42-cleaning-tips-restaurantToday, professional cleaning in catering establishments has become not a luxury, but a real production necessity. Cleanliness of the premises is directly linked to the health of people who visit the restaurants, cafes, bars, and therefore the requirements of regulatory health authorities as to production and storage facilities are very high.

Hot Line / Food Preparation area

Cleaning of this space is the most time- and labor-consuming. Deep cleaning of the hot line is conducted mainly at night-time. At the initial stage of cleaning the filters are removed from the hoods and put into the degreasing solution, and all cutting boards which were in use are placed in a protein concentrate, the windows are washed. Next comes the turn of the walls; they are washed with a solution of a bactericidal alkaline detergent that is removes grease and oil very well from any solid surface.
Then the numerous kitchen appliances should be cleaned. The specifics of this type of work are that the cleaners often have to deal with the grease on the walls of the oven. For this purpose there are special cleaning agents in a form of concentrated gel, which has a strongly alkaline medium. The agent is applied to the walls of ovens and cooking tops, and after a while carbon deposits dissolve and can be easily washed off even with a sponge.
The next step is to clean refrigerator / freezer, previously removing products from it, then shelving, cabinets and work tables. For their cleaning the same cleaning agents can be applied as for the cleaning of walls.
A separate phase of deep cleaning is a power cutoff and the purification of all electric motors of the equipment from grease, oil and dust.
In conclusion, the floor is cleaned. First, all the focus is on ramps, draining. The degreasing chemical is poured in them, that dissolve all the grease deposited on the pipes, and at the end of the shift the enzymes friendly substance must be poured. It is composed of bacteria that decompose grease and at the same time eliminate the bad smell.
Next, the floors are washed by the floor scrubber using a universal kitchen cleaning detergent.
Regular daily cleaning of hot lines / food preparation areas is not so time-consuming. It includes cleaning of the equipment, working surfaces and floors.

Cold kitchen / Storage / Bakery

In the cold kitchen the main problem is associated with the juice from fruits and vegetables. But during daily cleaning using universal cleaning products for kitchens there should not be any difficulties in removing these stains. If the rules of food storage are observed, the warehouses can be cleaned only once a month. And the bakery available at the territory of a restaurant is equated by the complexity of cleaning to the hot line.

Dishwashing area

In addition to the basic steps of cleaning the dishwashing department, do not forget about the main functional purpose of these premises, in accordance with which it is equipped with a large stainless sink and dishwasher. Sink is designed for soaking and washing of kettles, grilles and other large cookware. To wash such cookware the detergents are used which have a neutral reaction and are absolutely safe for hands and do not require rinsing.
All other glassware used by restaurants is cleaned in the dishwasher, for which there are specialized detergents. They consist of a cleaning agent removing the main contaminations and rinse aid, which prevents the formation of streaks and reduces drying time of glassware. Thus, the dishwashing process is fully automated. We should not forget about the maintenance of the dishwasher itself. The main problem here is the high concentration of salts in tap water. Therefore, periodically run dishwashers idle, using special agent, cleaning their parts from limescale.

Equipment and inventory

To the large equipment used in cleaning refers the floor scrubber (floor washing machine). It has a big round brush, with the help of which it removes grease from the floor surface. Less bulky and more affordable is the cleaning inventory. This can be a bucket with reinforced back for removing water from the mop.

As you can see, the deep cleaning of the kitchen is a time- and labor-consuming process. The best and easiest way to get your kitchen sparkle is to entrust the cleaning to professionals like Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company. Our staff will do all the needed cleaning quickly and meticulously, without missing any, even smallest, spot. All you need is just to contact us!

How to clean blinds?

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83-blinds-cleaningBlinds came in our lives quite long ago, and are firmly staying there, replacing wherever possible heavy and bulky curtains. As of today blinds are used both in homes and in offices.

They perfectly protect from the sunlight, and have a wonderful design; however, this doesn’t change the fact that they collect a lot of dust. Especially, if the blinds are hanging in the kitchen area, in addition to the usual dust the remnants of fat and soot are accumulated on them. Blinds come in two types – horizontal and vertical, and have a special treatment technology.

