home-scents-for-officeComfort and coziness of an office does not begin with modern furniture and decor elements. A positive first impression, feeling of well-being and good mood are created by air freshness and delicate aroma.

You can ensure the freshness in the room by wet cleaning and open windows, but this is in case your office is not located in the city center, where the air is full of carbon monoxide. When the weather outside is oppressively hot, frosty or just bad, artificial air fresheners come to help. But, unfortunately, most of them have a synthetic basis, which does not have a beneficial effect on our health, and their use in the premise with small children in it is completely undesirable.

It is possible to replace industrial fresheners for the premises with natural air fresheners, which you can do with your own hands. This article presents various ways that will help you to give the office a pleasant aroma and freshness without any risk to health.

“Citrus” freshener

Take the peels of citrus fruits (orange, lemon, tangerine, etc.) and cover them with alcohol. Let the peels sit in alcohol for some time and then dilute with a little water and use a spray gun to spray the resulting liquid around the room. This freshener will remove an unpleasant smell, moisten the air, and essential oils of citrus fruits will give you energy and a good mood.

“On-the-spot” freshener

If your office is lucky to have a kitchen part in it, there is one more method which can be helpful for an urgent and quick elimination of unpleasant smell. Use coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and dry peels of orange or lemon. Put them on a hot (but not burning!) stove burner. Under the influence of heat, they will give off a pleasant aroma and absorb foreign odors.

“Aroma of petals”

Use the fallen petals of fragrant flowers, for example, roses, peony, lilac, jasmine and others, to create a flower air freshener. For this method, you will need an ordinary salt of medium-fine grinding, petals and 50 g of alcohol. Into a dry jar with a volume of approximately 0.5 liters, put the petals of flowers and salt. Fill the jar with alcohol up to about 2 fingers below the neck and tightly close the lid. Then you need to put the jar in a dark place for two weeks, periodically shaking it.
In two weeks, the home-made freshener will be ready. For an aesthetic look, place it in a beautiful vase or a glass and enjoy the aroma. To give some spicy notes, add a few twigs of smelling herbs, such as basil or mint.

“Gelatin” freshener

This freshener can become a part of the office decor, giving it a pleasant aroma. You will need 30 g of gelatin and 10-15 drops of essential oil to your taste. Dissolve gelatin in 1 glass of water and add oil. To avoid rapid drying, add 1 tsp. of glycerol. Adding food coloring or flower petals to gelatin, you will get a fragrant stylish decoration of the room.

Fragrant wooden cubes

Wooden blocks, impregnated with essential oil, will become the original decoration of the room. Take your favorite essential oil, pour it into a small container and apply it to the cubes with a brush. Next, place the cubes in a closed container and leave overnight. In the morning you can use them.

Aroma sticks

Pour essential oil into a jar and add some baby oil. Give the resulting mixture a day to sit in a dark place. Then put the bamboo sticks into it, turn them upside-down in an hour and enjoy the aroma.

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

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hotel-roomI’m sure you’ve seen lots of reports telling about how unclean the hotels are. How to stay safe and clean in a hotel during your business trips?

Experts from the commercial cleaning service have shared with us very important tips that should be kept in mind.

First of all, you need to inspect your room before you start unpacking. Check the floors, bathtub, toilet seat, sink, mirror for stains, hair or other unpleasant stuff.

If you consider your room to be unclean and dirty, don’t hesitate and ask for a room change.  Most likely a receptionist will gladly help you.

If your room looks clean and you agree to stay in it, be sure to follow several rules for your personal safety.

Be aware of phones, remote controls and other small things

Everybody knows that remote controls and phones are homes for millions of bacteria. Before using it, it is recommended to sanitize them.

Don’t use the bedspread

Bedspreads are not washed after every guest. If your bed is coved with a bedspread or a comforter, toss it aside and don’t use.

Keep your hands clean

Use special sanitizers or wash your hands with soap and hot water.

Don’t walk barefoot

Don’t do it even if you really want to. Not all the hotels use special shampoos and sanitizers for carpets. Wear slippers or socks. The same rule is applied to the bathroom. Take your shower in flip flops or special shower shoes.

Easy Ways to Green Your Office

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11-easy-ways-to-green-officeThe world changes a lot, more and more organizations and businesses think of how to make their office eco-friendly and green.

·         The main thing you can do in your office is to make your air green by placing a lot of green plants around the office.

·         While cleaning ask your commercial cleaning company to use eco-friendly supplies. These products will still work as great disinfectants, but they are friendly towards the environment.

·         Turn off all the equipment at the end of the day, or turn off all the equipment that is unused by the workers.

·         Use e-mails more than usual mail and this will save paper.

·         All the papers that you use should be double-sided. All the printing or copying should be double-sided.

·         Office paper is something that is recyclable, but most of the paper is wasted. Reduction of the waste is cost-effective, even more than recycling.

·         Remember that color printing uses more ink than black and white printing.

·         Paper clips that are made of the aluminum are considered to be recyclable. So use them more often than staples.

·         Your screen saver uses extra energy when you stay away from your computer. Use the function “sleep or hibernate” if you are away from the computer for more than 10-15 minutes.

·         When you leave your desk or office, turn off the lights. It is very important to save the energy.

It doesn’t matter where this restroom is situated it should be clean because it will be visited by a great number of people. Nowadays it’s very popular to hire a professional crew that will take care of your office restrooms. Companies in Seattle can be sure that our professionals won’t leave any bacteria and germs in the restrooms.

