To increase the efficiency and reliability of your air conditioner, strive to keep it clean. If you decided to clean your air conditioner on your own, use our tips to do it properly. Whether you want to clean a central or room air conditioner, prepare for a number of tasks. Before cleaning your air conditioner you should also gather the things you will need to easily clean up your appliance. Among these things should be the following:

Clean air filter
Vacuum with soft bristle brush
Dinner knife or fin comb
Water hose
Oil for electric motors
Pipe cleaner or small bristled brush
Household bleach and water

First of all replace the air filter. Purchase a new air conditioner filter at your local specialized store. or You may take your old filter to the store and consult your owner’s manual for the correct size and type.

Turn off the power at the main panel or find a shutoff switch on the unit. Open the blower compartment. Get rid of any visible debris and dust. Vacuum up well. If your motor has lubrication ports, squeeze a few drops of oil into the ports.

Next, remove the condensation tube and check for algae. If you see that the tube is clogged, replace it or pour a solution into the tube through a funnel. Make the solution of 1 part bleach to 16 parts water. After that clean the drain tube. Use a small bristled brush or a pipe cleaner. Restart your unit. Hook the drain line back up and restore the power.

These were tips on how to clean the indoor unit of a central air conditioner. To clean the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner, turn off the power at the shutoff box on the exterior of your office. Check for leaves, weeds, grass, and other debris that may block airflow. Vacuum thoroughly. If necessary, straighten your fins with a fin comb and a dinner knife. Unscrew the grille on top of the air conditioner. If your fan has lubrication ports, apply 5 drops of oil made specifically for electric motors.

Lower a water hose into the empty unit and spray the fins from the inside out. After that re-assemble the unit. turn your indoor thermostat from “cool” to “off” and let your A/C to sit idle for 24 hours.

The central air conditioner is a major appliance with plumbing and electrical connections. So it’s not so easy to clean it. If you feel you cannot cope with that task on your own, don’t hesitate to call professional cleaning services. They know how to clean the unit properly.