The Germiest Spots at School

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74-germiest-spot-at-schoolSchool is a perfect place for germs, bacteria and different viruses. There are so many places for them where they can grow and spread. Today we will talk about the germiest places at schools, your cleaning crew should pay special attention while cleaning these spots.

Every building is different, but the spots are the same.

1.    Electronics (keyboards, computers, mice, etc)

2.    Doorknobs

3.    Water fountain controls

4.    Hand rails

5.    Gym and the equipment in it

6.    Classrooms – especially desks and chairs, their tops.

What should be done to decrease the number of bacteria in these places?

First of all, regular and thorough cleaning. Ask your janitorial company to clean and disinfect these spots as often as possible, and also make sure that your cleaning company uses safe, but efficient products.

Cleaning Windows in Your Office

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30-cleaning-windows-in-officeIt should be said that many of the offices do not clean their windows often enough. Once or twice a year, seasonal window cleaning is not enough for the office. Our experts agree that you need to clean the windows in the office at least once in three months, because clean windows are important for an office’s general outlook.

Our experts have prepared professional cleaning windows tips that will be helpful for any cleaning company. But you also need to understand that these tips won’t be able to substitute the great work of a commercial cleaning company.

1.      Cleaning methods

The best way to work on your windows is from top to bottom. Usually this method helps to avoid leaving streaks on the windows. It is recommended wiping the water streaming in such a technique, from top to bottom, because in such a way you won’t have stains on the dry windows.

2.      Use a cleaner that is eco-friendly

Most of the cleaners that are sold in the stores are ammonia based; they are too dangerous for your health. If you don’t find the eco-friendly cleaner in the store, you may make it yourself. You may mix white vinegar with warm water and prepare very safe and efficient window cleaner not only for your home but also for your office.

3.      Cleaning tall windows

Your office may be situated not on the first floor and it’s much better to ask professionals to clean tall windows. But if you want to save your money, you may use a garden hose foe washing tall windows. You may also use a painter’s pole and attach a clean cloth to it.

4.      Don’t forget to protect the floor

Professionals say that the easiest way to protect your floors is to cover them with old newspapers. Some of the window cleaners may leave stains on the floor and the newspapers will help you to protect it.

5.      Dry your windows with usual newspapers

Usual newspapers are the best way for drying your windows. Newspapers do not leave water stains on the windows.

Cleaning of a Hotel Room: Where to Start?

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24-cleaning-of-hotel-roomExperts from commercial cleaning company in Seattle decided to share top secrets on how to clean hotel rooms.

These experts have cleaned a lot of hotel rooms and they know how to make them shiny. No matter where you will use their advice, there are lots of interesting things that you can learn from their experience.

Creating of a plan

You may develop a cleaning for every room. You need to know what you start with, you need to understand in what order you clean stuff. It’s good to have a check list in order not to miss anything while cleaning.

Starting at the top

Most experts say that cleaning of the room should be started from the top and work downward.

Don’t forget about the furniture

While you may be focused on the cleaning floors and other hard surfaces, you may forget about cleaning your furniture. Don’t forget to vacuum sofas and upholstery.

Clean the bulbs

Is it enough light in the room? If not, check whether the light bulbs are clean. Brighten up your room giving the bulbs regular cleaning.

Be careful with chemicals

First of all, remember the main rule: “NEVER MIX CHEMICALS!” Use chemicals only the way they should be used. Frankly speaking, nowadays more and more people choose to go green and they try to use natural cleaners which do not cause harm for the health.

Air your rooms by opening windows

Open windows are good not only for airing, but natural light that comes through opened windows help you to see more details. It’s also good for the environment and ventilation.

Use mattress protectors

These protectors may be used not only at hotel rooms but also at home. They help to save expensive mattresses from stains and spots.

How to Make Your Office Smell Great?

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15-how-to-make-office-smellNowadays more and more offices want to go green. Our company also supports this idea, we use a great number of eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Today our experts want to share several tips on how to make your office smell great using natural scents.