So, let’s see, how to clean the blinds? This cleaning procedure depends directly on the structure and material of your blinds. As a rule, their cleaning does not take much time and effort, but on the condition that they are wiped every day with a wet cloth with the addition of detergents. This helps to maintain the purity and prevent heavy contamination. Otherwise , however, you will have quite a job to bring blinds in proper form.

In order to clean the blinds made of metal, it is necessary to take them off from the blinds holder and perform further cleaning in the bathroom. Washing under running water is necessary, without strong water pressure.
If the contamination is serious, it is necessary to use detergents based on soap, applying them with a sponge or a brush of medium hardness. The best option is to leave for a while lathered blinds to soak in the bath, and then gently rinse with warm water.

To clean the blinds made of wood, it is necessary to use only special cleaning agents since they can not be washed the usual way. The water will provoke the swelling of wood. That will result in quick wearing out of the blinds.

Now let us consider the options of cleaning the blinds made of fabric.
The most simple, but rough way of cleaning is washing in a standard washing machine. To do this, take off the blinds, twist them up into a roll, and put in a washing bag, then play the delicate mode and hope for a favorable outcome of these actions. Be prepared for a possibility that the shape of your blinds will likely never be the same.
Such a cleaning process in home conditions is the most effective. If of course, the degree of contamination is sufficiently high. To avoid strong dust content on fabric blinds, it is recommended during the office cleaning to vacuum them. At minimum power and with a special dust nozzle.

In order to clean the blinds without having to take  them off from the window, you must thoroughly, but very carefully, apply a cleaning agent with a sponge, and wipe each strip of blinds. Then change soapy water to clean one and repeat the procedure. It is necessary to accept the fact that the dirty water stains after such manipulations will definitely be on the window-sill, and on the floor, and on the walls.

However, a Pro Quality Cleaning company knows how to clean the blinds much faster and more qualitatively. All you need to do for this is just to apply for a cleaning service. And soon our specialists will arrive to your office, and in a short time will bring your blinds in perfect condition. In cleaning blinds, as well as in performing any other work, we use special, professional tools. We have specialized equipment and tools, for quick and maximum effective office cleaning.

Dry cleaning of the car interior

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82-dry-cleaning-car-interiorPersonal car is a convenient means of transportation, which is not cheap. And some people have so many business trips, that their car turns into their “office”. If you want your vehicles to serve you for many years, apart from maintaining a good technical condition, you should take care of the cleanliness of its interior. The dust and dirt, accumulated inside the vehicle, may result in allergies and cause damage to the devices. In addition, the cloudy glass or stains on them worsen visibility and cause various kinds of accidents. To avoid this, you need to perform a regular dry cleaning of the car interior yourself or to look for the professional services of a cleaning company.

CLEAN BUT NOT DAMAGE A wide range of cleaning products allows you choosing an effective tool that can remove coffee stains, the marks of lipstick or ink, without damaging the upholstery. If the dry cleaning of the car interior is performed every 3-4 months, then you will not have any problems with removing the stains on your own. Deep stubborn stains should be left to the professionals. Employees of a good cleaning company can cope with any of such problems, and the result of their work will surprise you pleasantly.

Step by step instructions for the cleaning of car interior. How to make the interior dry cleaning the most efficient? To completely get rid of dust, litter and a variety of stains a comprehensive approach is needed.

Step 1. Preparatory. Before proceeding directly to the cleaning, you need to throw away both large and small litter from the interior, get floor mats out and empty the trunk. Then you can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car. It will blow the dust and dirt from hard to reach places.

Step 2. Cleaning. For cleaning the interior take several wipes, a brush and stain remover. The upholstery on the ceiling is usually softer and cleaner than other surfaces in the car. Therefore the cleaning agent must not be aggressive so as not to damage the material. Means for cleaning the car interior can be checked on a small inconspicuous area. If the color of the coating has not changed, then go ahead and proceed with cleaning. Leather seats are cleaned even without any special means, with ordinary soap and water. But later they need to be wiped with a dry cloth and treated with an agent that protects the material from cracking and fading. Stains on the fabric seats are better to be removed with the help of foamy agents and a brush. You can also use a steam cleaner.

