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95-dirtiest-place-in-officeAll people are different and are respectively afraid of different things. For example, now many people are afraid of the economic crisis. They are afraid of losing their jobs, bank deposits, they are afraid just of tomorrow. Meanwhile, each of us is surrounded by things far more fearful than the loss of a job!

American scientist Charles Gerba considers that the usual office equipment, such as a telephone, a keyboard or a mouse, is a serious threat to human health. According to the results of his research, some workplaces are a hundred times dirtier than public toilets.

For example: a mouse which has not been cleaned for several weeks, contains about 1,676 microbes per square inch, and the keyboard – 3300 microbes based on the same area.

The dirtiest place in the office is the phone. Due to regular calls, conversations with colleagues, visitors and customers there are approximately 25,127 microorganisms on one square inch of the phone buttons.

On average, the usual office is home for about 21,000 microbes per square inch. Toilets in the same offices are 400 times cleaner – there are only up to 50 microbes per square inch there.

Microbiologists investigated the different surfaces of three thousands different working places and determined which office space represents the greatest danger to the health of employees. Here are some figures for comparison:

● phone – 25 127;
● desktop surface – 20,961;
● keyboard – 3295;
● mouse – 1676;
● toilet seat – 49.

The scientist reminds that microorganisms carrying the viral infections, such as influenza, can live on different office surfaces for 3 days. Moreover spilled coffee, crumbs, dirty mugs on the table are a favorable environment for the development and reproduction of microbes.

Only regular disinfection can solve the problem. Wipe the phone and keypad with alcohol. This simple procedure destroys 99% of germs.

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How to Take Care of Paintings

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91-taking-care-of-paintingsThe harmony of images and colors on the canvases awakes a storm of emotions in humans. Joy, peace, serenity, inspiration – this is far from a complete list of feelings that we are experiencing looking at a work of art. The desire to constantly experience these emotions makes a man already for many centuries to decorate his dwelling with various artworks.

If your house or office is decorated with pictures, remember that they require a special care. It seems what can be easier? Just hang a picture on the wall and admire it. In reality, in order for the picture not to deteriorate but to delight your eyes throughout many years, several very simple rules should be followed.

- Do not hang a picture in direct sunlight, in places with high humidity, near heaters and above air conditioners, because changes in temperature and humidity may have an extremely negative impact on it.

- Try to do everything so that drops of water and fat do not get on your picture, do not touch the drawing with the fingers.

- Pictures do not tolerate fumes and tobacco smoke, because they absorb the smell and get covered with unpretty coating.

Watercolor Paintings
Watercolors are insufficiently durable. Over time, especially under the influence of direct sunlight, they lose their brightness and fade. Furthermore, the paper on which the drawing is made also fades, gets easily contaminated and becomes brittle.
If dirt gets on a watercolor painting, under no circumstances should you use water or an eraser for cleaning. For gentle cleaning, you can use a rolled-up white bread crumb. Thus it is necessary to process not only the contaminated area, but the entire surface.

To protect the watercolor drawings, experts advise to put them in a frame under glass. Due to the fact that the contact with glass also harms the drawing, it is the most advantageous to use the passé partout.

If your painting is hidden behind the glass, taking care of it becomes absolutely not burdensome: periodically clean the dust with a soft cloth from the glass, from the frame and the backside of the painting. To clean the glass, do not spray on it a wiper; the glass is better to be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with water and some glass cleaner.

Oil Paintings
Paintings in oil are created on canvas, cardboard or wood. Such pictures, as a rule, are not hidden behind the glass. A picture painted in oils dry several years, therefore you should hang them in a warm place which a good ventilation. After a layer of paint hardens experts advise to cover the picture with varnish. It gives the picture additional stability to sunlight, water and mechanical damage. Place the picture at an angle to the light. If there is no varnish on the surface, glare of light will be uneven.

Painting in oils must be dusted from time to time. From the front side the dust is removed in one direction with a dry flannel or velvet cloth. Do not use a brush, a duster or a vacuum cleaner. The backside of the painting should be dusted with the same cloth. The cleaning of the backside of a painting should be done at least once in half a year. The dust from the frame is cleaned with a soft cloth. Faded gilding of the frame will restore its gloss if you wipe it with a flannel cloth soaked in a mild alcohol solution.