First of all, let’s say that different smells have different effect on our body. A smell can relax, energize or trigger memory.

If you want to relax a little bit, or you want your client to be relaxed during the meetings, make special lavender water which is known for its relaxing abilities. In order to prepare lavender oil, take two cups of distilled water, two tablespoons of vodka and half of a tablespoon of lavender oil. Mix everything in a spray bottle. Now you may use it, spray it everywhere: on your carpet, chairs, and other surfaces.

Potpourri is a great way to make your office smell wonderfully. To prepare potpourri in a saucepan, combine two cups of water with your favorite scents. You may use fruit peels (apples, oranges, limes, grapefruits, lemons etc.) and spices (vanilla, cinnamon, etc.). Don’t forget to add water when it’s needed.

If you want your workers to feel more energized, prepare a special citrus room spray. Mix two tablespoons of distilled water with two tablespoons of vodka and add you favorite citrus essential oils. Keep in mind that this room spray can’t be used on fabrics.

If you want to remove unpleasant odor and at the same time fill the room with the pleasant one, we recommend using coffee beans. Just put some coffee beans in a beautiful cup or a dish and let it stand at your workplace. You will enjoy the most pleasant odor all day long.

Enjoy your new and natural smells in the office!


3-how-to-motivate-workersIt’s worth noting that the working place of your workers is so to say the “face” of your company. None of the customers wants to see piles of papers and dust on the desks of your workers.

A messy workplace is not one of the most productive places. And it happens so that in this mess the workers loose important documents and disorganize the work of personnel as a whole.

But to tell you the truth, it’s very easy to motivate your employees to clean-up after themselves, and there are several ways how you can achieve good results.

First of all, you need to voice out loud that everybody in the office must clean up after himself. You can also assign special cleaning tasks to different employees.

But you can not forget about yourself, you also need to clean up and show them a role model how to act. You shouldn’t grumble while cleaning, do it with a smile, showing to the co-workers that it’s not difficult to keep you workplace clean and well-organized.

Your colleagues shouldn’t also forget about the food leftovers that rot and smell horribly. Explain to the workers why it is important to clean up, tell them that dirty office gives to the customers the idea of non-competitiveness.

It’s also a great idea to have a system of rewards and penalties. The boss may reward them financially or giving free lunch, etc. And employees who do not clean up for themselves may clean after everybody as a kind of a punishment. Hopefully, in such a way they will be able to understand that it’s much easier to clean up only after yourself.

A special cleaning schedule should be developed; it will give the employees a special time that is especially dedicated to the cleaning. Usually this time is given at the end of the day, 5-10 minute is quite enough to arrange the workplace.

It would also be nice to have special organizers for papers, pens, pencils, documents, etc. Try to encourage your workers to eat their lunches in a special canteen and not at the desk, where they leave lots of stains and crumps.

Very often people just forget to clean because of the busy day they have, that’s why it’s good to have special reminders.

If these ways don’t help you with the coworkers, our company would love to clean your office. Pro Quality Cleaning provides all kinds of  commercial cleaning services for your business in Seattle.

How to clean an air conditioner

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To increase the efficiency and reliability of your air conditioner, strive to keep it clean. If you decided to clean your air conditioner on your own, use our tips to do it properly. Whether you want to clean a central or room air conditioner, prepare for a number of tasks. Before cleaning your air conditioner you should also gather the things you will need to easily clean up your appliance. Among these things should be the following:

Clean air filter
Vacuum with soft bristle brush
Dinner knife or fin comb
Water hose
Oil for electric motors
Pipe cleaner or small bristled brush
Household bleach and water

First of all replace the air filter. Purchase a new air conditioner filter at your local specialized store. or You may take your old filter to the store and consult your owner’s manual for the correct size and type.

Turn off the power at the main panel or find a shutoff switch on the unit. Open the blower compartment. Get rid of any visible debris and dust. Vacuum up well. If your motor has lubrication ports, squeeze a few drops of oil into the ports.

