Cleaning CompanyProfessional cleaning services has become more and more popular within the recent years among banks, factories, schools, restaurants, stores and warehouses. Professional companies perform cleaning of various areas – from tiny apartments or simply carpet cleaning, to cleaning the facades of huge shopping centers or deep cleaning at the restaurant or factory premises.

Inviting the cleaning specialists, we want to get quality services for a reasonable price. To ensure that the expectations are 100% met, you need to know what to look for when choosing a cleaning company and what problems can be hidden behind surprisingly low prices.

Qualification Criteria
What needs to be considered when choosing a company, so as not to waste your money and time? Let’s try to enumerate the main points from which to start.

Presentability Factor
Nowadays cleaning services are offered by many companies. Pay attention first of all to those who have their own office (clean office!), beautifully designed and well-filled web-site, a significant period of work in the market of services.
A well-proven company will always take care of its image and reputation!

Even now, at the modern age of technologies, valuable and worthwhile experts are “passed from hand to hand”, by sharing contacts with friends and relatives. To learn the impressions of a friend about the work of a particular company is always valuable, because he certainly will not deceive!
If this is not possible – read the reviews on the level of services provided on the company’s website.

Do not hesitate to clarify with the manager, with the help of what equipment is cleaning performed: household vacuum cleaners are out of place here! Find out which cleaning agents and detergents are used and of which manufacturers, and whether there are certificates on them. A solid company usually buys products from the same suppliers, and uses 2-3 proven brands of “chemical agents”.

In a good company, all employees undergo compulsory training: the more extensive is their professional knowledge, the better result will be obtained by the client. At work, cleaners should be given special clothing, all necessary equipment and cleaning agents for various surfaces.

Variety of services
The large company offers a wide range of services – from the daily cleaning to deep cleaning, from dry cleaning to washing facades with the use of industrial climbers, from maintenance of the adjacent territory to cleaning roofs from snow and its subsequent removal. Of course, it is much more profitable to entrust all the necessary work to one company than to several different services.

Prices for the services
From the available offers choose the average cost of services. The understated price should alert you (but not in case when it comes to discounts!), unreasonably high price is often not justified and gets driven up for the brand. Find out how pricing is done, what bonuses are received by a regular customer.

Stages of a cleaning company selection

Step 1. Chose several companies working in your city, focusing on prices, reviews and its reputation. Call the managers asking for an estimate of the costs for the necessary services. Please note that prices vary depending on the size of the room, the level of its pollution and the amount of work ahead!

Step 2. Settle upon 1 or 2 companies interesting for you and arrange a meeting with a specialist – he/she will assess the state of your house or office, recommend the most appropriate type of cleaning and make an estimate. Be sure to find out whether the removal of garbage is performed outside of the territory (especially important for large office buildings, after repairs in an apartment or a country house).

Step 3. If everything suits you, conclude a contract with the cleaning company. Make sure that it contains a paragraph on compensation for damage caused by employees during the cleaning process or because of their lack of professionalism when choosing cleaning products!

Step 4. Assess the appearance and behavior of the workers who arrived, their provision with inventory and cleaning agents. When accepting the performed work, pay attention to the cleanliness of hard-to-reach places and the quality of delicate surfaces cleaning.

When choosing a cleaning company, consider a number of requirements that are important for you. The concept of cleanliness for each person is different, and the cleaning company must have the highest requirements in the first place to their employees and the quality of their work.
The successful choice of a cleaning company is, first of all, a guarantee of cleanliness and safety of your property. Use the knowledge obtained from this article not to waste your money and not to be disappointed in your decision!

Supermarkets / Retail Stores Cleaning

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cleanness-in-storeA supermarket is, first of all, a huge store of products. It is from the shelves and counters of supermarkets and hypermarkets that food gets to the tables and into the consumers’ refrigerators. What a “food house” should look like, so that, for example, a mother was not afraid to buy fruits in it for her kids?

The main condition is of course cleanliness. The confidence of buyers is easy to win, if everything, what they will touch in a store, will be clean and tidy, especially it regards the shelves, as well as surfaces where the food products are placed. Cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained in a supermarket, the surfaces are simply obliged to sparkle: there should be no extraneous smells, mold, insects.

It is quite difficult to maintain a big premise, which is visited by an uninterrupted stream of people, clean on your own account. To do this, it is necessary to have a full-fledged cleaning service, which will work practically 24 hours a day. However, in this case, it is necessary to recruit employees, whose work should be organized in 3 shifts! And there is a big question of staff turnover and replacement of employees: one can feel ill, one didn’t come to work, and so on. At the same time questions of purchase and proper storage of detergents are added, as well as many other issues, the result of which will be cleanliness in a store. All these nuances are professionally and quickly decided by a specialized cleaning company.