Experts advise not to use water and detergents for cleaning the pictures if the paint layer is cracked, this can irrevocably ruin the picture.
If the picture is heavily contaminated or deteriorated, do not try to correct the damages yourself. Only a professional restorer will be able to do a good job in high quality restoration of the picture.

78-professional-office-cleaningProfessional, high-quality and inexpensive office cleaning by a cleaning company is a common phenomenon in a modern world. The cleaning process is more and more frequently entrusted to specialized companies. Well, and it’s needless to say that cleaning should be done regularly.
The principle “It’s clean not where people clean up, but where they don’t litter” allows only increasing the interval between bringing an office in order, but in whatever way there comes a time when you need to take up the dusters and carry out this wearisome process. The list of things required for cleaning the premises, especially for deep cleaning, is quite impressive. You will need mops, brooms, buckets, vacuum cleaner, dustpans, sponges and all sorts of cleaning agents.

One of the principal and seemingly inconspicuous problems is dust. It can adversely affect the health of your employees, who breathe it, and some can become allergic to it. For dust control you will need special wet and dry wipes, which should always be in excess. It is also desirable to have antibacterial sprays in stock for more qualitative cleaning of surfaces.

One of the extremely important points is also a proper cleaning of expensive office equipment by applying special suitable means, in order not to damage it and not to lose the information stored on the computers. Therewith, a regular cleanup of the equipment will extend its life. Office cleaning isn’t finished with this, to be more precise – it’s only the first stage of a long and hard work.

Before you start to wash the floors, windows and walls, you need to use a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning always precedes the wet cleaning.
Thus, cleaning assumes the possession of various expert skills. To perform this process with a high quality you will need to:

·    know the cleaning procedure;
·    know the types and application of various cleaning agents;
·    cleanup the office equipment carefully but thoroughly in order not to damage it.
In addition you need to possess certain skills to do it quickly and efficiently.

Personnel recruitment for cleaning

Well, you provided yourself with everything required for regular professional cleaning of the office premises in the company. But who will do it? Certainly not office workers. And it is impractical to organize your own cleaning department. Hence there comes a time to search for a cleaning lady who will thoroughly carry out her work. This is also quite a difficult problem, and the search for a reliable employee may drag on. And if you apply to a specialized recruitment agencies for personnel selection, you will have to pay them quite a large amount.

The cleaning lady that you find will come to the office at regular time intervals and will establish order and cleanliness while all the staff members are busy with their work. In order not to distract the manager she can ignore cleaning the workplace and the space around it. It’s obvious that with such a superficial way of cleaning the carpets and decorative components gradually fade, monitors become dull, a thick layer of dust forms in hard to reach places… Eventually even a cosmetic repair may be needed.

But the cleanliness of the office determines the reputation of the company. Clients, visiting your company, usually pay a close attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the office.

It’s never too late to think about how to maintain the cleanliness of the office. Easier not to puzzle over this question but to entrust the deep office cleaning to the team, specially prepared for this, and the price of such service will be reasonable. Especially that the professionals will have with themselves everything required for a high-quality work. You may conclude a contract for cleaning with varying frequency – from once a day up to once a month (and less often). A good practice is also to do a deep cleaning once per couple of months or more often.

The benefits of cleaning done by specialists are obvious:

·    it takes minimum time;
·    its quality is much higher than if it were done by yourself;
·    it is carried out by a professionally trained staff, who will use the cleaning agents exactly as intended, so you need not be afraid for a damaged table, computer or any other valuable item you have in the office;
·    the price of premises cleaning is not too high, and you will be able to return to the working rhythm in maximum short terms.

How to Prevent Falls at Work 

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72-falls-at-workRecent statistics show that 91 millions of working days are lost missed due to fall injuries annually and 90% of them happen because of wet floors at work. If we only think, these numbers are horrible, and they should be decreased. Furthermore, it is so easy to prevent slip and falls at work.

As a professional cleaning company, we can say that clean floors look fabulous and create the positive impression, but there are several rules that should be followed in order to prevent falls.

