Tips for Clean Office

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64-tips-for-clean-officeA clean and organized office should be a priority foe every business. Clean environment maximizes productivity and plays an important role for your clients.

Our team has prepared several, but very important tips for a clean office.

  • Less Paper

Go digital! Use as less papers as possible. Offices spend lots of money on paper that later just clutter your office. Computers save so much time and money. You wrote a letter and one click and the letter is sent! No printing, no folders, no clutter. Your work desk will be really clean

  • Clean Entrance

Mats and rugs will help to keep your office clean; they collect moisture and dirt at the entrance door. Later you will understand that mats and rugs save money on carpet cleaning

  • Garbage Bins Everywhere

Use as many trashcans in the office as possible. Your customers and employees shouldn’t look for a trashcan, they should be easy to find. Don’t forget to remove trash regularly. If you have a professional cleaning crew, they know that it is one of the priorities.

  • Regular Cleaning

Don’t wait till your carpets, floors, windows, furniture will be covered with dirt. Your cleaning crew should know that you require regular and thorough cleanings. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Seattle, Renton or King County, ProQuality Office Cleaning will gladly help you

  • Have the Eyes of Your Customers

Imagine that you are a client of your company. Look around your office and try to understand what looks not so clean or not so organized. Remember, a clean office is a professional office.

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

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hotel-roomI’m sure you’ve seen lots of reports telling about how unclean the hotels are. How to stay safe and clean in a hotel during your business trips?

Experts from the commercial cleaning service have shared with us very important tips that should be kept in mind.

First of all, you need to inspect your room before you start unpacking. Check the floors, bathtub, toilet seat, sink, mirror for stains, hair or other unpleasant stuff.

If you consider your room to be unclean and dirty, don’t hesitate and ask for a room change.  Most likely a receptionist will gladly help you.

If your room looks clean and you agree to stay in it, be sure to follow several rules for your personal safety.

Be aware of phones, remote controls and other small things

Everybody knows that remote controls and phones are homes for millions of bacteria. Before using it, it is recommended to sanitize them.

Don’t use the bedspread

Bedspreads are not washed after every guest. If your bed is coved with a bedspread or a comforter, toss it aside and don’t use.

Keep your hands clean

Use special sanitizers or wash your hands with soap and hot water.

Don’t walk barefoot

Don’t do it even if you really want to. Not all the hotels use special shampoos and sanitizers for carpets. Wear slippers or socks. The same rule is applied to the bathroom. Take your shower in flip flops or special shower shoes.

56-janitorial-cleaning-serviceIf you are an owner of an office or any other type of business from a store to manufacturing plants, you will surely know that a clean environment is one of the most important factors for being successful. A dirty and unhealthy environment brings problems, unhappy faces and poor reputation. People walk in and they do not want to see dirt, they want to see professional working in an appropriate atmosphere.

Professional cleaning services will help you to keep your office clean and professionally looking.

Sometimes owners think that they can clean their business by ourselves…but is it really so?

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Companies know exactly their job; they know what to do and how to clean. They pay special attention to the details that you might forget and do not see. These companies know how to make your establishment to look best, they have experience. Commercial cleaning services will make your office shine and sparkle.

Professional janitorial cleaning services, such as Pro Quality Office Cleaning, offer to its’ customers not only usual cleaning services, but also customized ones. If a client needs his office to be cleaned on weekend, they will surely come. If a client needs a crew to pay attention to certain details, or course, our cleaning crew will do that.

Every office and establishment has their own requirements and needs, some offices are small and others are large, that’s why customized services help not only to save time, but also money.

A clean environment has numerous benefits:

  • Happy employees
  • Safe working environment
  • Increased working efficiency

A professional janitorial cleaning company helps to keep your office spotless. Professionals pay attention and put more efforts in cleaning the areas that usually are overlooked by others.

Cleaning professionals save your time and give the opportunity to work over important deals.


How to Clean Your Cell Phone?

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26-how-to-clean-cellphoneCell phones, especially those with touchscreens, get dirty very quickly and easily. Dust, fingerprints, food stains and other unpleasant things can be found on them.

Studies have shown that cell phones are home for a greater number of more harmful bacteria than keyboard or doorknobs.

Another study has proved that infectious microbes and viruses can easily enter your body through eyes, nose and mouth.

Cleaning of your cell phone with touchscreen may seem a crazy idea at first sight, but it should be done no matter what.

The main idea in cleaning your cell phone is being gentle with it. Be careful with choosing methods and device that will be used for cleaning.

All the cloths that you will use should be soft and all the cleaners should be mild.

All kinds of wipes are designed for cleaning and disinfecting cell phones, but our experts recommend using DIY products. You may moisten a cloth with a mixture of 40% isopropyl alcohol that is available at any drug store with 60% of water. This solution will not only clean your cell phone, but it will also disinfect it easily.

There are several “Don’t” things that should be kept in mind.

1.      Don’t use a paper towel. Rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Microfiber cloth is the best one to use.