During the day, several employees or a dozen of employees (depending on the size of a store) should be constantly cleaning the premise, as people, coming in from the street, bring dirt and dust on their shoes. Therefore, floors need to be cleaned several times a day.

In addition, you need to consider weather conditions: in snow or rainy weather, cleaning should be more intensive and frequent. Also, in case of unforeseen situations (visitors or employees of the trading floor have broken or scattered something, the promotion has ended and it is necessary to sweep up/wash the floor, etc.), an “on-hand” cleaner is needed, who will promptly collect garbage and wash the contaminated surfaces.

It is unlikely that customers will like the dust on the shelves or the remnants of some products, so every day you need to wipe the surfaces of all the display windows and counters. In addition, all glass and metal surfaces should be polished regularly. Particular attention should be given to the entrance: doors, rugs and steps near the entrance must be clean and safe; a regular replacement of dirt-absorbing carpets at the entrance should be done.

In addition to those premises that are accessible to visitors of the store or shopping center, warehouse, production and technical premises should also be kept clean at the highest level. Therefore, the cleaning should also be done there.

But daily surface cleaning is not enough. It is necessary to carry out a high-quality deep cleaning that will help to prevent odors on the packaging of goods in the warehouse, which will include washing the kitchen, taking care of removing pests and rodents in time, ventilating the premise, washing the ventilation grilles, etc. The recommended frequency of deep cleaning is once per week. During this time, it is possible to eliminate contaminations, sources of goods’ spoilage and foreign odors, in order to ensure the permanent presentable appearance of goods on the shelves. Most common the cleaning in stores and supermarkets is carried out at night, when the store does not work or the number of visitors is minimal.

It is quite important to systematically clean out the trading floors: clean all floor coverings, perform disinfection, remove dirt from hard-to-reach places, wash windows and walls. Deep cleaning, held with a clear periodicity, will not only help to keep the premises and trade halls clean, but will also postpone the time for carrying out repair works, since the surfaces contained in the cleanliness serve much longer and require repair and replacement much less often.

Another type of cleaning services are one-time works, which are usually held at the beginning of the season, or as needed:
- high-altitude work and industrial mountaineering;
- dry cleaning of carpets and linoleum;
- washing of windows, front faces and display windows;
- disinfection, deratization, etc.

In case if the store as just going to be opened, another type of cleaning service, required for the supermarket, is a post-construction cleaning. Post-construction cleaning in a supermarket allows you to bring the walls, windows, ceilings, floors and surfaces of commercial equipment in absolute order, so that there are no traces of building materials and specific smells.

It is at the opening stage of the store that it is important to calculate the need for daily cleaning and deep cleaning, selecting the appropriate cleaning company as a contractor. This will allow you to focus on direct business management, rather than the issues of dirty windows or floors.

office-cleaningWhy are the cleaning companies, whose work on the market of cleaning services is ten years or more, are preferable to the “newcomers”?

Throughout the years of their work they create a team of specialists, acquire the priceless experience, and most importantly – they gain reputation.

Such a cleaning company knows, and which is most importantly – follows the accepted norms and standards for cleaning at sites that have different specifics – factories, offices, living quarters and stores.

Very often such companies have a supply department that buys cleaning accessories, equipment and cleaning chemicals directly from the manufacturer, which is a huge advantage. Thus, consumables are obtained with a minimum mark-up and cleaning costs, respectively, are also reduced. While those who purchase goods through intermediaries put a much higher price tag to their cleaning services.

Qualified managers in the shortest possible time can calculate the cost of cleaning because they know how many cleaners, floor washing machines, brooms, cleaning agents and even toilet paper in the bathrooms it is necessary to estimate for each object.

A thought may appear, that such companies from the beginning of their existence apply the same cleaning methods. But of course it’s not true; there are classical cleaning technologies that are always effective and relevant.

However, the success of  ”long-playing” cleaning companies is a constant increase of  the skill- level of their cleaners, the application in practice of various market innovations combined with competent personnel management.

With many years of successful practice in this field, Pro Quality Office Cleaning Company can offer you affordable prices and excellent cleaning quality, performed by trained skilled professionals.

