Cleaning Windows in Your Office

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30-cleaning-windows-in-officeIt should be said that many of the offices do not clean their windows often enough. Once or twice a year, seasonal window cleaning is not enough for the office. Our experts agree that you need to clean the windows in the office at least once in three months, because clean windows are important for an office’s general outlook.

Our experts have prepared professional cleaning windows tips that will be helpful for any cleaning company. But you also need to understand that these tips won’t be able to substitute the great work of a commercial cleaning company.

1.      Cleaning methods

The best way to work on your windows is from top to bottom. Usually this method helps to avoid leaving streaks on the windows. It is recommended wiping the water streaming in such a technique, from top to bottom, because in such a way you won’t have stains on the dry windows.

2.      Use a cleaner that is eco-friendly

Most of the cleaners that are sold in the stores are ammonia based; they are too dangerous for your health. If you don’t find the eco-friendly cleaner in the store, you may make it yourself. You may mix white vinegar with warm water and prepare very safe and efficient window cleaner not only for your home but also for your office.

3.      Cleaning tall windows

Your office may be situated not on the first floor and it’s much better to ask professionals to clean tall windows. But if you want to save your money, you may use a garden hose foe washing tall windows. You may also use a painter’s pole and attach a clean cloth to it.

4.      Don’t forget to protect the floor

Professionals say that the easiest way to protect your floors is to cover them with old newspapers. Some of the window cleaners may leave stains on the floor and the newspapers will help you to protect it.

5.      Dry your windows with usual newspapers

Usual newspapers are the best way for drying your windows. Newspapers do not leave water stains on the windows.

92-cleaning-cornerstone-of-successNowadays many of the business owners are looking for a reliable Office Cleaning company that will maintain the cleanness in the office. There is a great number of companies that propose commercial cleaning services, but, of course, you need to understand that not all of them meet the standards of your company.

That’s why the choosing and evaluating of the cleaning company is very important. Business owners should understand that there are many aspects to properly cleaning an office. Here are several guidelines and tips that will help you to understand that you hire the most appropriate company that meets your needs.

A cleaning company should have references

References that indicate that a company does high-quality work are very important while searching for the best commercial cleaning company. Before hiring a cleaning service a business owner or a manager who is searching for the company should check their references to ensure that companies have had great experience with this cleaning crew. You can also speak directly to the previous customers of the cleaning company and once again make sure that they liked and were satisfied with the work of the cleaning crew you want to hire.

A cleaning company should hire professionals and provide extra training for them

Commercial cleaning is the area of work that differs from home cleaning, for example. That’s why a good commercial cleaning company should hire professionals and at the same time provide extra training for its employees. This training helps the employees of the cleaning crew to understand the needs and requirements of the job. They learn how to use the special cleaning equipment that is used while cleaning offices and non-residential premises.

A good commercial cleaning company should develop a special custom cleaning plan

The best cleaning company before cleaning the office should meet with the manager or the business owner and to provide a checklist and, in addition, it should develop a custom cleaning plan where your specific preferences, requirements and needs are indicated. This plan indicates your expectations from the cleaning.

Sometimes when people start to search for a cleaning company, they feel frustrated because they don’t know where to start and what to look for. For more information about hiring the best commercial cleaning service for your specific requirements and needs, you may contact our professional cleaning company, we will gladly answer your questions and will try to help.


When the spring comes most of us understand that it’s time to clean our homes. We carefully clean our windows, carpets, polish the furniture and wipe away all the dust accumulated in the facility. But only few of us realize that it’s also time to clean up our offices. Your personal workspace also should be perfectly cleaned when the spring is around the corner. So, consider this when it’s time for spring cleaning in general.

Your office, just like your home, can also take advantage of spring time rejuvenation. The quality office clean-up will definitely set the spirit for the great weather ahead. Give your office a new fresh look.

Sometimes there are so many different items in your office that you don’t know where to start. Pay attention to your files. It’s time to clear out the ones you don’t need. If you have documents over four to nine years old, it’s time to throw them away. Those files that you need should stay in the drawer. File folders also should be nice. Get rid of those old file folders and use new ones.

Now it’s time to give your desk a whole new look. Change the frames that have been on your desk for a long time. They have definitely collected a layer of dust. Wipe it away. It would be good to swab down the top of your desk with a disinfecting cleaner. Buy some colorful knick-knacks and make your desk look like a spring item.

Spring cleaning is not just a household chore. You should not complete your spring cleaning all at once. Break down the cleaning into small tasks that are easy to manage. No one likes overwhelming tasks.

A CD-ROM is one of the most delicate electronic items, so you should take good care of it if you want to work it properly. You should be aware that you need to clean your CD-ROM drive from time to time.

How should you know when exactly it needs cleaning? There are a few signs that will help you recognize when your CD-ROM drive needs to be cleaned. If a CD-ROM drive doesn’t work it’s definitely a sign. If the drive is having a hard time reading a disc, it’s a sign as well. Another sign is a profusion of weird noise while the drive attempts to read a disc. A fourth sign is if your disc skips. These are the most common signs that might necessitate cleaning your CD-ROM drive.

So, what products should you use to clean your CD-ROM drive? The answer is simple — air. Warning! DO NOT blow into the CD-ROM drive. We meant compressed air. Your breath contains moisture that can cause even more problems to your computer than you have now.You can buy cans of compressed air at most places that sell electronics and computers.

Use the compressed air wisely. In some cases it can be harmful to you and your computer. Many compressed air cans contain toxic and hazardous chemicals. Don’t throw an empty can in the trash. Take it to a hazardous waste disposal facility.

And now for your consideration, here are a few advices on how to prepare your CD-ROM drive for cleaning. Turn on your computer. While it works open the drive. Then turn off your computer, leaving the CD tray open. Remove any disc you may have in the drive.

You can find a lot of «helpful» videos in the internet that will give you an advice to take your CD-ROM drive apart. Don’t listen to them! You will run the risk of permanently damaging your CD-ROM drive. And your warranty will become invalid. Better contact the website or call the store where you bought your computer and ask for advice. If your computer is still under warranty, you are lucky one. In the warranty paperwork you will find a phone number that you can call in situation like this.

Admire your clean and organized office

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If your office is so cluttered that you don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning, don’t get upset. We know how to help you. First of all break down the tasks into small chunks. If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed take one chunk at a time.

Dispose of your rubbish thoughtfully. Throw away everything you don’t need anymore. Get rid of outdated information and duplicate copies. Shred any papers that contain personal information. Cut your paper pile by throwing unneeded papers away. Then, sort the remaining papers into piles. Establish a filing system. After you’ve finished sorting the papers, file each pile in the appropriate file folder. This will help you keep your office organised and de-cluttered.

Buy file folders that fit in your cabinet. Also, purchase labels for that folders. But be aware that filing your papers is only half the battle. To keep your office organized and clean you should dust and vacuum it on a regular basis. Of course not every room in your office needs to be cleaned and vacuumed everyday. But still you should keep every room clean and fresh. You can choose to hire a cleaning service to maintain your office organized and cleaned. To help the cleaning service do its job well, make sure all papers, pens and pencils are put away and all the rubbish has been thrown out.

Remember that if you want to keep your office clean, keep it organized. Before you leave at the end of the day, take the last 10 minutes to organise your desk. That way you will start the next day with a clean and fresh space.