78-professional-office-cleaningProfessional, high-quality and inexpensive office cleaning by a cleaning company is a common phenomenon in a modern world. The cleaning process is more and more frequently entrusted to specialized companies. Well, and it’s needless to say that cleaning should be done regularly.
The principle “It’s clean not where people clean up, but where they don’t litter” allows only increasing the interval between bringing an office in order, but in whatever way there comes a time when you need to take up the dusters and carry out this wearisome process. The list of things required for cleaning the premises, especially for deep cleaning, is quite impressive. You will need mops, brooms, buckets, vacuum cleaner, dustpans, sponges and all sorts of cleaning agents.

One of the principal and seemingly inconspicuous problems is dust. It can adversely affect the health of your employees, who breathe it, and some can become allergic to it. For dust control you will need special wet and dry wipes, which should always be in excess. It is also desirable to have antibacterial sprays in stock for more qualitative cleaning of surfaces.

One of the extremely important points is also a proper cleaning of expensive office equipment by applying special suitable means, in order not to damage it and not to lose the information stored on the computers. Therewith, a regular cleanup of the equipment will extend its life. Office cleaning isn’t finished with this, to be more precise – it’s only the first stage of a long and hard work.

Before you start to wash the floors, windows and walls, you need to use a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning always precedes the wet cleaning.
Thus, cleaning assumes the possession of various expert skills. To perform this process with a high quality you will need to:

·    know the cleaning procedure;
·    know the types and application of various cleaning agents;
·    cleanup the office equipment carefully but thoroughly in order not to damage it.
In addition you need to possess certain skills to do it quickly and efficiently.

Personnel recruitment for cleaning

Well, you provided yourself with everything required for regular professional cleaning of the office premises in the company. But who will do it? Certainly not office workers. And it is impractical to organize your own cleaning department. Hence there comes a time to search for a cleaning lady who will thoroughly carry out her work. This is also quite a difficult problem, and the search for a reliable employee may drag on. And if you apply to a specialized recruitment agencies for personnel selection, you will have to pay them quite a large amount.

The cleaning lady that you find will come to the office at regular time intervals and will establish order and cleanliness while all the staff members are busy with their work. In order not to distract the manager she can ignore cleaning the workplace and the space around it. It’s obvious that with such a superficial way of cleaning the carpets and decorative components gradually fade, monitors become dull, a thick layer of dust forms in hard to reach places… Eventually even a cosmetic repair may be needed.

But the cleanliness of the office determines the reputation of the company. Clients, visiting your company, usually pay a close attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the office.

It’s never too late to think about how to maintain the cleanliness of the office. Easier not to puzzle over this question but to entrust the deep office cleaning to the team, specially prepared for this, and the price of such service will be reasonable. Especially that the professionals will have with themselves everything required for a high-quality work. You may conclude a contract for cleaning with varying frequency – from once a day up to once a month (and less often). A good practice is also to do a deep cleaning once per couple of months or more often.

The benefits of cleaning done by specialists are obvious:

·    it takes minimum time;
·    its quality is much higher than if it were done by yourself;
·    it is carried out by a professionally trained staff, who will use the cleaning agents exactly as intended, so you need not be afraid for a damaged table, computer or any other valuable item you have in the office;
·    the price of premises cleaning is not too high, and you will be able to return to the working rhythm in maximum short terms.

77-right-office-cleaqning-companyIn the field of commercial cleaning, the choice of companies is huge, but not all the companies meet your standards and needs. Some cleaning companies specialize in residential cleaning, others in small of big offices, not all of them have the affordable prices and flexible hours.

What is the right way to choose the right cleaning company for your office?

Today the experts from our company will help you with the list of useful tips to choosing the right cleaning company.

If you have a large office, we recommend choosing a team of cleaners. They will work more efficiently and effectively. Such teams will surely have the right equipment for larger spaces.
The price for the cleaning services should be reasonable and affordable. You also need to understand that expanses on professional cleaning services will be transformed into the benefits for your office and your employees.

Professionally cleaned offices seem inviting for the clients and clean environment is considered to be more efficient for the employees.
You may also ask your partners or friends to recommend a good office cleaning company with affordable prices and high standards for their work.
If you have any questions, we’d be glad to answer them.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email, we would love to help you!

67-janitorial-serviceWe should say that almost every business needs commercial cleaning. You may ask why? And the answer is easy… If your employees are busy with cleaning tasks, their main work will not be done properly. Your employees will accomplish tasks better if they are concentrated on the main tasks. If you want your employees work well and your office to be clean, you need to hire a commercial cleaning team.