Next, remove the condensation tube and check for algae. If you see that the tube is clogged, replace it or pour a solution into the tube through a funnel. Make the solution of 1 part bleach to 16 parts water. After that clean the drain tube. Use a small bristled brush or a pipe cleaner. Restart your unit. Hook the drain line back up and restore the power.

These were tips on how to clean the indoor unit of a central air conditioner. To clean the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner, turn off the power at the shutoff box on the exterior of your office. Check for leaves, weeds, grass, and other debris that may block airflow. Vacuum thoroughly. If necessary, straighten your fins with a fin comb and a dinner knife. Unscrew the grille on top of the air conditioner. If your fan has lubrication ports, apply 5 drops of oil made specifically for electric motors.

Lower a water hose into the empty unit and spray the fins from the inside out. After that re-assemble the unit. turn your indoor thermostat from “cool” to “off” and let your A/C to sit idle for 24 hours.

The central air conditioner is a major appliance with plumbing and electrical connections. So it’s not so easy to clean it. If you feel you cannot cope with that task on your own, don’t hesitate to call professional cleaning services. They know how to clean the unit properly.

When the spring comes most of us understand that it’s time to clean our homes. We carefully clean our windows, carpets, polish the furniture and wipe away all the dust accumulated in the facility. But only few of us realize that it’s also time to clean up our offices. Your personal workspace also should be perfectly cleaned when the spring is around the corner. So, consider this when it’s time for spring cleaning in general.

Your office, just like your home, can also take advantage of spring time rejuvenation. The quality office clean-up will definitely set the spirit for the great weather ahead. Give your office a new fresh look.

Sometimes there are so many different items in your office that you don’t know where to start. Pay attention to your files. It’s time to clear out the ones you don’t need. If you have documents over four to nine years old, it’s time to throw them away. Those files that you need should stay in the drawer. File folders also should be nice. Get rid of those old file folders and use new ones.

Now it’s time to give your desk a whole new look. Change the frames that have been on your desk for a long time. They have definitely collected a layer of dust. Wipe it away. It would be good to swab down the top of your desk with a disinfecting cleaner. Buy some colorful knick-knacks and make your desk look like a spring item.

Spring cleaning is not just a household chore. You should not complete your spring cleaning all at once. Break down the cleaning into small tasks that are easy to manage. No one likes overwhelming tasks.

How to clean a laptop computer

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Nowadays laptops definitely became part of our lives. We should not deny the relationship as we use our laptops every day. That’s why we should not wonder why our laptops have become soiled, dirty, and tainted. It seems that our laptops can withstand almost everything (from sand and cigarette ashes to coffee and crips) and still work.

We should know how to clean our laptops. So if you’re ready lets do it together. First of all power off and unplug your laptop. Lets start by cleaning a laptop keyboard as it’s usually the nastiest part of a laptop. So, hit the keyboard with a can of compressed air. Then, examine the spaces between the keys and grab out anything that settled down there. Also, you can use a tiny paintbrush to brush between the keys. Finally, take a little spray bottle and put some rubbing alcohol in it. Then take some old cotton t-shirt, and wipe down the surface of the keys. Don’t forget about the surrounding frame.

Cleaning laptop ports and vents is one of the most important parts of the cleaning job. Spray a little bit of alcohol on your old cotton t-shirt and gently wipe down the outsides of the vents and ports. Then, inspect the ports and vents and remove any leftovers you noticed. After that, dip a cotton swab in an alcohol and roll it around the edges of the ports and vents. This will help you remove left stubborn grime.

When it comes to cleaning a laptop screen, you can make your own laptop screen cleaner. You will need white vinegar and distilled water (1:1). Place the mixture in spray bottle. Hit the screen with compressed air. Then, grab your old cotton T-shirt, spray it with your cleaner, and wipe down the computer monitor.