Here are several tips that the professionals of Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company in Seattle use while cleaning public restrooms.

First of all cleaning professionals know a lot about ecologically friendly products that help to keep the restrooms clean, and at the same time can kill the germs. These products kill germs everywhere, starting from the toilets and sinks and finishing with the door handles. That’s why entrepreneurs in Seattle who use the help of our professionals can be sure that the restrooms in their offices are in great sanitary condition.

The next thing cleaning companies in Seattle pay attention is the floor of the restroom. Here they also use special natural cleaners that help the floor shine.

Cleaning companies shouldn’t also forget about garbage bins. They must empty them every time they clean or even more often.

If a restroom has a mirror, usually they do have them, cleaning crew should make them shine.

After the main cleaning of the restroom experts should continue to check the supplies: toilet paper, towels, soap, etc.

And now it’s time to get rid of unpleasant odors. The main thing that helps to get rid of the odors is regular and thorough cleaning. Real professionals in Seattle know how to make the public restroom a pleasant place to walk in and not to die from the smell. Experts from Seattle use special solutions that help to keep the restroom clean for a long time.

Choose professionals and we will gladly help you!


Cleaning jobs and asthma risk

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There are many occupations that are thought to cause asthma. Cleaning occupation is among them. It’s clearly linked with asthma risk. A new study has found strong evidence for a link between cleaning jobs and risk of developing asthma. Cleaners have been identified as new at-risk group. Cleaning jobs are linked to the development of asthma in middle-age.

It’s not a sercet that the workplace had a great influence on our health. Depending on where you work, what you do and which products you use you may arrive at a conclusion whether you are in at-risk group. According to study risks in the workplace responsible for 1 in 6 cases of onset asthma.

The cleaning industry employs large numbers of people. Cleaners, home-based personal care workers and other people working in occupations related to cleaning in most cases work with chemicals on a daily basis. Due to explosure to these toxic products they may have developed adult onset asthma.

Cleaning job oftentimes is physically demanding and sometimes unpleasant and dirty. In addition, cleaners are exposed to cleaning products that are in most cases chemical and toxic. And we all know that exposure to cleaning chemicals on a regular basis is a health hazard. People who work with commercial cleaning products risk developing asthma. These products may cause allergies and aggravate them. People with allergies cannot tolerate the smell of ammonia or bleach. It’s highly recommended to use green cleaning products while cleaning. They are safe and can not harm.

Unfortunately occupational asthma is widely underrecognised by employers, healthcare professionals and even empoyees. Employers should keep safe their workers from harm. Reasonable precautions should be taken.

The main message from this post is that employers need to pay greater attention to exposures in at-risk groups. Employees who experience breathing problems should immediately discuss this with their GP. We advise anyone who works in the cleaning industry monitor your health. Healthcare professionals in their turn should treat patients with asthma and similar respiratory problems considering their current and past occupations. With this information in mind healthcare professionals should tailor their treatments and recommendations.

Every business looks for professional, reliable cleaning company that offers quality cleaning services. It’s very important to find a reliable and reputable cleaning provider whom you can trust your facility. Cleaners spend quite a long time in your offices, that’s why you want to be sure they are insured, bonded, and background checked.

Business owners want their offices to be not just “look-cleaned”, but “health-cleaned.” That’s why more and more cleaning companies turn to green cleaning services. They use environmentally friendly cleaning products and safe cleaning procedures. Cleaning providers apply safe and healthy practices in order to reduce the spread of cross-contamination and micro-organisms. Different procedures are very beneficial in reducing employee absenteeism and improving peace of mind.

It’s very important to spend your working time in a clean and sanitized office space especially with today’s health risks such as MRSA and viruses. Commercial cleaning companies strive to use the latest technology available, including:

microfiber cleaning cloths that are very effective at grabbing fine particles and oils that hide in the crevices of an office surface;

commercial vacuum equipment – high-powered, HEPA-filter vacuum system to help improve indoor air quality and get the space extra-clean, etc.

Look for a professional cleaning company that understands your needs and requirements.

Every business owner wants to make bigger profits. If you also wish a bigger share of the pie in the cleaning business, it’s better to try to decrease costs and increase income simultaneously. That’s why you should take many approaches at once.

First of all you should develop an efficient system that works for you and follow it. Do all of the dusting and washing first and follow up with the vacuuming or choose to go from room to room in an orderly fashion.

Offer options. Give your customers a choice what cleaning products should be used while cleaning their premises. Provide green cleaning services to earth conscious customers. Also, offer additional premium services to customers you already serve. This can increase your profits without having to do a lot of extra marketing. You may offer spring cleaning services, window cleaning services, stain removal services, etc. You can specialize in a particular area, such as carpet cleaning or steam cleaning, and offer discounts on these services.

In this way you can expand your customer base. By providing high quality, professional and affordable cleaning services you can rely on word of mouth advertising. If you have a good reputation there are more chances to gain new customers. Having more customers can definitely help you make more money and boost your business.

If your regular customer refers you a new customer, with no hesitation offer him a discount. You can also offer discounts on services you provide to customer during the first month of the contract. Also, give your customers an opportunity to hire you without having to sign a contract. Another way to increase your customer base is to specialize in a particular area, such as carpet cleaning or steam cleaning, and offer discounts on these services.