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95-dirtiest-place-in-officeAll people are different and are respectively afraid of different things. For example, now many people are afraid of the economic crisis. They are afraid of losing their jobs, bank deposits, they are afraid just of tomorrow. Meanwhile, each of us is surrounded by things far more fearful than the loss of a job!

American scientist Charles Gerba considers that the usual office equipment, such as a telephone, a keyboard or a mouse, is a serious threat to human health. According to the results of his research, some workplaces are a hundred times dirtier than public toilets.

For example: a mouse which has not been cleaned for several weeks, contains about 1,676 microbes per square inch, and the keyboard – 3300 microbes based on the same area.

The dirtiest place in the office is the phone. Due to regular calls, conversations with colleagues, visitors and customers there are approximately 25,127 microorganisms on one square inch of the phone buttons.

On average, the usual office is home for about 21,000 microbes per square inch. Toilets in the same offices are 400 times cleaner – there are only up to 50 microbes per square inch there.

Microbiologists investigated the different surfaces of three thousands different working places and determined which office space represents the greatest danger to the health of employees. Here are some figures for comparison:

● phone – 25 127;
● desktop surface – 20,961;
● keyboard – 3295;
● mouse – 1676;
● toilet seat – 49.

The scientist reminds that microorganisms carrying the viral infections, such as influenza, can live on different office surfaces for 3 days. Moreover spilled coffee, crumbs, dirty mugs on the table are a favorable environment for the development and reproduction of microbes.

Only regular disinfection can solve the problem. Wipe the phone and keypad with alcohol. This simple procedure destroys 99% of germs.

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Your Messy Desk Costs You Money!

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70-messy-deskWhy some people have very clean desks? Is it in their personality? Or maybe they have too many free hours at work? Do they have little work? Are they productive and efficient?

One thing is true about clean desk – it is clean!

In 2010 Brother International conducted an interesting study: messy desks and time spent looking for hidden papers costs the country $177 billion annually.

Minutes that are spent in searching for the misplaced items in annual estimation end up in about two weeks of working time a year.

According to the study, nearly 1/3 of the workers didn’t receive the reimbursement of funds for their business trips only because these employees lost or couldn’t find the receipts.

65% of respondents told that their desks were not organized. The main idea of getting organized is staying organized! It should become a habit of yours!

Organizational experts say that it is very important to have place for every piece of paper, for every document. If you don’t have a place and a system of filing you will have a messy desk again and again.

Experts are sure that clean desk will surely boost your efficiency and productivity. There are surveys that prove this. You can read about boosting of your productivity in our earlier articles.

Illnesses In An Unhygienic Office

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23-hiding-places-for-germsAccording to new researches accountants, lawyers and employees who work with computers are the most unhygienic office workers.

The same researches have revealed that two thirds of office workers eat at their desks and do not clean afterwards. Such lunches can lead to the growth of bacteria and germs that can result in the spread of flu, colds and other diseases. Experts say the social workers tend to leave food on their desks more often then other office workers.

The results also showed that the germiest things in offices are keyboards. Almost all of them contain thousands of bacteria and germs. The same results are with phones – two of thee are infected. And very often office workers do not even realize this fact and continue to use computers and phones.

Doctors agree that these results prove that there are lots and lots on unhygienic offices around the country. They add that keeping main office equipment, such as keyboards, phones and desks germ-free can help not to catch a disease during flu or cold season.

Office workers should remember to wash their hands regularly, because it helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Use special wipes to clean computer keyboards and phones. After using this equipment apply hand sanitizer.

At the same time your cleaning crew should pay attention to door handles, lift buttons, etc. They should sanitize surfaces and use special cleaners that help to reduce the number of bacteria and germs.

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Hiding Places for Germs in the Office

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23-hiding-places-for-germsOf course, you won’t be able to create a completely germ-free surrounding for you, especially in the office. But experts recommend to be aware and to avoid the places in the office where the most germs and bacteria are accumulated.

  • Computer keyboard and computer mouse

The reason, why a keyboard and a mouse are the dirtiest things, is simple, people just forget or don’t know how to clean them. You need to remember that you need to clean your keyboard and a mouse at least at the end of every week or it’s better to do on Monday before starting your work. Disinfect them using special wipes.