2.      Don’t use any kind of glass cleaner that contain ammonia, because these chemicals will damage an LCD display.

3.      Don’t spray water directly on your phone, just use a moisten cloth to wipe a cell phone down.

13-estimation-of-costsIt’s not a secret that any office area should look nice and clean in order to be successful and appealing to the clients. Today experts from our company will help you to understand how to evaluate the cost of these commercial cleaning services. If you have any questions, we would love to answer them, just contact us.

First of all you need to determine the square footage amount that should be cleaned.

And then you need to determine the tasks that should be done daily, weekly or monthly by the cleaning company. For example, basic tasks may include window washing, vacuuming, cleaning of the restrooms, washing the walls, washing the doors, dusting, cleaning of the desks, chairs and reception area. The price for these services will vary in different companies. Look through the internet to find out how much the companies ask for such type of cleaning.

Write down all the tasks that need to be performed by the commercial cleaning company. It will take you more than one day, because it’s impossible to remember all the tasks that should be done.

And now it’s time to select a cleaning company. Search for a company through special services on the web, ask your friends if they can advise you a good company. And, of course, conduct as much interviews as possible. Be sure to explain to them all the tasks and your requirements, explain how often you expect them to come. Name your price and wait for their reaction, also be sure to ask how much they charge for performing extra tasks. Be sure to keep in mind your budget that is affordable.

Good luck in choosing the company that will suit you and meet all your desires and requirements!

How to Remove a Sweat Stain

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Sweat stains on clothes can cause respect if these clothes belongs to the athletes, but yellows stains on a white shirt of an office clerk or a bank worker, for example, destroy the idea of an accurate employee. How to remove sweat stains from the shirts, giving them fresh and pleasant look.

Nowadays there are numbers of different stain removers, but here we would like to mention some of the “helpers” that can be found in any family and home.

• In order to remove sweat stains from wool, cotton or silk products use a usual saline solution. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt in a glass of clean water. Apply this solution on the stains and then wash your clothes according to the instruction written on the label. It should be said that this method is more suitable for white or light colored clothes; this method must be carefully applied to the colored fabrics, not resistant to chemicals. Regular salt is also used for the removal of stains from wine, blood, grass and fat.

• Sweat stains on white clothes can be also removed with the help of ammonia solution (1 teaspoon per glass of water). Apply solution on the stain and then thoroughly wash the clothes.

• Not old sweat stains on colored fabrics can be removed with the help of vinegar or citric acid solution. To prepare the solution dissolve 1 tablespoon of vinegar or citric acid in half a glass of water.

• Old sweat stains are removed with the help of the solution of ammonia. I order to remove engrained sweat stains you can also use a mixture of ammonia liquid and ethyl alcohol in equal proportions. After applying this solution on the stains, wash your clothes at the recommended temperature using a special detergent. Ammonia effectively removes not only the sweat stains, but also stains from grass, blood, tea and coffee, grease, glue, iron and rust.

• Sweat stains from silk fabrics can be removed with the help of hyposulphate solution (1 teaspoon should be dissolved in a glass of water). In order to remove stains from silk you can also use a mixture of 10% ammonia liquid and denatured alcohol (1:1 proportion). Denatured alcohol also helps to remove stains from wool, in order to prepare a solution you need to dissolve 1 teaspoon in half a glass of water.

• In order to remove yellow stains from collars and cuffs use petroleum-based soaps and mix it with ammonia liquid in equal amounts. Apply this mixture on a stain and rinse a shirt in warm or hot water adding a few drops of vinegar in it.

• Sweat stains from collars and cuffs can be also removed with the help of a solution made from ammonia liquid, sodium chloride and distilled water in the ration of 4:1:4.

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Cleaning and Organizing your office space

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If you find yourself spending more then few minutes to find an important document in your office (or even something as simple as a pencil), it may be time to clean up your office space. When you decide to organize your office, don’t do it alone – incorporate everyone in the office.

Choose one day and tell employees that this day is not a business-as-usual day, rather it’s a day to tidy up. Invite everyone to bring old clothes and their favorite cleaning supplies. Try to make cleaning an interesting experience for all incorporated.

Follow these steps for a successful clean-up.

Before you begin to clear out your office, arm yourself with the cleaning supplies. Make sure everyone in the office has what he/she needs to get organized. Go shopping for office supplies that you will need to reorganize your office area. Be sure to purchase file folders, pads, new pens and pencils, self-stick notes, cleaning solutions and garbage bags.

Prepare yourself to throw away old stuff. Cleaning out your office includes throwing some very old files and papers away. Take everything out of each shelf, drawer and file cabinet. Decide what to keep and what to toss. Save master and legal documents. Store all tax records. Throw out what you don’t need or use. Create a place for everything left. Wipe down all your drawers, cabinets and desk spaces with a wet rag.

To give your office a thorough clean-up, you will need to spend the whole day re-organizing, throwing out, wiping down, etc. If you can’t spare at least 4-5 hours to tidying your work space, leave some taks for the next day. But try to complete all the main cleaning and organizing tasks.

