26-how-to-clean-cellphoneCell phones, especially those with touchscreens, get dirty very quickly and easily. Dust, fingerprints, food stains and other unpleasant things can be found on them.

Studies have shown that cell phones are home for a greater number of more harmful bacteria than keyboard or doorknobs.

Another study has proved that infectious microbes and viruses can easily enter your body through eyes, nose and mouth.

Cleaning of your cell phone with touchscreen may seem a crazy idea at first sight, but it should be done no matter what.

The main idea in cleaning your cell phone is being gentle with it. Be careful with choosing methods and device that will be used for cleaning.

All the cloths that you will use should be soft and all the cleaners should be mild.

All kinds of wipes are designed for cleaning and disinfecting cell phones, but our experts recommend using DIY products. You may moisten a cloth with a mixture of 40% isopropyl alcohol that is available at any drug store with 60% of water. This solution will not only clean your cell phone, but it will also disinfect it easily.

There are several “Don’t” things that should be kept in mind.

1.      Don’t use a paper towel. Rough fibers can scratch the display surface. Microfiber cloth is the best one to use.

2.      Don’t use any kind of glass cleaner that contain ammonia, because these chemicals will damage an LCD display.

3.      Don’t spray water directly on your phone, just use a moisten cloth to wipe a cell phone down.