60-present-office-areasOur janitorial company would like to share with you today most important tips that help to present office areas correctly.

Create professional and friendly atmosphere

1.    Reception area is one of the best places that can tell a lot about your company. Have a special wall in the reception area that tells the history of your company, your traditions and life.

2.    Administration areas in the office should also be comfortable and positive.

3.    Marketing and Sales office area is also important. Experts recommend framing thank-you-letters from your customers.

4.    If you have pictures and prints, make sure they are not old and boring.

5.    Hopefully, your workers understand that they shouldn’t put different unnecessary info on the walls. If not, encourage them not to do that. But don’t be against personalization.

6.    Clean environment is important, but don’t try to make your office sterile. It’s impossible.

7.    Also receptionist is a face of your office and your company. Make sure you’ve chosen the right person. This person should know your clients by name and use it each time they address to them. Be selective, and make sure this person has nice voice and manners.

8.    Restrooms are very important at the office. Make sure your restrooms are clean and have all the needed essentials like soap, toilet paper, tissues, toilet seats, etc.

9.    Your office looks nice, is clean and your team is perfect. Make sure your employees remember the manners. When the clients are leaving, see them to the door. Leave good impression on your clients.

10.    Continue to develop your office. Change and improve the working environment.