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77-right-office-cleaqning-companyIn the field of commercial cleaning, the choice of companies is huge, but not all the companies meet your standards and needs. Some cleaning companies specialize in residential cleaning, others in small of big offices, not all of them have the affordable prices and flexible hours.

What is the right way to choose the right cleaning company for your office?

Today the experts from our company will help you with the list of useful tips to choosing the right cleaning company.

If you have a large office, we recommend choosing a team of cleaners. They will work more efficiently and effectively. Such teams will surely have the right equipment for larger spaces.
The price for the cleaning services should be reasonable and affordable. You also need to understand that expanses on professional cleaning services will be transformed into the benefits for your office and your employees.

Professionally cleaned offices seem inviting for the clients and clean environment is considered to be more efficient for the employees.
You may also ask your partners or friends to recommend a good office cleaning company with affordable prices and high standards for their work.
If you have any questions, we’d be glad to answer them.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email, we would love to help you!

The Germiest Spots at School

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74-germiest-spot-at-schoolSchool is a perfect place for germs, bacteria and different viruses. There are so many places for them where they can grow and spread. Today we will talk about the germiest places at schools, your cleaning crew should pay special attention while cleaning these spots.

Every building is different, but the spots are the same.

1.    Electronics (keyboards, computers, mice, etc)

2.    Doorknobs

3.    Water fountain controls

4.    Hand rails

5.    Gym and the equipment in it

6.    Classrooms – especially desks and chairs, their tops.

What should be done to decrease the number of bacteria in these places?

First of all, regular and thorough cleaning. Ask your janitorial company to clean and disinfect these spots as often as possible, and also make sure that your cleaning company uses safe, but efficient products.

68-new-year-cleanupThe New Year has come and usually we decide to accomplish lots of things and one of them is to be organized! Good decision, let’s get rid of this clutter at home, at the office and in your life!

Our professional crew has prepared several tips that will be helpful in the process of cleaning. We are here to help you declutter your office! Clean office is a productive and effective office.

·    Get rid of unnecessary papers. You can contact a special shredding company that can propose you several choices of shredding possibilities.

·    Set a special day that will be a declutter day. Choose a day, once or twice a month when your employees check their desks, folders and documents. Let them clean their workplace. Buy special folders and organizers to make this process easier.

·    Before asking your employees to clean – start with your workplace, be a positive examples for your colleagues. Remove papers from your desk, keep all the documents in special file folders. Use organizers and boxes for the old documents that should be kept.

·    Be ready to develop your own archiving system. All the outdated documents should be stocked in a special area in special boxes. Keep these papers for a required period of time. Our team recommends writing an expiry date on the boxes or folders.

·    Keep this process going, do not stop. When you receive a document, work on it immediately: file it or shred.

·    When the working day is over, set a rule to leave the office ONLY when your desk is CLEAN

Clean Office In Three Steps

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53-clean-office-in-three-stepsMany companies and employees think that is it hard to maintain clean environment in the office. But our experts say that it is not as difficult as they think. There are several steps that will bring cleanness into your office.

Step #1


Before you start thorough cleaning of your office, you need to declutter all the drawers, shelves and cabinets. Experts recommend cleaning from top to the bottom.

Don’t hesitate and throw away all the unnecessary things, pens that do not work, sheets of papers that are used etc.

Try to make your cabinets and drawers as empty as possible, use special organizers that will help you to store small things.

Don’t forget to declutter your computer. Delete all the unnecessary letters and documents, delete all the voice messages.

Step #2


Now let’s start cleaning. Experts recommend using detergents and cleaning supplies that do not cause allergies. The main thing at your work desk is your computer. Don’t forget to clean it thoroughly. Check our articles that tell about cleaning tips of the computers.

