5-commercial-cleaningCleaning companies can efficiently and comprehensively solve issues for businesses concerning cleaning the business territory, office cleanliness, maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness and even the timely management of all sorts of wastes and garbage.

Business structures are the ones who most commonly involve (pay for) services of cleaning companies. It is also worth mentioning that quite often industrial and commercial enterprises after the conclusion of the contract on the usual periodic cleaning, after considering the whole range of possible benefits from such cooperation, move on to more intensive cooperation with a cleaning company. For example, they hire the specialists to prepare the rented premises for holding various business events or corporate entertainment events, followed by cleaning the place of the event.

Cleaning companies are always ready to provide services in quick or deep cleaning of premises, such as cleaning the windows, getting rid of dust, bringing the flooring in a perfect state, keeping bathrooms perfectly clean, etc. And after all representatives of any business understand like no one else, that order and cleanliness can be used to create a good atmosphere in the team and improve working efficiency, and this opportunity should always be used.

Peculiarities of professional cleaning

- deep cleaning of premises, including window cleaning, cleaning of carpets and flooring, wall panels, upholstered furniture;

- cleaning after repair, relocation and construction works, conducting the intermediate cleaning to perform various repair stages;

- cleaning of common areas, such as entrance halls, elevators, underground parking;

- external cleaning of facades and glazing of different types and complexity;

- seasonal cleaning services of the adjacent territory and roofs – snow or leaves removal, washing the sidewalks, breaking the ice;

- cleaning and disinfection of premises, including industrial ones.

Customers can order both, a comprehensive performance of works, and carrying out one-time cleanings. Fast performance of works and their high quality determines the level of a specialized company.

The main advantages of addressing to a cleaning company for cleaning and disinfection of premises are as follows:

- time saving – certain types of work can be quickly and accurately performed only by a specialist, constantly improving his skills in this area. Cleaning company also determines the number of employees who will optimally accomplish the assigned tasks;

- cleaning with using professional equipment and special agents – purchase of cleaning machines and special care products for cleaning surfaces made of various materials, as a rule, is not provided by any family or corporate budget;

- cost saving – the high enough cost of professional cleaning services is still lower than the purchase of expensive equipment, safe detergents and risks to reduce the quality of cleaned premises and equipment;

-reduction of risk of unfair provision of services and preservation of property – addressing to a professional team reduces the likelihood of property damage, poor performance of works or theft of valuable things, than a one-time involvement of individuals to perform such works.

Clean Windows in the Office – EASY!

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90-office-window-cleaningCleaning windows in an apartment or office, at first glance, is not the most difficult task. In most cases, getting ready for a big cleaning, usually between dusting and cleaning the office equipment, people begin to clean windows. And we agree with that. Cleaning of office premises, of course, has its own peculiarities and nuances, but we recommend starting with window cleaning. Let in your office more light and sun! Then the rest of the work on cleaning the office will be much faster and better!

Our cleaning company provides services on cleaning windows  in premises of any type. We qualitatively perform our work in the shortest possible time and at the lowest prices. Moreover, we clean windows not only inside but also outside. No building is too high or wide for us. More information about window cleaning – in Section OFFICE WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE. COMMERCIAL WINDOW CLEANING.

But let us return to our task. Before you start cleaning, check the the availability of detergents.

Means for cleaning the windows

For window cleaning, you will need:

• A brush or a paintbrush to clean the glass and window frames from dust and stubborn stains
• Microfiber cloth
• Squeegee with rubber
• Washing liquid for windows

Let’s consider the listed tools and equipment in details.

Brush instead of cloth
To remove dust, we do not recommend using a cloth, but a brush. Or even a paint brush. Wiping the dust with a cloth may leave dirty marks on the glass and frames, which then will leave spots and stains. Best of all is in the beginning to dust off by using a brush and collect the dust with a vacuum cleaner. You can even vacuum the glass and frame – it will be much more effective than using cloths. It does not take much time, but will greatly facilitate the subsequent washing of glass and help to cope with cleaning faster and better.

Always use a squeegee for window. It has a rubber blade that effectively cleans dirt from the glass. The main difference of squeegee from the cloth – combined with a good glass cleaner it copes well with fat, so there will be no streaks or blotches or greasy stains. The main thing is to clean the rubber well after each passage. And ensure that the rubber is not worn off and is not deformed.

Cloth is also useful
Cloth can also be useful for us, but only for cleaning window frames and making the final gloss on the window glass. Prepare several cloths of soft microfiber.

Often, instead of using cloths people use different handy tools. For example, it is recommended to wipe the glass and mirrors with old newspapers. This method has been widely used by our grandmothers in the past, but nowadays it is still better to use modern materials. Moreover, the newsprint, after getting wet, leave dirt on the glass, barely noticeable at first, but later creating a lot of problems.