Recent researches have shown that commercial cleaning crew impresses customers. It means that if customers see janitors around the office, they feel sure that bathrooms are clean and carpets are vacuumed. At the same time your customers will know that you care about the healthy environment in your office.

Professional Cleaning team knows how to make the working environment healthier. Nowadays many janitorial companies use special cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies. Cleaning companies also know how to get rid of germs and bacteria and to keep your employees healthy and your office clean.

Commercial cleaning companies help business owners to work more efficiently. They free you from unnecessary stress and headaches. Janitorial companies give you the opportunity and time to be involved in more important work and control the results of your company. Free your time and enjoy cleaning environment that will boost working efficiency. If you have any questions or you need help with cleaning your office, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will gladly help you.

Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Schools

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59-clean-desinfect-schoolCleaning and disinfecting are the most important approaches for preventing infectious diseases, such as flu.

Of course, students should be taught at home and reminded at school that it is highly recommended washing hands, covering sneezes and coughs, etc.

But schools together with janitorial services should know how to stop spreading of flu and other diseases through disinfection and cleaning.

First of all, let’s talk about the terms.

Cleaning helps to remove germs, bacteria, dirt and dust from the surfaces. Usually janitors use cleaning detergents or soapy water. Cleaning doesn’t kill germs or bacteria, but removes them from the surfaces.

Disinfection, on the contrary, kills germs and bacteria. For disinfecting, janitors use all kinds of chemicals that kill germs.

So, what should be done at school to stop flu and other infectious diseases?

First of all, there should be special school’s standard procedures for disinfecting and cleaning. There should be a special routine developed by the janitorial services and schools.

Typically, janitors sanitize surfaces and objects that are touched very often at school. This includes desks, countertops, computer mice and keyboards, doorknobs, faucets, etc.

Most schools also choose to disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis, in addition to regular cleaning.

How to clean and disinfect?

It is very important for janitors at school to follow the directions written on cleaning products and disinfectants.

It is very important to use EPA-registered disinfectants for killing germs and bacteria. If your janitors do not have EPA-registered products for disinfection, they can use a fresh chlorine bleach solution.

In order to prepare it, add one tablespoon of bleach to four cups of water. The solution should be applied on surfaces using clean cloth. Leave it on the surface for 3-5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Control the Main Spots in the Office

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 58-main-spots-in-officeOffice areas have thousands of different places and spots that should be controlled by a janitorial company. What are the spots that may be really important for offices and its’ visitors?

One of the main parts of the office which require a lot of attention are restrooms. It is one of the hardest things to clean and to keep clean. That’s why it is very important to use the help of the professional cleaning companies, who pay special attention to the proper and appropriate cleaning.

Make sure that your janitorial company cleans every part of the toilet, including the seat (it very importance for the health of your customers and employees), clean the sink and remove the trash from the trash cans, clean the mirrors and replace soaps and other items, as well as deodorize the entire room.

The most popular areas are the other important aspect in keeping your office clean and shiny. The reception desk and all the areas around should be dusted properly and no odor should be present, unless it’s a pleasant one.

For many offices it is very important to have cleaning crew after work hours. The common office services should include vacuuming and sweeping of the floors, sanitizing of the areas, which are commonly used and touched by a great number of people, emptying the trash cans and replacing the bags.

Clean office can enlarge the sales, increase the efficiency and be the face of your company. Choose our company and we will gladly help you.

Clean Workplace Is Needed

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51-clean-workplaceIt is very important for every office to have a clean and bright workplace. But one person won’t be able to do it, it is a team work and a team effort.

First of all, all the employees should keep a kitchen clean. In our previous articles, we have already told about the rules that should be applied in a kitchen.

Employees should remember that they need not to forget to clean the dishes and cups, they need to wash them immediately. Also don’t forget to cover food with a paper towel or a splatter when they warm it up in a microwave oven.

Restroom is also an important room. It is important to remember to wipe all the marks that you have left. Flush twice, if it is really necessary. Don’t forget to wash your hands, and after washing them, use a paper towel to wipe away all the splashes on the mirror and on the counter.

A special attention should be paid to a conference room. If you brought in coffee cups or water to the meeting, check the table. It should be left clean. Sometimes it is better to ask a person to be in charge of the conference room and its’ cleanliness.

Floors in the office should be shiny and clean. Spills and dirt are easily seen on the floor and sometimes they can cause accidents. If you notice that you have left a trail of water on the floor, immediately wipe it away. Keep your floors clean and your colleagues from falling.


Office Kitchen Tips

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50-office-kitchen-tipsEvery office is different, but usually it is very important to have rules in every of them. Especially, kitchen rules are very important.

