office-cleaningWhy are the cleaning companies, whose work on the market of cleaning services is ten years or more, are preferable to the “newcomers”?

Throughout the years of their work they create a team of specialists, acquire the priceless experience, and most importantly – they gain reputation.

Such a cleaning company knows, and which is most importantly – follows the accepted norms and standards for cleaning at sites that have different specifics – factories, offices, living quarters and stores.

Very often such companies have a supply department that buys cleaning accessories, equipment and cleaning chemicals directly from the manufacturer, which is a huge advantage. Thus, consumables are obtained with a minimum mark-up and cleaning costs, respectively, are also reduced. While those who purchase goods through intermediaries put a much higher price tag to their cleaning services.

Qualified managers in the shortest possible time can calculate the cost of cleaning because they know how many cleaners, floor washing machines, brooms, cleaning agents and even toilet paper in the bathrooms it is necessary to estimate for each object.

A thought may appear, that such companies from the beginning of their existence apply the same cleaning methods. But of course it’s not true; there are classical cleaning technologies that are always effective and relevant.

However, the success of  ”long-playing” cleaning companies is a constant increase of  the skill- level of their cleaners, the application in practice of various market innovations combined with competent personnel management.

With many years of successful practice in this field, Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company can offer you affordable prices and excellent cleaning quality, performed by trained skilled professionals.

5-commercial-cleaningCleaning companies can efficiently and comprehensively solve issues for businesses concerning cleaning the business territory, office cleanliness, maintaining an appropriate level of cleanliness and even the timely management of all sorts of wastes and garbage.

Business structures are the ones who most commonly involve (pay for) services of cleaning companies. It is also worth mentioning that quite often industrial and commercial enterprises after the conclusion of the contract on the usual periodic cleaning, after considering the whole range of possible benefits from such cooperation, move on to more intensive cooperation with a cleaning company. For example, they hire the specialists to prepare the rented premises for holding various business events or corporate entertainment events, followed by cleaning the place of the event.

Cleaning companies are always ready to provide services in quick or deep cleaning of premises, such as cleaning the windows, getting rid of dust, bringing the flooring in a perfect state, keeping bathrooms perfectly clean, etc. And after all representatives of any business understand like no one else, that order and cleanliness can be used to create a good atmosphere in the team and improve working efficiency, and this opportunity should always be used.

Peculiarities of professional cleaning

- deep cleaning of premises, including window cleaning, cleaning of carpets and flooring, wall panels, upholstered furniture;

- cleaning after repair, relocation and construction works, conducting the intermediate cleaning to perform various repair stages;

- cleaning of common areas, such as entrance halls, elevators, underground parking;

- external cleaning of facades and glazing of different types and complexity;

- seasonal cleaning services of the adjacent territory and roofs – snow or leaves removal, washing the sidewalks, breaking the ice;

- cleaning and disinfection of premises, including industrial ones.

Customers can order both, a comprehensive performance of works, and carrying out one-time cleanings. Fast performance of works and their high quality determines the level of a specialized company.

The main advantages of addressing to a cleaning company for cleaning and disinfection of premises are as follows:

- time saving – certain types of work can be quickly and accurately performed only by a specialist, constantly improving his skills in this area. Cleaning company also determines the number of employees who will optimally accomplish the assigned tasks;

- cleaning with using professional equipment and special agents – purchase of cleaning machines and special care products for cleaning surfaces made of various materials, as a rule, is not provided by any family or corporate budget;

- cost saving – the high enough cost of professional cleaning services is still lower than the purchase of expensive equipment, safe detergents and risks to reduce the quality of cleaned premises and equipment;

-reduction of risk of unfair provision of services and preservation of property – addressing to a professional team reduces the likelihood of property damage, poor performance of works or theft of valuable things, than a one-time involvement of individuals to perform such works.

78-professional-office-cleaningProfessional, high-quality and inexpensive office cleaning by a cleaning company is a common phenomenon in a modern world. The cleaning process is more and more frequently entrusted to specialized companies. Well, and it’s needless to say that cleaning should be done regularly.
The principle “It’s clean not where people clean up, but where they don’t litter” allows only increasing the interval between bringing an office in order, but in whatever way there comes a time when you need to take up the dusters and carry out this wearisome process. The list of things required for cleaning the premises, especially for deep cleaning, is quite impressive. You will need mops, brooms, buckets, vacuum cleaner, dustpans, sponges and all sorts of cleaning agents.

One of the principal and seemingly inconspicuous problems is dust. It can adversely affect the health of your employees, who breathe it, and some can become allergic to it. For dust control you will need special wet and dry wipes, which should always be in excess. It is also desirable to have antibacterial sprays in stock for more qualitative cleaning of surfaces.

One of the extremely important points is also a proper cleaning of expensive office equipment by applying special suitable means, in order not to damage it and not to lose the information stored on the computers. Therewith, a regular cleanup of the equipment will extend its life. Office cleaning isn’t finished with this, to be more precise – it’s only the first stage of a long and hard work.

