avoid allergies and other health diseases. Your employees will surely thank you.

If you are looking for a good janitorial company in Seattle, our crew will be ready to provide the full range of cleaning services for you. If you have any questions, just give us a call.

Will You Choose an Office Cleaning Job?

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9-will-you-chose-cleaningThe janitorial service market is very big and the demand here is huge. But before choosing this job, you need to think about advantages and disadvantages of this job. Of course, as in any other profession there are pros and cons of an office cleaning job.

As for the advantages of the job we can name

  1. Flexible timetable and flexible working hours
  2. Good salary
  3. If you are a great worker, you can have good contracts and clients that you may have for years
  4. When your business grown, you will have the crew that will clean and you will manage your business
  5. Cleaning checklist is almost the same in different offices.
  6. You can use the same methods of cleaning and the same cleaners in different offices.

As for the disadvantages we can name

  1. Very strange hours, usually you will need to work late in the evening or early in the morning.
  2. If your crew does not a high-quality work, you, as a manager, will have problems
  3. It may be difficult to find good clients

As you see, there are more advantages than disadvantages, and if you like your work, you will be able to be successful in it.

Many people start an office cleaning business independently, and if they like the job, their business grows.

We wish you success if you decide to choose office cleaning job, but at the same time be prepared to work hard in order to achieve success.


92-cleaning-cornerstone-of-successNowadays many of the business owners are looking for a reliable Office Cleaning company that will maintain the cleanness in the office. There is a great number of companies that propose commercial cleaning services, but, of course, you need to understand that not all of them meet the standards of your company.

That’s why the choosing and evaluating of the cleaning company is very important. Business owners should understand that there are many aspects to properly cleaning an office. Here are several guidelines and tips that will help you to understand that you hire the most appropriate company that meets your needs.

A cleaning company should have references

References that indicate that a company does high-quality work are very important while searching for the best commercial cleaning company. Before hiring a cleaning service a business owner or a manager who is searching for the company should check their references to ensure that companies have had great experience with this cleaning crew. You can also speak directly to the previous customers of the cleaning company and once again make sure that they liked and were satisfied with the work of the cleaning crew you want to hire.

A cleaning company should hire professionals and provide extra training for them

Commercial cleaning is the area of work that differs from home cleaning, for example. That’s why a good commercial cleaning company should hire professionals and at the same time provide extra training for its employees. This training helps the employees of the cleaning crew to understand the needs and requirements of the job. They learn how to use the special cleaning equipment that is used while cleaning offices and non-residential premises.

A good commercial cleaning company should develop a special custom cleaning plan

The best cleaning company before cleaning the office should meet with the manager or the business owner and to provide a checklist and, in addition, it should develop a custom cleaning plan where your specific preferences, requirements and needs are indicated. This plan indicates your expectations from the cleaning.

Sometimes when people start to search for a cleaning company, they feel frustrated because they don’t know where to start and what to look for. For more information about hiring the best commercial cleaning service for your specific requirements and needs, you may contact our professional cleaning company, we will gladly answer your questions and will try to help.