23-hiding-places-for-germsAccording to new researches accountants, lawyers and employees who work with computers are the most unhygienic office workers.

The same researches have revealed that two thirds of office workers eat at their desks and do not clean afterwards. Such lunches can lead to the growth of bacteria and germs that can result in the spread of flu, colds and other diseases. Experts say the social workers tend to leave food on their desks more often then other office workers.

The results also showed that the germiest things in offices are keyboards. Almost all of them contain thousands of bacteria and germs. The same results are with phones – two of thee are infected. And very often office workers do not even realize this fact and continue to use computers and phones.

Doctors agree that these results prove that there are lots and lots on unhygienic offices around the country. They add that keeping main office equipment, such as keyboards, phones and desks germ-free can help not to catch a disease during flu or cold season.

Office workers should remember to wash their hands regularly, because it helps to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Use special wipes to clean computer keyboards and phones. After using this equipment apply hand sanitizer.

At the same time your cleaning crew should pay attention to door handles, lift buttons, etc. They should sanitize surfaces and use special cleaners that help to reduce the number of bacteria and germs.