Powder or alcohol?
And at the end – a little bit about cleaning agents and detergents. Do not use washing powder or soda for cleaning your windows – due to the abrasive substances in their composition, which can scratch and “wear” window glass. Best of all is to dissolve instead in warm water some ordinary soap and rinse the window glass with this solution. But the best choice is alcohol-based liquids for window washing. As for the efficiency and ability to cope with grease on the glass such means has no equal!

And in the conclusion – about the time suitable for washing the windows. It sounds strange, but cloudy cool weather, and not a hot and sunny day, is better for window cleaning. The fact is that in the sun the water used for cleaning dries too quickly – before it is removed. As a result, the stains and unpleasant streaks remain on the glass. Therefore, wait for a cool day, and start a big cleaning in your office.

Your Messy Desk Costs You Money!

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70-messy-deskWhy some people have very clean desks? Is it in their personality? Or maybe they have too many free hours at work? Do they have little work? Are they productive and efficient?

One thing is true about clean desk – it is clean!

In 2010 Brother International conducted an interesting study: messy desks and time spent looking for hidden papers costs the country $177 billion annually.

Minutes that are spent in searching for the misplaced items in annual estimation end up in about two weeks of working time a year.

According to the study, nearly 1/3 of the workers didn’t receive the reimbursement of funds for their business trips only because these employees lost or couldn’t find the receipts.

65% of respondents told that their desks were not organized. The main idea of getting organized is staying organized! It should become a habit of yours!

Organizational experts say that it is very important to have place for every piece of paper, for every document. If you don’t have a place and a system of filing you will have a messy desk again and again.

Experts are sure that clean desk will surely boost your efficiency and productivity. There are surveys that prove this. You can read about boosting of your productivity in our earlier articles.

Germiest Places in the Mall

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61-shopping-mallMalls around the country are the most popular and the most visited places. Doctors and heath experts announced that there are eight places that are homes for millions of bacteria and viruses: the flu viruses, E. coli and others.

Food Courts Tables

We think that all food courts are clean and sanitized, but actually the cleaners use the rags and cloths that contain bacteria that can be spread around, such as E. coli.

Restroom Sinks

Experts agree that the germiest places in restrooms are sinks and soap dispensers. Use special hand sanitizers and they will help you to decrease the number of bacteria on your hands.

ATM Keypads

Researches have found that every ATM key contain 1,200 germs, including viruses and bacteria. The germiest key is ENTER because everybody touches it.

Fitting Rooms

Not only fitting rooms, but also such an action as trying on clothes can lead to catching different diseases. Be careful and use hand sanitizers at least.

Toy Stores

Experts say that toy stores can contain much more germs than playgrounds. This happens because very often children behave inadequately at the stores in order their parents buy a toy they like. Kids lick them, rub their faces, kiss toys, etc.

Electronic Shops

Different gadget shops are not safe because people touch these gadgets thousands of times, if not more. Scientists also conduct the research that showed that viruses can be easily transferred between screens (glass surfaces) and fingers.


Control the Main Spots in the Office

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 58-main-spots-in-officeOffice areas have thousands of different places and spots that should be controlled by a janitorial company. What are the spots that may be really important for offices and its’ visitors?

One of the main parts of the office which require a lot of attention are restrooms. It is one of the hardest things to clean and to keep clean. That’s why it is very important to use the help of the professional cleaning companies, who pay special attention to the proper and appropriate cleaning.

Make sure that your janitorial company cleans every part of the toilet, including the seat (it very importance for the health of your customers and employees), clean the sink and remove the trash from the trash cans, clean the mirrors and replace soaps and other items, as well as deodorize the entire room.

The most popular areas are the other important aspect in keeping your office clean and shiny. The reception desk and all the areas around should be dusted properly and no odor should be present, unless it’s a pleasant one.

For many offices it is very important to have cleaning crew after work hours. The common office services should include vacuuming and sweeping of the floors, sanitizing of the areas, which are commonly used and touched by a great number of people, emptying the trash cans and replacing the bags.

Clean office can enlarge the sales, increase the efficiency and be the face of your company. Choose our company and we will gladly help you.

52-air-conditioner-filtersIt is very important to remember when your air conditioner filters should be replaced or cleaned, and at the same time it is very important to know how to clean them. Fresh and cool air is important for high working efficiency.

Remember that regular cleaning will prolong the life of air conditioners in your office. Regular cleaning is important in order to avoid accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens of filters. Regular cleaning is your clean and healthy environment.

Below are several steps that will help you to clean your air conditioner.

First of all, open your air conditioner. But before opening it, make sure it is turned off.

Remove air conditioner filters from the device. Inspect them and make sure they are in good condition. If you see damages on your filter, it is better to replace it.

Vacuum it. Vacuuming is needed for getting rid from dust and dirt from the inside of the conditioner.