Peculiarities of leather furniture cleaning

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80-leather-furnitureLeather is the most expensive, but at the same time the most beautiful and practical material for furniture upholstery. Its usability is in the fact that such upholstery may serve for a long time, maintaining its glamour, however under a condition that proper leather furniture cleaning will be performed. And the best thing is to entrust this procedure to professionals.

Leather is a natural material, but porous, and hence it is hygroscopic. This means that any spilled liquid will be very quickly absorbed by upholstery. And if it’s a drink or wine, you should hurry up with its removal, otherwise the stains are inevitable. The protective coating, applied at the furniture factories, eventually deteriorates and upholstery becomes less protected.

But what to do, if the stains appeared after all? First of all you shouldn’t try to remove them by yourself. Most likely you will just reinforce it by using the on-hand household detergents. The best thing is to call to the cleaning company. And as quickly as possible.

However, leather furniture cleaning belongs to the high complexity services category, that’s why it requires from the specialists high qualification, professional experience and availability of special cleaning agents. Therefore, the price of the service shouldn’t be a major factor in your choice. Inexpensive so-called “professionals” offer treating the leather with wax containing compositions. But this is strictly forbidden.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, wax is very hard to be removed from leather afterwards. Secondly, this material bridge the pores, the upholstery starts to age rapidly due to lack of gas exchange. Third, leather furniture is getting dirty much quicker, as wax absorbs dirt actively. And finally, the typical for polished natural leather gloss disappears.

Thus, if you want your leather furniture to serve you faithfully for a long time, don’t tempt fate, entrust the care about it to real professionals.


How to Clean Wood Floors in the Office

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73-wood-floorCleaning wood floors in your office can be really hard and time-sapping. Our experts recommend several tips that will help to save your time and money.

First of all, no need to purchase expensive cleaners. Regular floor cleaning can be done with the help of apple cider vinegar and warm water.

What you will need:

·    ½ cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

·    Good mop with microfiber cover

·    and a bucket of warm water

First you will need to dust your floors or vacuum them removing all particles. Then add vinegar into the water, dip your mop into the solution and clean your floors.

Please, keep in mind that your wood floors shouldn’t be too wet. Water can destroy and damage your nice wood floors.
Our experts also say that finished wood floors can be cleaned using usual clean water without adding different cleaners, but from time to time you will need to refinish your floors.

How to Keep Office Floors Clean

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62-office-floorsClean floors are very important for every office, but when autumn and winter comes it becomes harder and harder to keep them clean. Below there is the list of the tips that will help to keep your floors shiny.

Use Mats!

It is very important to stop dirt at the entrance, that’s why cleaning experts recommend using floor mats at every entrance. Outdoor and indoor mats will help to reduce the amount of dirt in the building.

Frequent Mopping

Ask your cleaners to mop floors as often as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of dirt and water if it is raining or snowing. Mopping also helps to remove stains from ice melting. Make sure that your cleaners know how to mop correctly and use special techniques and supplies.

Regular Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment

Floors become even much dirtier if your cleaner forget to clean the equipment. Ask the cleaning team to change water in the bucket more often and to use special detergents and chemicals. If your office chooses to go green, there are lots of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is also very important and it should be scheduled and regular, especially in winter. Deep cleaning will help to preserve floors from damaging because of water.

Prepare your Cleaning Crew

Make sure that your cleaning crew is trained and knows how to get rid of dirt.

But if you feel unsure and don’t know how to clean your office floors correctly, call us and we will help gladly.

Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect Schools

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59-clean-desinfect-schoolCleaning and disinfecting are the most important approaches for preventing infectious diseases, such as flu.

Of course, students should be taught at home and reminded at school that it is highly recommended washing hands, covering sneezes and coughs, etc.

But schools together with janitorial services should know how to stop spreading of flu and other diseases through disinfection and cleaning.

First of all, let’s talk about the terms.

Cleaning helps to remove germs, bacteria, dirt and dust from the surfaces. Usually janitors use cleaning detergents or soapy water. Cleaning doesn’t kill germs or bacteria, but removes them from the surfaces.

Disinfection, on the contrary, kills germs and bacteria. For disinfecting, janitors use all kinds of chemicals that kill germs.

So, what should be done at school to stop flu and other infectious diseases?

First of all, there should be special school’s standard procedures for disinfecting and cleaning. There should be a special routine developed by the janitorial services and schools.

Typically, janitors sanitize surfaces and objects that are touched very often at school. This includes desks, countertops, computer mice and keyboards, doorknobs, faucets, etc.

Most schools also choose to disinfect bathrooms on a daily basis, in addition to regular cleaning.

How to clean and disinfect?

