83-blinds-cleaningBlinds came in our lives quite long ago, and are firmly staying there, replacing wherever possible heavy and bulky curtains. As of today blinds are used both in homes and in offices.

They perfectly protect from the sunlight, and have a wonderful design; however, this doesn’t change the fact that they collect a lot of dust. Especially, if the blinds are hanging in the kitchen area, in addition to the usual dust the remnants of fat and soot are accumulated on them. Blinds come in two types – horizontal and vertical, and have a special treatment technology.

So, let’s see, how to clean the blinds? This cleaning procedure depends directly on the structure and material of your blinds. As a rule, their cleaning does not take much time and effort, but on the condition that they are wiped every day with a wet cloth with the addition of detergents. This helps to maintain the purity and prevent heavy contamination. Otherwise , however, you will have quite a job to bring blinds in proper form.

In order to clean the blinds made of metal, it is necessary to take them off from the blinds holder and perform further cleaning in the bathroom. Washing under running water is necessary, without strong water pressure.
If the contamination is serious, it is necessary to use detergents based on soap, applying them with a sponge or a brush of medium hardness. The best option is to leave for a while lathered blinds to soak in the bath, and then gently rinse with warm water.

To clean the blinds made of wood, it is necessary to use only special cleaning agents since they can not be washed the usual way. The water will provoke the swelling of wood. That will result in quick wearing out of the blinds.

Now let us consider the options of cleaning the blinds made of fabric.
The most simple, but rough way of cleaning is washing in a standard washing machine. To do this, take off the blinds, twist them up into a roll, and put in a washing bag, then play the delicate mode and hope for a favorable outcome of these actions. Be prepared for a possibility that the shape of your blinds will likely never be the same.
Such a cleaning process in home conditions is the most effective. If of course, the degree of contamination is sufficiently high. To avoid strong dust content on fabric blinds, it is recommended during the office cleaning to vacuum them. At minimum power and with a special dust nozzle.

In order to clean the blinds without having to take  them off from the window, you must thoroughly, but very carefully, apply a cleaning agent with a sponge, and wipe each strip of blinds. Then change soapy water to clean one and repeat the procedure. It is necessary to accept the fact that the dirty water stains after such manipulations will definitely be on the window-sill, and on the floor, and on the walls.

However, a Pro Quality Cleaning company knows how to clean the blinds much faster and more qualitatively. All you need to do for this is just to apply for a cleaning service. And soon our specialists will arrive to your office, and in a short time will bring your blinds in perfect condition. In cleaning blinds, as well as in performing any other work, we use special, professional tools. We have specialized equipment and tools, for quick and maximum effective office cleaning.