Filters disinfection is important. Sanitize them by using usual vinegar. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar in a basin and place filters in this solution. The mixture should cover all the surfaces of the filters. Vinegar will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave your filters in this solution for about 4 hours. In 4 hours remove them and allow to dry. Do not rinse them. Place them on a towel and leave to dry.

Check your filters again. If they are in normal condition, fit them back in the system. You may also replace air conditioner components if needed. Enjoy fresh and clean air in your office!


Non-Toxic Cleaners For Your Office

On May 23, 2014, in Green cleaning, by admin

49-nontoxic-cleanersThe choice of the eco-friendly cleaning products is getting wider and wider. There are lots of air-friendly cleaning products at the stores. But we also have the opportunity to save money and to prepare cleaners ourselves.

If you think that they do not clean well, you go wrong here. All of the natural cleaners work really well and at the same time are not so harmful and do not cause allergies.

To tell you the truth there are four basic components that will help you to prepare non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Here is the list of the most important components:

·         Baking soda can be used as an all-purpose cleaner

·         White vinegar is great for disinfecting and cleaning different surfaces, including glass

·         Borax cleans and deodorizes, it is great for cleaning toilets and bathrooms

·         Castile or glycerin-based soap is great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces

If you choose to go green at your office and to use only eco-friendly cleaners, you need to know that you will need to avoid harsh ingredients. Read labels and try to avoid toxic chemicals such as:

·         Glycol and butyl ethers – they are usually found in all-purpose cleaners

·         Terrenes which is contained in cleaners with citrus smell

·         Formaldehyde

·         Phosphates

·         Ammonia which is found in glass cleaners

These chemicals are known to cause different kinds of irritations such as eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches and nausea.

Scientific researches also show that exposure to these chemicals can damage your nervous system, liver and kidneys.

If you buy cleaners at the grocery stores try to look for those that are dye-free, perfume-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable and non toxic.

39-cleaning-of-homeofficeIf you work at home, usually you spend lots of hours in your home office. Most people do not like to work in a mess that is why it is very important to keep your workplace in order for increasing your productivity!

Here are several quick tips that will help you to de-clutter your working space.

First of all, you are to clean all the surfaces using a microfiber cloth. You may add lemon into the water, it will help to disinfect and to add pleasant odor.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your desk, shelves and tables. Remove all the papers and other things and wipe down the surfaces. When you clean your desk, only return the things that are really needed.

The next thing you need to clean is your electronics.

Computer, keyboard, mouse, phone. All these electronics are dirty and full of germs. Your task is to clean and to disinfect the surfaces.

Use a damp cloth for cleaning. You may also add vinegar into the water for better cleaning. LCD screens are recommended to be cleaned with special LCD cleaning solutions.

When you are done with the cleaning of the outside of the room, it is time to clean the inside. I mean different drawers and cabinets.

Look through the papers and things that are found in your drawers. Everything that is not needed and is not used should be thrown away immediately.

Use folders for the papers and bins for other small things.

Now it’s time to clean floors.

Throw away everything that is not needed. Vacuum carpets and wash floors. Don’t forget about the spaces that are difficult to reach.

After this quick cleaning you will really like your shiny office.


How to Pack Correctly?

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38-packing-correctlyVery often our work requires a great number of business trips; that is why every person who plans to go on a business trip needs to know how to pack things correctly.

Never pack as you go. Do not throw the things in your suitcase in the last minute, because more likely you will forget some stuff. It is recommended making up a list with the most essential things. This list will help you not to grab things that you don’t need and to be focused on the things you need.

Be sure not to take clothes that do not match. Organize your outfit at home; choose simple colors that can be matched with different colors and styles. Choose very basic things that can be appropriate for different meetings and gatherings.

Save space while packing. Shoes are the best place for small things like stockings. Don’t forget to use this space.

Also place your clothes into plastic bags, because plastic helps to reduce frictions. In plastic bags your clothes will be less wrinkled.

Good luck in your business trips!

Hand Sanitizer at Work? Do We Need It?

On January 31, 2014, in Office area, by admin

36-hand-sanitizer-at-workExperts say that offices tend to have much more germs than other territories. What are the dirtiest things at the office? The answer is easy…the phone, computer and your desk. Scientists say that there are 400 times more bacteria on your desk than on an average toilet seat.

So, do we need a hand sanitizer at work?

YES, we need it.

Hand sanitizer at work will help you to get rid of bacteria, but you also need to remember that you need to wash your hands as often as possible and disinfect your workplace, telephone and computer with special disinfecting wipes.

It is recommended to keep a bottle with hand sanitizer on your desk.

Also place several bottles in public areas, kitchen (if you have one) and in a break room. If there is a special phone or other equipment in your office that is used by many people, place hand sanitizers near them too.

It is not recommended placing hand sanitizer in the restroom, because employees may substitute washing hands by using sanitizer. You need to remember that some bacteria cannot be killed by hand sanitizer that is why it is highly recommended washing the hands as often as possible, especially when the flue season starts.

Be healthy and take care!