Make cleaning and reorganizing your office space a habit. Clean and organize your office on a regular basis. It will help you make your daily work life more efficient. Maintain order throughout your office and it will let your company start each day with a clean slate.

How to keep your workplace neat and tidy

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You look up from your work desk and it feels as mountains of paper avalanche right onto you and you sink in these piles of paper. If this has ever happened to you, you know that there is only one remedy available in such a situation. Yes, that’s right you should clean up your workplace. A little bit of time and effort and you will have a clean and well-organized office place. A clean office will help you keep your sanity as well. This in its turn will help you show your boss that you’re an organized and dedicated employee.

If you don’t know where to start and how to organize your office — start by sorting. Prepare two bins: one for papers you can recycle and one for shredding. Go through all of the papers on your desk. Decide what papers you still need and trash those you don’t. Then, go through your desk drawers, closets, filing cabinets, bookcases cleaning out anything you no longer need. Make sure everything has its own place.

In order to increase your productivity you can reposition your office furniture so you can get to the things you need every day without any problems. Also, you can redesign your office. Put some pictures or paintings directly where you would look up from your computer. It is good to look away from your computer every six minutes.

Office cleaning is not an easy task to complete. If you really want to do a thorough job, make sure to wipe off your drawers, shelves, door handle, telephone, and keyboard. Swab your desk and or table. Clean your workplace using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. You can eveb make your own cleaning solution. All you need is vinegar and baking soda. The major cleaning is done.

If you don’t want to spend tons of time every few weeks cleaning your office, clean up every day. Make this your end-of-the-day ritual.

What an interesting office cleaning idea to incite employees to keep their office clean and tidy at all times. Below we will provide you with few creative office cleaning tips on how to maintain the office tidy and clean without any significant inconvenience.

Keeping a workplace clean is important to any company whether it receives costumers at their business premises or not. Many companies hire professional office cleaning services to clean their offices while others prefer to divide the cleaning responsibilities between their employees. In this way employees are encouraged to keep their offices sparkling clean at all times.

The best place to start introducing cleanness is employee’s workstations and desks. Every employee should be responsible for its own work space; employees should strive to keep their desks uncluttered and speckless.

It’s recommended to not allow employees to eat at their workstations. Also, it’s nice to incite employees to wash their hands every time they return from a snack specially if they went out to eat.

Unfortunately the offices that allow employees to eat at their desks tend to turn their keyboards into bacteria’s hives. Also, it’s better not to allow your employees to store food in their workstation drawers and make sure they keep them tidy and clean as well. It would be good to provide files and folders so employees can store their paper work and avoid paper clutter on their desks.

If you hire an office cleaning company make sure their cleaning specialists disinfect keyboards and phones every time they come to clean your office. In addition, make sure they use appropriate cleaning solutions, because using the wrong products may lead to damaging electrical equipment.

Implement random audits and penalties for those employees who don’t keep their workplaces organised and clean. In this way you will incite your employees to maintain their workstations clean and tidy most of the time.

Cleaning your Keyboard

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A dirty keyboard not only hinders typing, but also exposes you to health risks. Clean up your keyboard safely using the following tips.

The first thing’s you should do is to unplug your keyboard. Make sure the batteries are taken out.

Dust can really make typing unpleasant. But it’s not hard to fix this problem. Use a small soft-bristled dusting brush. It will work well.

Don’t forget to buy disinfectant sprays as daily use can breed a whole different kind of filth that needs to be removed from your keys. If you don’t want to harm your precious keyboard, try to find cleaning solutions that are electronics-friendly. You can take a little alcohol solution, but don’t pour it into your keyboard. Simply moisten a paper towel or an old rag with it. Then, scrub a paper towel or a rag over the tops of the keys. Use a wet cotton bud to go down in between the keys.

How to deal with spilled coffee or soda on your keyboard.

When spills occur on the keyboard and you don’t want to use your real sticky keys, the first thing you should do is to unplug your keyboard. Dump out any excess liquid and mop up with paper towels. Then remove the keycaps from the keyboard. For desktop keyboards, it’s better to use a screwdriver or a butter knife. For laptop keyboards, you can use your fingernails to lift up a side of the keycaps and snap them off. Aside from spilled coffee or soda, you may find potato chip grease, or popcorn pieces stuck under the keys. Take a vacuum and get rid of all those crumbs stored in your keyboard! Dump the keycaps into a container with warm, soapy water and give them a good rub to remove any sticky stains. Dry keycaps with a cloth then reattach them. If you have a standard keyboard, you’ll be able to find references to where all the keys should be placed. Also, you can take a photo of your keyboard to remember the layout of the keys. Place keycaps over their correct position and press them until you hear a snap. Then, give the keyboard a quick wipe over and you have a clean keyboard.

Don’t forget that to keep your keyboard in tip-top condition you should clean it weekly. The more thorough clean could be done every 2 months (depending on use).

Have a better way to clean a keyboard? Share in the comments!

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