The best cleaner for the office is a mixture of water and white vinegar. Mix the liquids in a spray bottle. This mixture can be used for cleaning almost all surfaces, at the same time this mixture is a great disinfector.

Step #3


Once you’ve cleaned everything and decluttered all the drawers and cabinets, it’s time to put your efforts in maintaining this cleanness. Try to make a list of daily and weekly cleaning for your employees that will help to keep your office in tip-top shape.


52-air-conditioner-filtersIt is very important to remember when your air conditioner filters should be replaced or cleaned, and at the same time it is very important to know how to clean them. Fresh and cool air is important for high working efficiency.

Remember that regular cleaning will prolong the life of air conditioners in your office. Regular cleaning is important in order to avoid accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens of filters. Regular cleaning is your clean and healthy environment.

Below are several steps that will help you to clean your air conditioner.

First of all, open your air conditioner. But before opening it, make sure it is turned off.

Remove air conditioner filters from the device. Inspect them and make sure they are in good condition. If you see damages on your filter, it is better to replace it.

Vacuum it. Vacuuming is needed for getting rid from dust and dirt from the inside of the conditioner.

Filters disinfection is important. Sanitize them by using usual vinegar. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar in a basin and place filters in this solution. The mixture should cover all the surfaces of the filters. Vinegar will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave your filters in this solution for about 4 hours. In 4 hours remove them and allow to dry. Do not rinse them. Place them on a towel and leave to dry.

Check your filters again. If they are in normal condition, fit them back in the system. You may also replace air conditioner components if needed. Enjoy fresh and clean air in your office!


Clean Workplace Is Needed

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51-clean-workplaceIt is very important for every office to have a clean and bright workplace. But one person won’t be able to do it, it is a team work and a team effort.

First of all, all the employees should keep a kitchen clean. In our previous articles, we have already told about the rules that should be applied in a kitchen.

Employees should remember that they need not to forget to clean the dishes and cups, they need to wash them immediately. Also don’t forget to cover food with a paper towel or a splatter when they warm it up in a microwave oven.

Restroom is also an important room. It is important to remember to wipe all the marks that you have left. Flush twice, if it is really necessary. Don’t forget to wash your hands, and after washing them, use a paper towel to wipe away all the splashes on the mirror and on the counter.

A special attention should be paid to a conference room. If you brought in coffee cups or water to the meeting, check the table. It should be left clean. Sometimes it is better to ask a person to be in charge of the conference room and its’ cleanliness.

Floors in the office should be shiny and clean. Spills and dirt are easily seen on the floor and sometimes they can cause accidents. If you notice that you have left a trail of water on the floor, immediately wipe it away. Keep your floors clean and your colleagues from falling.


Non-Toxic Cleaners For Your Office

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49-nontoxic-cleanersThe choice of the eco-friendly cleaning products is getting wider and wider. There are lots of air-friendly cleaning products at the stores. But we also have the opportunity to save money and to prepare cleaners ourselves.

If you think that they do not clean well, you go wrong here. All of the natural cleaners work really well and at the same time are not so harmful and do not cause allergies.

To tell you the truth there are four basic components that will help you to prepare non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Here is the list of the most important components:

·         Baking soda can be used as an all-purpose cleaner

·         White vinegar is great for disinfecting and cleaning different surfaces, including glass

·         Borax cleans and deodorizes, it is great for cleaning toilets and bathrooms

·         Castile or glycerin-based soap is great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces

If you choose to go green at your office and to use only eco-friendly cleaners, you need to know that you will need to avoid harsh ingredients. Read labels and try to avoid toxic chemicals such as:

·         Glycol and butyl ethers – they are usually found in all-purpose cleaners

·         Terrenes which is contained in cleaners with citrus smell

·         Formaldehyde

·         Phosphates

·         Ammonia which is found in glass cleaners

These chemicals are known to cause different kinds of irritations such as eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches and nausea.

Scientific researches also show that exposure to these chemicals can damage your nervous system, liver and kidneys.

If you buy cleaners at the grocery stores try to look for those that are dye-free, perfume-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable and non toxic.