Before you start to wash the floors, windows and walls, you need to use a vacuum cleaner. Dry cleaning always precedes the wet cleaning.
Thus, cleaning assumes the possession of various expert skills. To perform this process with a high quality you will need to:

·    know the cleaning procedure;
·    know the types and application of various cleaning agents;
·    cleanup the office equipment carefully but thoroughly in order not to damage it.
In addition you need to possess certain skills to do it quickly and efficiently.

Personnel recruitment for cleaning

Well, you provided yourself with everything required for regular professional cleaning of the office premises in the company. But who will do it? Certainly not office workers. And it is impractical to organize your own cleaning department. Hence there comes a time to search for a cleaning lady who will thoroughly carry out her work. This is also quite a difficult problem, and the search for a reliable employee may drag on. And if you apply to a specialized recruitment agencies for personnel selection, you will have to pay them quite a large amount.

The cleaning lady that you find will come to the office at regular time intervals and will establish order and cleanliness while all the staff members are busy with their work. In order not to distract the manager she can ignore cleaning the workplace and the space around it. It’s obvious that with such a superficial way of cleaning the carpets and decorative components gradually fade, monitors become dull, a thick layer of dust forms in hard to reach places… Eventually even a cosmetic repair may be needed.

But the cleanliness of the office determines the reputation of the company. Clients, visiting your company, usually pay a close attention to the cleanliness and tidiness of the office.

It’s never too late to think about how to maintain the cleanliness of the office. Easier not to puzzle over this question but to entrust the deep office cleaning to the team, specially prepared for this, and the price of such service will be reasonable. Especially that the professionals will have with themselves everything required for a high-quality work. You may conclude a contract for cleaning with varying frequency – from once a day up to once a month (and less often). A good practice is also to do a deep cleaning once per couple of months or more often.

The benefits of cleaning done by specialists are obvious:

·    it takes minimum time;
·    its quality is much higher than if it were done by yourself;
·    it is carried out by a professionally trained staff, who will use the cleaning agents exactly as intended, so you need not be afraid for a damaged table, computer or any other valuable item you have in the office;
·    the price of premises cleaning is not too high, and you will be able to return to the working rhythm in maximum short terms.

77-right-office-cleaqning-companyIn the field of commercial cleaning, the choice of companies is huge, but not all the companies meet your standards and needs. Some cleaning companies specialize in residential cleaning, others in small of big offices, not all of them have the affordable prices and flexible hours.

What is the right way to choose the right cleaning company for your office?

Today the experts from our company will help you with the list of useful tips to choosing the right cleaning company.

If you have a large office, we recommend choosing a team of cleaners. They will work more efficiently and effectively. Such teams will surely have the right equipment for larger spaces.
The price for the cleaning services should be reasonable and affordable. You also need to understand that expanses on professional cleaning services will be transformed into the benefits for your office and your employees.

Professionally cleaned offices seem inviting for the clients and clean environment is considered to be more efficient for the employees.
You may also ask your partners or friends to recommend a good office cleaning company with affordable prices and high standards for their work.
If you have any questions, we’d be glad to answer them.

Feel free to contact us by phone or email, we would love to help you!

71-main-cleaning-productsFacility Cleaning Decisions Magazine conducted a survey among the facility managers. They were asked about the cleaning products that they consistently need to order and keep in stock.

Here are their most common answers:

The first place goes to paper towels and tissues.

The runner-up is sanitizer (disinfectant) and hand soap receiver the third prize.

So, what conclusions can we make thanks to this survey? Hand hygiene and germ-free surfaces are very important for any office building.

If you do not have a professional janitorial company that helps you to deal with cleanliness, it is very important to keep in mind the results of the survey to look professionally in the eyes of both employees and customers.

If you are looking for an affordable cleaning service, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will be glad to help you. Pro Quality Office Cleaning is the most affordable company in Washington State. We offer the best way for keeping your building with the right surface cleaning products.

We work hard to make your visitors feel comfortable and happy with what you are doing.

68-new-year-cleanupThe New Year has come and usually we decide to accomplish lots of things and one of them is to be organized! Good decision, let’s get rid of this clutter at home, at the office and in your life!

Our professional crew has prepared several tips that will be helpful in the process of cleaning. We are here to help you declutter your office! Clean office is a productive and effective office.

·    Get rid of unnecessary papers. You can contact a special shredding company that can propose you several choices of shredding possibilities.

·    Set a special day that will be a declutter day. Choose a day, once or twice a month when your employees check their desks, folders and documents. Let them clean their workplace. Buy special folders and organizers to make this process easier.

·    Before asking your employees to clean – start with your workplace, be a positive examples for your colleagues. Remove papers from your desk, keep all the documents in special file folders. Use organizers and boxes for the old documents that should be kept.