It is very important for janitors at school to follow the directions written on cleaning products and disinfectants.

It is very important to use EPA-registered disinfectants for killing germs and bacteria. If your janitors do not have EPA-registered products for disinfection, they can use a fresh chlorine bleach solution.

In order to prepare it, add one tablespoon of bleach to four cups of water. The solution should be applied on surfaces using clean cloth. Leave it on the surface for 3-5 minutes and then rinse with clean water.

Hotel Cleaning Tips

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54-hotel-cleaning-tipsHotels today pay a special attention to their reputation that is why many of them try to work their best. Hotel cleaning is one of the most important things, especially if the hotel managers think about future customers and the profit.

The main thing that managers need to realize is that people do not want to sleep in dirty rooms, and the cleaning staff of your hotel should understand that. Look for professional cleaning service that will help you to get a shiny and spotless establishment.

Make sure the cleaning staff realizes that the most important place in a hotel is bedroom. Make sure that trash or other items that could have been left by a previous customer are disposed of.

The bed is the most important place in the bedroom. It should get the greatest attention from your cleaners. Usually a bed is the first place that customers inspect. Make sure that all the bed sheets are clean; that there are enough pillows and comforters.

When the bed is in its’ best shape, clean other surfaces, such as television, mirrors, tables, etc.

If you find out that there are stains on the couch, bed or matrasses, get rid of them immediately.

Trash cans should be clean and each trash can should have a new trash bag.

The bathroom should be also thoroughly clean and working. Make sure that the towels are clean. Mirrors and other surfaces are spotless.

If your rooms are clean and inviting, be sure that the customers will be back!

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

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45-how-clean-is-hotel-roomDoes your hotel look clean? No stains on the sheets, no hair in the bathroom, no dirt and dust. But is it really clean? There are no guarantees that someone hasn’t left the germs or bacteria.

Be careful and try this steps.

1.      Read reviews

Even before booking a room, read the reviews of the hotel you are going to stay at. Usually these reviews are honest.

2.      Have antibacterial wipes

According to the travel experts the germiest thing in a room is a TV REMOTE. To this list of germiest places we can add doorknobs, toilet flusher, faucets, ice bucket and phone. Wipe this things with antibacterial wipes before you touch them.

3.      Remove the bedspread

Travelers advise to remove it immediately, because these things are not changed after every traveler.

4.      Wash water glasses

Keep in mind that there are only two states that require hotels to sanitize water glasses, they are Kansas and Missouri. Before drinking from this glasses, at least wash them thoroughly.

5.      Wash your hands

Every mom teaches her children to wash hands. We also say: WASH HANDS in every season, especially at cold and flue season. Washing hands prevents the spread of germs. Use warm water and soap every time you wash your hands.


Spring Cleaning for Your Office

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43-spring-cleaningToday we are going to talk about several important tips for the office managers on how to move office workers into spring. These tips will help to increase office productivity, which is considered to be a matter of concern for many managers.
Here are several easy, but important solutions for an office spring cleaning.
Be more productive by getting more organized
Take a look on your desk. Is it cluttered? If the answer if yes, then it’s time to get rig of the unnecessary papers and knickknacks.
It is very important to have enough space for different organizers and folders. Organize all the documents and papers. Remember that there should be a system.
The next step is cleaning. Keep your office tidy, clean and germ-free. Use special cleaners and disinfectants frequently.
Experts say that a clean and healthy office may increase productivity level of your employees. Make sure that you have hand sanitizers and tissues everywhere in your office, especially in the most crowded and popular places like kitchen, restrooms, etc.
The results of the studies show that about 92% of office workers eat at their desks. It is perfect, when employees clean after themselves. In order to do that, you need to have different kinds of paper towels, cleaners and sprays.
Spring is time for redecorating of your office. Easy and cheap ideas will help you to refresh your workplace.
The best way to change your office is to paint the walls. If you have time and huge desire to change your office completely, experts recommend visiting a designer who can help you develop a project taking into consideration your needs and desires.
If you want to save money, try to work with what you already have. Instead of purchasing new things and furniture, try to update the furniture you already have.
Not only your desk and the workplace need a spring cleaning… Your computer needs it as well.
If you have resources, consider replacing old computers and laptops with new ones that will help to save space. New tablets help not only to save space, but they offer the possibilities to access needed information any time and anywhere.
If you don’t need to replace your laptop, then you need to clean it for sure. Remove any applications and folders from the desktop that you no longer use. Organize all the documents in your computer and delete those that are of no need.