  • Your desk

Lots of things that you keep on your desk may be a haven for germs. What should be done? The answer is simple – CLEAN IT! Again use special disinfecting wipes. Experts recommend cleaning your desk as often as possible.

  • Door handles

Door handles or knobs act as magnets for germs and bacteria. Ask a cleaning crew to disinfect and clean not only the door handles but also doorframes of your office.

  • Phone

Of course, office workers talk a lot on the phone. Studies show that more that 25, 127 germs and bacteria per square inch can be found on the average office phone receiver. Be sure to disinfect your phone as soon as you finish reading this article.

  • Copy Machine

You need to remember that lots of people use it and all of them leave bacteria and germs on the buttons of a copier. In order to avoid getting sick wear plastic gloves. Ridiculous? Yes…So, what should we do? After using shared office equipment wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Be healthy and think about your safety even at work!


Computer equipment has been firmly established in our lives and it has become a necessary part of our lives. We cannot live a day without our gadgets. Nowadays people use computers and other gadgets everywhere and all the time…

But it should be noted that all the computers become dirty as other things in our house and they require systematical cleaning.

Usually we do not pay attention to the cleanness of the computer and eventually it becomes the dirtiest object in the house. Usually the dirtiest parts of the computer are the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. In addition to the accumulated dust on these parts of the computer, you will also be able to see stains and fingerprints on the monitor, dirty and greasy stains on the mouse and lots of crumbs in your keyboard, etc. System unit starts to sound strangely because of the dust.

If the above mentioned description reminds you of your computer, then you urgently need to clean your computer.


Before cleaning the computer turn it off and disconnect from the power supply!

Cleaning of the monitor

In order to remove stains, use special screen wipes for the monitors or special chemicals that can be purchased at specialty shops. If you don’t have these special wipes, you can use an ordinary soft terry cloth. Moisten it with warm water and wipe the monitor.


Do not wipe the monitor with material or solutions that contain alcohol, toluene, ammonia liquid or acetone. They will cause irreparable damage to the monitor.

Cleaning of the keyboard

While cleaning of the keyboard, you can use a damp cloth, a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer in order to blow out the crumps and the dust that were accumulated in it. If the vacuum cleaner doesn’t help, you will need to remove all the keys in order to clean the inside of the keyboard. It should be noted that you will need to remember where each key was located. We recommend taking a picture of your keyboard before you start cleaning it from the inside.

Cleaning of the computer mouse

It is the easiest part of the computer as for the cleaning. It can be cleaned with anything. Of course, you shouldn’t imbathe it with the water, because you will damage the device and will have to buy a new one. If the mouse has the roller, don’t forget to clean it.

Cleaning of the system unit

The most difficult thing to clean is the system unit. If you do not know what is inside the system unit and you have never cleaned it before, it is much better to step aside and to allow the professional to clean it.

If there is no much dust in the system unit, you can blow it out with the help of the vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer through the holes in the computer casing. From the outside the system unit can be cleaned with the help of a cloth. Be careful with the wires that are connected to it.

But if your system unit is filled with dust, your computer will work slowly, coolers will sound strangely and will poorly ventilate the most important parts of the system unit.

Before you clean the system unit, make sure it is turned off and only then take the cover off. If there is much dust inside, then use a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a brush, but be careful using all the equipment for cleaning. Be sure to clean the coolers thoroughly and then apply machine oil for their better work. After cleaning you will enjoy the excellent work of the computer with computer pending.

How often to clean your computer?

At least once a week you need to clean the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. As for the system unit, it should be cleaned at least once or twice in a year.

If you are not sure how to clean your computer, our specialists will help you with this.

A CD-ROM is one of the most delicate electronic items, so you should take good care of it if you want to work it properly. You should be aware that you need to clean your CD-ROM drive from time to time.

How should you know when exactly it needs cleaning? There are a few signs that will help you recognize when your CD-ROM drive needs to be cleaned. If a CD-ROM drive doesn’t work it’s definitely a sign. If the drive is having a hard time reading a disc, it’s a sign as well. Another sign is a profusion of weird noise while the drive attempts to read a disc. A fourth sign is if your disc skips. These are the most common signs that might necessitate cleaning your CD-ROM drive.