Here are several tips and rules that will help to save peace in your office.

  • Put your name on every product that is yours. If you brought food for everyone, write down that it is for everyone.
  • Don’t even touch the food that is not yours.
  • Wash the dishes and cups after every use.
  • If you see that something is pilled, or you have spilled something, wipe it up as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended to use a special cover for the microwave.
  • You need to plan when and how often to clean a fridge.
  • If you have noticed spoiled food in a fridge, throw it away.
  • If you have drunk the last cup of coffee from a coffee pot, it is recommended making fresh coffee for others.
  • Don’t bring lots of food to the office. The place in the fridge should be divided between the workers.
  • If you add cups or dishes to the drying rank, you need to put those that are dry away. The best way to dry the dishes and cups immediately.

If all the workers follow these rules, the kitchen will be really clean and neat. Be sure that no one forgets the rules. It is recommended printing them and placing the list in the kitchen.


Non-Toxic Cleaners For Your Office

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49-nontoxic-cleanersThe choice of the eco-friendly cleaning products is getting wider and wider. There are lots of air-friendly cleaning products at the stores. But we also have the opportunity to save money and to prepare cleaners ourselves.

If you think that they do not clean well, you go wrong here. All of the natural cleaners work really well and at the same time are not so harmful and do not cause allergies.

To tell you the truth there are four basic components that will help you to prepare non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Here is the list of the most important components:

·         Baking soda can be used as an all-purpose cleaner

·         White vinegar is great for disinfecting and cleaning different surfaces, including glass

·         Borax cleans and deodorizes, it is great for cleaning toilets and bathrooms

·         Castile or glycerin-based soap is great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces

If you choose to go green at your office and to use only eco-friendly cleaners, you need to know that you will need to avoid harsh ingredients. Read labels and try to avoid toxic chemicals such as:

·         Glycol and butyl ethers – they are usually found in all-purpose cleaners

·         Terrenes which is contained in cleaners with citrus smell

·         Formaldehyde

·         Phosphates

·         Ammonia which is found in glass cleaners

These chemicals are known to cause different kinds of irritations such as eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches and nausea.

Scientific researches also show that exposure to these chemicals can damage your nervous system, liver and kidneys.

If you buy cleaners at the grocery stores try to look for those that are dye-free, perfume-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable and non toxic.

Natural Air-fresheners for Your Office

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48-natural-air-freshenersHow can we avoid aerosols that are very harmful to our health? The answer is simple; you need to prepare your own air fresheners.

Make your own air-fresheners by combining equal parts lemon juice and water, pour the mixture into a spray bottle and use it whenever is needed.

You may also use spices that you like to prepare deodorizers. You will need a sauce pan with water. Add all kinds of spices that you like and simmer them together with water.

You may simmer cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger, and the herbs of your choice.

Mint also works great if simmered with other spices. It adds summer smell to your home.

While preparing these deodorizers, you may also add essential oils that are considered to be your favorite.

The quick way to refresh your room is to place there a cotton ball that is soaked in vanilla extract or in other essential oil.

If you have a small bowl, you may just pour a little bit of vanilla extract in it and enjoy the odor in your home.

House plants are also a great answer.

But keep in mind that not all of them smell nicely.

Here is the list of the plants that are great for every office.

·         The Boston fern (Nephrolepi exalta “Bostoniensis”)

·         florist’s mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

·         gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii)

·         dwarf date palm (Phoenix roebelenii)

·         areca palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens)

·         moth orchid (Phalenopsis)

·         bamboo palm (Chamaedorea)

·         Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema)

·         English ivy (Hedera helix)

·         indoor dracaenas (Dracaena “Janet Craig,” D. marginata, D. massangeana, and D. warnekii)

·         the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii)

Easy Ways to Freshen Office Car

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46-freshen-office-carHow to make your drive to the office pleasant? Sometimes we drive the car that smells not really nice. Below are the pieces of advice from our experts that help to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Bath salt

Pour bath salt with strong fragrance into a small cotton bag. Place this bag into glove compartment. Every time you open it, you will surely enjoy the smell. Replace the bag when needed.

Potpourri wax tart

A potpourri wax tart is made and sold by candle companies. Experts advise to choose the scent you like and to place it into a cup holder in your car.

Fresh herbs

If you want to get rid unpleasant odors, we recommend placing fresh herbs on a newspaper in your car. Just leave these herbs to dry. The herbs will dry and bad odors will be removed.

Essential oils

Sprinkle several drops of your favorite essential oil onto mats. Use lemon or eucalyptus oil. They will help your car to smell nicely for the next several weeks.