Indoor floors

1.    Remove different obstacles

2.    All the mats and rugs should be safely secured

3.    Clean the spills as soon as you notice them

4.    Cables should be covered, especially if they cross walkways

5.    Dangerous areas should be well-lighted

Safety rules for stairs

1.    Clean all the grease or liquid spills

2.    Make sure that stairways are correctly lighted, change the light bulbs regularly.

The outside of your office building should be also well-maintained to ensure safety.

Below there are several safety tips for you:

1.    All the obstacles should be removed, no boxes, no loose rugs and no trash canes.

2.    Remove snow or water regularly.

3.    Keep the entrance well lit.

The outside of your building also creates a first impression and needs to be monitored to help ensure safety so people don’t slip, trip and fall.

68-new-year-cleanupThe New Year has come and usually we decide to accomplish lots of things and one of them is to be organized! Good decision, let’s get rid of this clutter at home, at the office and in your life!

Our professional crew has prepared several tips that will be helpful in the process of cleaning. We are here to help you declutter your office! Clean office is a productive and effective office.

·    Get rid of unnecessary papers. You can contact a special shredding company that can propose you several choices of shredding possibilities.

·    Set a special day that will be a declutter day. Choose a day, once or twice a month when your employees check their desks, folders and documents. Let them clean their workplace. Buy special folders and organizers to make this process easier.

·    Before asking your employees to clean – start with your workplace, be a positive examples for your colleagues. Remove papers from your desk, keep all the documents in special file folders. Use organizers and boxes for the old documents that should be kept.

·    Be ready to develop your own archiving system. All the outdated documents should be stocked in a special area in special boxes. Keep these papers for a required period of time. Our team recommends writing an expiry date on the boxes or folders.

·    Keep this process going, do not stop. When you receive a document, work on it immediately: file it or shred.

·    When the working day is over, set a rule to leave the office ONLY when your desk is CLEAN

No Pests in the Office!

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63-no-pestsJust imagine the situation when you work at your desk and see or hear this unpleasant sound of a bug. It doesn’t matter who it is, it is AWFUL! Even to offices that seem ultra-clean these ugly pests can penetrate.

According to the National Pests Management Association, the most common pests at the offices are cockroaches, mice and bedbugs. There are several tips below that will help you to get rid of these persistent pests and will never allow them to come back.

Where to Start?

First of all, you or your cleaning crew should identify the most common areas for pests. Trashcans and kitchens are the most common areas because there is food.

The next step is cleaning. Your cleaning crew should conduct regular and thorough cleanings. Make sure, they know that they need to dust and sanitize regularly. As for the employees, they need to remember to keep food in containers.

The trash from the kitchen, or other trashcans that may contain food should be thrown away daily. Remember to cover all the trashcans.

In the kitchen, any spills or stains should be wiped away immediately.

Office pests is a problem not for one person, everybody should work hard to resolve it. That’s why it is important to talk to your employees. Some of the pests are brought to the offices by humans, bedbugs, for example. Encourage your coworkers to inspect their personal apartments and homes.

If your office suffers from insects, you can use special pesticides, but apply it locally and at the end of the day.

Of course, the best way is to call a professional exterminator. No one wants to deal with pests, only professionals know the best way of killing them.


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Germiest Places in the Mall

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61-shopping-mallMalls around the country are the most popular and the most visited places. Doctors and heath experts announced that there are eight places that are homes for millions of bacteria and viruses: the flu viruses, E. coli and others.

Food Courts Tables

We think that all food courts are clean and sanitized, but actually the cleaners use the rags and cloths that contain bacteria that can be spread around, such as E. coli.

Restroom Sinks

Experts agree that the germiest places in restrooms are sinks and soap dispensers. Use special hand sanitizers and they will help you to decrease the number of bacteria on your hands.

ATM Keypads

Researches have found that every ATM key contain 1,200 germs, including viruses and bacteria. The germiest key is ENTER because everybody touches it.

Fitting Rooms

Not only fitting rooms, but also such an action as trying on clothes can lead to catching different diseases. Be careful and use hand sanitizers at least.

Toy Stores

Experts say that toy stores can contain much more germs than playgrounds. This happens because very often children behave inadequately at the stores in order their parents buy a toy they like. Kids lick them, rub their faces, kiss toys, etc.

