82-dry-cleaning-car-interiorPersonal car is a convenient means of transportation, which is not cheap. And some people have so many business trips, that their car turns into their “office”. If you want your vehicles to serve you for many years, apart from maintaining a good technical condition, you should take care of the cleanliness of its interior. The dust and dirt, accumulated inside the vehicle, may result in allergies and cause damage to the devices. In addition, the cloudy glass or stains on them worsen visibility and cause various kinds of accidents. To avoid this, you need to perform a regular dry cleaning of the car interior yourself or to look for the professional services of a cleaning company.

CLEAN BUT NOT DAMAGE A wide range of cleaning products allows you choosing an effective tool that can remove coffee stains, the marks of lipstick or ink, without damaging the upholstery. If the dry cleaning of the car interior is performed every 3-4 months, then you will not have any problems with removing the stains on your own. Deep stubborn stains should be left to the professionals. Employees of a good cleaning company can cope with any of such problems, and the result of their work will surprise you pleasantly.

Step by step instructions for the cleaning of car interior. How to make the interior dry cleaning the most efficient? To completely get rid of dust, litter and a variety of stains a comprehensive approach is needed.

Step 1. Preparatory. Before proceeding directly to the cleaning, you need to throw away both large and small litter from the interior, get floor mats out and empty the trunk. Then you can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car. It will blow the dust and dirt from hard to reach places.

Step 2. Cleaning. For cleaning the interior take several wipes, a brush and stain remover. The upholstery on the ceiling is usually softer and cleaner than other surfaces in the car. Therefore the cleaning agent must not be aggressive so as not to damage the material. Means for cleaning the car interior can be checked on a small inconspicuous area. If the color of the coating has not changed, then go ahead and proceed with cleaning. Leather seats are cleaned even without any special means, with ordinary soap and water. But later they need to be wiped with a dry cloth and treated with an agent that protects the material from cracking and fading. Stains on the fabric seats are better to be removed with the help of foamy agents and a brush. You can also use a steam cleaner.