·    Be ready to develop your own archiving system. All the outdated documents should be stocked in a special area in special boxes. Keep these papers for a required period of time. Our team recommends writing an expiry date on the boxes or folders.

·    Keep this process going, do not stop. When you receive a document, work on it immediately: file it or shred.

·    When the working day is over, set a rule to leave the office ONLY when your desk is CLEAN

67-janitorial-serviceWe should say that almost every business needs commercial cleaning. You may ask why? And the answer is easy… If your employees are busy with cleaning tasks, their main work will not be done properly. Your employees will accomplish tasks better if they are concentrated on the main tasks. If you want your employees work well and your office to be clean, you need to hire a commercial cleaning team.

Recent researches have shown that commercial cleaning crew impresses customers. It means that if customers see janitors around the office, they feel sure that bathrooms are clean and carpets are vacuumed. At the same time your customers will know that you care about the healthy environment in your office.

Professional Cleaning team knows how to make the working environment healthier. Nowadays many janitorial companies use special cleaning supplies that are eco-friendly and do not cause allergies. Cleaning companies also know how to get rid of germs and bacteria and to keep your employees healthy and your office clean.

Commercial cleaning companies help business owners to work more efficiently. They free you from unnecessary stress and headaches. Janitorial companies give you the opportunity and time to be involved in more important work and control the results of your company. Free your time and enjoy cleaning environment that will boost working efficiency. If you have any questions or you need help with cleaning your office, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will gladly help you.

Illnesses In An Unhygienic Office

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23-hiding-places-for-germsAccording to new researches accountants, lawyers and employees who work with computers are the most unhygienic office workers.

The same researches have revealed that two thirds of office workers eat at their desks and do not clean afterwards. Such lunches can lead to the growth of bacteria and germs that can result in the spread of flu, colds and other diseases. Experts say the social workers tend to leave food on their desks more often then other office workers.

The results also showed that the germiest things in offices are keyboards. Almost all of them contain thousands of bacteria and germs. The same results are with phones – two of thee are infected. And very often office workers do not even realize this fact and continue to use computers and phones.

Doctors agree that these results prove that there are lots and lots on unhygienic offices around the country. They add that keeping main office equipment, such as keyboards, phones and desks germ-free can help not to catch a disease during flu or cold season.

Office workers should remember to wash their hands regularly, because it helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Use special wipes to clean computer keyboards and phones. After using this equipment apply hand sanitizer.

At the same time your cleaning crew should pay attention to door handles, lift buttons, etc. They should sanitize surfaces and use special cleaners that help to reduce the number of bacteria and germs.

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How to Keep Office Floors Clean

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62-office-floorsClean floors are very important for every office, but when autumn and winter comes it becomes harder and harder to keep them clean. Below there is the list of the tips that will help to keep your floors shiny.

Use Mats!

It is very important to stop dirt at the entrance, that’s why cleaning experts recommend using floor mats at every entrance. Outdoor and indoor mats will help to reduce the amount of dirt in the building.

Frequent Mopping

Ask your cleaners to mop floors as often as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of dirt and water if it is raining or snowing. Mopping also helps to remove stains from ice melting. Make sure that your cleaners know how to mop correctly and use special techniques and supplies.

Regular Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment

Floors become even much dirtier if your cleaner forget to clean the equipment. Ask the cleaning team to change water in the bucket more often and to use special detergents and chemicals. If your office chooses to go green, there are lots of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is also very important and it should be scheduled and regular, especially in winter. Deep cleaning will help to preserve floors from damaging because of water.

Prepare your Cleaning Crew

Make sure that your cleaning crew is trained and knows how to get rid of dirt.

But if you feel unsure and don’t know how to clean your office floors correctly, call us and we will help gladly.

Control the Main Spots in the Office

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 58-main-spots-in-officeOffice areas have thousands of different places and spots that should be controlled by a janitorial company. What are the spots that may be really important for offices and its’ visitors?

One of the main parts of the office which require a lot of attention are restrooms. It is one of the hardest things to clean and to keep clean. That’s why it is very important to use the help of the professional cleaning companies, who pay special attention to the proper and appropriate cleaning.

Make sure that your janitorial company cleans every part of the toilet, including the seat (it very importance for the health of your customers and employees), clean the sink and remove the trash from the trash cans, clean the mirrors and replace soaps and other items, as well as deodorize the entire room.

The most popular areas are the other important aspect in keeping your office clean and shiny. The reception desk and all the areas around should be dusted properly and no odor should be present, unless it’s a pleasant one.

For many offices it is very important to have cleaning crew after work hours. The common office services should include vacuuming and sweeping of the floors, sanitizing of the areas, which are commonly used and touched by a great number of people, emptying the trash cans and replacing the bags.

Clean office can enlarge the sales, increase the efficiency and be the face of your company. Choose our company and we will gladly help you.