25-interesting-cleaning-tipsWe spend most of our life at work. We are overloaded with all the tasks we need to perform. No wonder we do not have time to organize papers on our desk and always are looking for the car keys in this mess.

The first thing you need to understand is that when you leave your office or desk try to leave it clean.

File all the documents that you have been using today and find special folders for them. Find at the store a special organizer that will help you store all the papers and documents.

We are talking not only about your paper documents but also about your computer. Don’t forget to organize all the documents in it. Make folders and don’t collect your documents on the desktop.

Experts recommend starting Monday with cleaning your electronics.

Clean places with the largest number of germs in the office: a computer keyboard, a mouse and a phone. There are special gadgets that can be used for cleaning your electronics, but we are sure that a usual antibacterial wipes will work perfectly.

The next step in making your office shining is decluttering of your desk.

Most people leave thing here and then try to find them in the piles of papers and documents. Once and for always clean your table, throw away everything that you don’t need and assign a special place for the things that are used and needed.

If you put everything in the right place, you won’t have mountains of unneeded things.

And one more thing you need to do is to throw away all the junk from your table and from the drawers.

The next time someone gives you a calendar or a card as a present from the partner company, it’s better to throw it right away in order not to make a mess on your desk.