So, what products should you use to clean your CD-ROM drive? The answer is simple — air. Warning! DO NOT blow into the CD-ROM drive. We meant compressed air. Your breath contains moisture that can cause even more problems to your computer than you have now.You can buy cans of compressed air at most places that sell electronics and computers.

Use the compressed air wisely. In some cases it can be harmful to you and your computer. Many compressed air cans contain toxic and hazardous chemicals. Don’t throw an empty can in the trash. Take it to a hazardous waste disposal facility.

And now for your consideration, here are a few advices on how to prepare your CD-ROM drive for cleaning. Turn on your computer. While it works open the drive. Then turn off your computer, leaving the CD tray open. Remove any disc you may have in the drive.

You can find a lot of «helpful» videos in the internet that will give you an advice to take your CD-ROM drive apart. Don’t listen to them! You will run the risk of permanently damaging your CD-ROM drive. And your warranty will become invalid. Better contact the website or call the store where you bought your computer and ask for advice. If your computer is still under warranty, you are lucky one. In the warranty paperwork you will find a phone number that you can call in situation like this.

How to clean computer CPU casing

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Not everyone is brave enough to clean computer CPU casing. This is really not an easy task, but someone should accomplish it. So, here are the tools you need to use while cleaning CPU. Take soft cloth, pre-treated computer wipes, computer cleaning fluid, safety glasses, vacuum cleaner, compressed air, and some special cleaning attachments. Store the CPU on a solid surface to permit proper cooling and minimize dust. Then, thoroughly vacuum all cooling slots. Be careful don’t use compressed air on these openings. Otherwise, large amounts of dust will penetrate into the CPU, which is akin to pouring fine sand into the processor. It’s well known fact that water and blunt impacts are the easiest methods to break your computer.

If you care about the longevity of your CPU, keep the vents clean. This will maximizes airflow for cooling. Processor failures are most commonly associated with the contraction and expansion of components and connections. You can reduce the extremes between operating and shut down temperatures by keeping the overall operating temperature low. This will increase life span of your processor. Never spray any cleaning solution directly on your office equipment. Always spray the cloth and then wipe the equipment. Use plain water or specialized computer cleaning fluid. Dampen the soft cloth in it and wipe down the casing.

If you decide to remove the casing and clean inside, only compressed air should be used. Direct the air out and away from the casing. This will prevent the dust from driving deeper into cracks and crevices. It’s very easy to cause permanent damage to the processor. You can do this by not properly using a slightly errant brush, cloth, or vacuum. Remove the cover for the casing and wipe down the inside. Before taking any office equipment apart, don’t forget to check your warranty. These are some basics for having a clean computer.

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How to Clean a Computer Screen

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If you want to extent the life of your computer monitor, preserve your vision and save your money you should know how to properly clean your monitor.

Before resolving the problem what product and tool you need to use to clean your monitor, determine the type of your computer screen. It really depends. Generaly, there are two categories of computer monitors: CRT or LCD.

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors are older models. Their screens are made of glass, that’s why you can clean them with commercial cleaning products.

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors on the contrast store multiple sheets of a non-glass polarizing material with a layer of liquid crystal solution in between. That’s why you cannot clean  LCD monitors in the samemanner as glass CRT monitors.

Remember that you should be very careful during the cleaning process.

When cleaning CRT monitors it’s better to vacuum them prior to cleaning. There are many cleaning products recommended to clean glass monitors, Windex is among them. But remember, you should never spray a liquid cleaner directly on a monitor, as the cleaning solution could seep into the screen. Always spray the solution on a soft cloth or paper towel, and then gently wipe the glass monitor.

When cleaning LCD computer skreens you should be even more careful. You can seriously damage your LCD monitor if you choose the wrong type of solution. You must remember that you simply cnnot use a cleaner that contains acetone if you want to prolong the life of your monitor and save money not buying a new one. You can use gentle microfiber cloth or a soft cotton rag to clean your LCD monitor.

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