Office Kitchen Tips

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50-office-kitchen-tipsEvery office is different, but usually it is very important to have rules in every of them. Especially, kitchen rules are very important.

Here are several tips and rules that will help to save peace in your office.

  • Put your name on every product that is yours. If you brought food for everyone, write down that it is for everyone.
  • Don’t even touch the food that is not yours.
  • Wash the dishes and cups after every use.
  • If you see that something is pilled, or you have spilled something, wipe it up as soon as possible.
  • It is recommended to use a special cover for the microwave.
  • You need to plan when and how often to clean a fridge.
  • If you have noticed spoiled food in a fridge, throw it away.
  • If you have drunk the last cup of coffee from a coffee pot, it is recommended making fresh coffee for others.
  • Don’t bring lots of food to the office. The place in the fridge should be divided between the workers.
  • If you add cups or dishes to the drying rank, you need to put those that are dry away. The best way to dry the dishes and cups immediately.

If all the workers follow these rules, the kitchen will be really clean and neat. Be sure that no one forgets the rules. It is recommended printing them and placing the list in the kitchen.


Every business should maintain its corporate image. Having the windows professionally cleaned will help cope with this not an easy task. Sparkling clean windows will add a glance to every view. If you want your business sparkle, hire professional window cleaning company. This cleaning provider will be responsible for your sparkling clean windows and will cope with the window cleaning job in a timely manner.

The appropriate tools will be necessary for successful window cleaning. The cleaning company will be responsible for all cleaning supplies. The professional cleaners use squeegee with a replaceable high quality rubber blade to remove the water/cleaning solution from the window glass after it has been scrubbed. The correct use of the squeegee is critical to professional cleaning results. Most people suppose that the cleaning solution is the secret to successful window cleaning. However, it is the technique, and cleaning tools used by cleaning stuff. The cleaners also should have a large enough bucket to fit the squeegee and mop. The actual window washing will be done with the help of a scrubbing wand or mop that will be used to quickly soap the windows. To remove built-up debris an especially designed for glass scraper will be used.

Professional cleaners are aware of the proper amount of pressure and speed necessary to successfully complete the cleaning job. Rely on them to thoroughly clean the windows of your facility. Maintain your corporate image and keep your windows sparkling clean.

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Office Cleaning Contracts

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Most cleaning companies are willing to tie their clients into contracts. Doing so provides important protection for cleaning provider as well as your business. Signing a contract can give you confidence in the job done by cleaning provider. It’s much easier to keep up with whether or not the work is being performed the way that it should be done when the service, payment and other details are formalized in a contract. This also helps to determine if additional services may be needed. So, signing a contract has pluses for both, the cleaning company and the office owner. One more advantage is that oftentimes cleaning companies offer diferrent discounts for their regular clients. If you hire cleaning company on a regular basis, you automatically get on the right side of a company.

In most cases, commercial cleaning companies offer their customers a standard service contract. Nevertheless, you should carefully review a proposed contract to make sure that it accurately reflects your needs and that all cleaning services that you need the cleaning company to perform are included. If additional services need to be added or you prefer to make some other changes, feel free to discuss these changes with the official representative of the cleaning company. It’s very important to feel comfortable with the company you choose to do business with. Even more better is to realize that your cleaning requirements are met professionally.

There is no doubt it’s better to spell out all the details and specifics of the agreement in a formal contract. But it’s up to you whether you want to be tied to a contract or not. There are plenty of cleaning companies that don’t require to sign a contract.

As trust is essential to the relationship you shoud have confidence in the company you hire. Its stuff will be spending a good bit of time in your office, most likely after hours. That’s why it’s better to check company’s references prior to selecting your cleaning provider. Do a little research, then you will have enough information to make the right choice that will fit all of your needs.

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Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

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There is no doubt you, your clients and employees benefit from a clean environment. Clean workplace boosts the productivity of your stuff. It helps work better and faster. Hiring a professional cleaning company will definitely save you time and money. Your employees will not be distracted by some details related to office cleanliness and its maintenance. You will win if your workers will concentrate on their work instead of cleaning tasks.

Looking for a cleaning company shouldn’t be overwhelming process. There must be some person in your office, office manager for example, who will be responsible for finding a cleaning provider. This person should do some small research in the Internet. Plenty of cleaning companies will be found there. The office manager need to visit different websites and compare the services and prices of these companies. Then, he or she should read the feedbacks and ask for references. Spending some time on comparison will help decide which service provider suits your company best. As cleaning services should fit into your budget constraints, it would be better if the cleaning services will be worked into the financial plan of your company. This will help you spend on cleaning exactly the planned amount of money.

You can choose how often you want the cleaning services to be performed in your office. Almost all cleaning companies offer very flexible cleaning services to fully satisfy the needs of their clients. They offer their services on daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis. You can choose the cleaning package that best suits your company’s needs.

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