11-easy-ways-to-green-officeThe world changes a lot, more and more organizations and businesses think of how to make their office eco-friendly and green.

·         The main thing you can do in your office is to make your air green by placing a lot of green plants around the office.

·         While cleaning ask your commercial cleaning company to use eco-friendly supplies. These products will still work as great disinfectants, but they are friendly towards the environment.

·         Turn off all the equipment at the end of the day, or turn off all the equipment that is unused by the workers.

·         Use e-mails more than usual mail and this will save paper.

·         All the papers that you use should be double-sided. All the printing or copying should be double-sided.

·         Office paper is something that is recyclable, but most of the paper is wasted. Reduction of the waste is cost-effective, even more than recycling.

·         Remember that color printing uses more ink than black and white printing.

·         Paper clips that are made of the aluminum are considered to be recyclable. So use them more often than staples.

·         Your screen saver uses extra energy when you stay away from your computer. Use the function “sleep or hibernate” if you are away from the computer for more than 10-15 minutes.

·         When you leave your desk or office, turn off the lights. It is very important to save the energy.