Electronic Shops

Different gadget shops are not safe because people touch these gadgets thousands of times, if not more. Scientists also conduct the research that showed that viruses can be easily transferred between screens (glass surfaces) and fingers.


Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Schools

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59-clean-desinfect-schoolCleaning and disinfecting are the most important approaches for preventing infectious diseases, such as flu.

Of course, students should be taught at home and reminded at school that it is highly recommended washing hands, covering sneezes and coughs, etc.

But schools together with janitorial services should know how to stop spreading of flu and other diseases through disinfection and cleaning.

First of all, let’s talk about the terms.

Cleaning helps to remove germs, bacteria, dirt and dust from the surfaces. Usually janitors use cleaning detergents or soapy water. Cleaning doesn’t kill germs or bacteria, but removes them from the surfaces.

Disinfection, on the contrary, kills germs and bacteria. For disinfecting, janitors use all kinds of chemicals that kill germs.

So, what should be done at school to stop flu and other infectious diseases?

First of all, there should be special school’s standard procedures for disinfecting and cleaning. There should be a special routine developed by the janitorial services and schools.

Typically, janitors sanitize surfaces and objects that are touched very often at school. This includes desks, countertops, computer mice and keyboards, doorknobs, faucets, etc.

Most schools also choose to disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis, in addition to regular cleaning.

How to clean and disinfect?

It is very important for janitors at school to follow the directions written on cleaning products and disinfectants.

It is very important to use EPA-registered disinfectants for killing germs and bacteria. If your janitors do not have EPA-registered products for disinfection, they can use a fresh chlorine bleach solution.

In order to prepare it, add one tablespoon of bleach to four cups of water. The solution should be applied on surfaces using clean cloth. Leave it on the surface for 3-5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

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hotel-roomI’m sure you’ve seen lots of reports telling about how unclean the hotels are. How to stay safe and clean in a hotel during your business trips?

Experts from the commercial cleaning service have shared with us very important tips that should be kept in mind.

First of all, you need to inspect your room before you start unpacking. Check the floors, bathtub, toilet seat, sink, mirror for stains, hair or other unpleasant stuff.

If you consider your room to be unclean and dirty, don’t hesitate and ask for a room change.  Most likely a receptionist will gladly help you.

If your room looks clean and you agree to stay in it, be sure to follow several rules for your personal safety.

Be aware of phones, remote controls and other small things

Everybody knows that remote controls and phones are homes for millions of bacteria. Before using it, it is recommended to sanitize them.

Don’t use the bedspread

Bedspreads are not washed after every guest. If your bed is coved with a bedspread or a comforter, toss it aside and don’t use.

Keep your hands clean

Use special sanitizers or wash your hands with soap and hot water.

Don’t walk barefoot

Don’t do it even if you really want to. Not all the hotels use special shampoos and sanitizers for carpets. Wear slippers or socks. The same rule is applied to the bathroom. Take your shower in flip flops or special shower shoes.

56-janitorial-cleaning-serviceIf you are an owner of an office or any other type of business from a store to manufacturing plants, you will surely know that a clean environment is one of the most important factors for being successful. A dirty and unhealthy environment brings problems, unhappy faces and poor reputation. People walk in and they do not want to see dirt, they want to see professional working in an appropriate atmosphere.

Professional cleaning services will help you to keep your office clean and professionally looking.

Sometimes owners think that they can clean their business by ourselves…but is it really so?

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Companies know exactly their job; they know what to do and how to clean. They pay special attention to the details that you might forget and do not see. These companies know how to make your establishment to look best, they have experience. Commercial cleaning services will make your office shine and sparkle.

Professional janitorial cleaning services, such as Pro Quality Office Cleaning, offer to its’ customers not only usual cleaning services, but also customized ones. If a client needs his office to be cleaned on weekend, they will surely come. If a client needs a crew to pay attention to certain details, or course, our cleaning crew will do that.

Every office and establishment has their own requirements and needs, some offices are small and others are large, that’s why customized services help not only to save time, but also money.

A clean environment has numerous benefits:

  • Happy employees
  • Safe working environment
  • Increased working efficiency

A professional janitorial cleaning company helps to keep your office spotless. Professionals pay attention and put more efforts in cleaning the areas that usually are overlooked by others.

Cleaning professionals save your time and give the opportunity to work over important deals.