The laptop touchpad is also one of the most dirty parts of a laptop after. So, take your old cotton T-shirt, spray it with some more alcohol and wipe it down really well. Don’t forget about the edges and corners. The last part of your job is to dry your clean laptop. Open it, and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Congratulation! Your laptop is clean and ready to work!

Windows are everywhere. There are a lot of windows in your office and they all should be clean periodically. The windows need to be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure window maintenance. Of course, it’s better to clean windows every 3-6 months. Oftentimes, businesses call a professional to help with window cleaning. Cleaning specialists use the best techniques for cleaning windows and get the job done professionally every time.

There is nothing better than enjoying a beautiful view through your clean windows. No matter is it a modern cityscape or a natural landscape, the view will mesmerize you if the windows are sparkling clean. Get the view you deserve – look out a clean window!

Sometimes, when it’s a small company, the stuff is responsible for window cleaning. If you work in such company, follow our tips on how to clean windows in a professional and timely manner. Window cleaning is not an easy task. But don’t get upset. It can be simplified by using proper techniques and equipment made for doing windows.

You should use the right tools for the right job. Take the sponge/squeegee combo. Cotton swabs or soft toothbrushes can be used for cleaning corners. For a diamond-bright finish use cotton T-shirts, old cloth diapers and clean erasers. You can give your windows a great shine using even crumpled newspapers. Use a window cleaning solution, which contains vinegar, ammonia, or a liquid dishwashing detergent. But remember that too much chemical or soap solution may cause streaks and leave residue on your windows. Vinegar is used to remove hard water spots. With ammonia you can get rid of heavy greasy soil. You can buy these products or make them yourself. Remember that it’s always better to use non toxic cleaning solutions that are safe for you and the environment.

Before cleaning your windows, prepare them. Wipe very dirty windows with a damp cloth or use vacuum cleaner with an attachment. Don’t clean windows in direct sunlight. It would be perfect to do windows on a cloudy day or during the evening hours. Direct sunlight dries the cleaning solutions before you have a chance to polish the glass the right way. Change wash and rinse waters often. If you need to get rid of those little washing scratches, polish the affected areas with toothpaste. Good luck!

How to clean Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors not only look great, but also add a professional appearance to any business. If your company or business also has hardwood floors, you should be aware of how to take care of them so your floors look good and last for years to come. It’s very important to use proper cleaning techniques and get your floors professionally refinished from time to time. Approximate time frames are every 5-10 years. Business owners prefer to hire expert floor cleaning services to complete the job in a professional and timely manner. Such cleaning companies use advanced cleaning equipment to sand, seal and buff your hardwood floors.

You should sweep high-traffic areas daily, if possible. A regular sweeping is a necessity if you want to prevent particles from scratching your  floor. One more option to prevent scratches is to place felt tips under furniture legs. It’s a great idea to place rugs and mats at door entrances. This will definitely help minimize overall dirt build-up. Also, don’t forget about vacuuming. It’s a great way to pick up particles on your wood floor. Strive to use a brush attachment not to scratch the floor.

Find out how your wood floor is sealed.

Often people think that wood type determines how to care for the floor. But they’re wrong. Actually the type of finish on the wood determines how to clean it and care for it.

Nowadays most wood floors are sealed with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic. Such floors are water-damage and stain resistant. Also, it’s more easy to care for them and clean them. All you need to do is to sweep, mop and you’re done!

When it comes to cleaning surface-sealed floors don’t use oils, furniture sprays or waxes. They will scratch or dull the finish. It’s better to use a floor-cleaning products recommended by the floor finisher. If the recommended cleaning solution is hard to find or it’s expensive enough, try soap and water. Dip the mop into the bucket of mixed cleaning solution, wring it out, and mop. When the water gets dirty, make a new cleaning solution and continue mopping. When finished, rinse the floor with clean water. Don’t let liquid spills sit on the floor. Wipe up them immediately. Wood is easily damaged by water. Always use a commercial cleaner to remove stubborn food, water or grease stains on your surface-sealed floors. If your floor suffers from scuff marks, a bit of baking soda will fix the problem.