Computer equipment has been firmly established in our lives and it has become a necessary part of our lives. We cannot live a day without our gadgets. Nowadays people use computers and other gadgets everywhere and all the time…

But it should be noted that all the computers become dirty as other things in our house and they require systematical cleaning.

Usually we do not pay attention to the cleanness of the computer and eventually it becomes the dirtiest object in the house. Usually the dirtiest parts of the computer are the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. In addition to the accumulated dust on these parts of the computer, you will also be able to see stains and fingerprints on the monitor, dirty and greasy stains on the mouse and lots of crumbs in your keyboard, etc. System unit starts to sound strangely because of the dust.

If the above mentioned description reminds you of your computer, then you urgently need to clean your computer.


Before cleaning the computer turn it off and disconnect from the power supply!

Cleaning of the monitor

In order to remove stains, use special screen wipes for the monitors or special chemicals that can be purchased at specialty shops. If you don’t have these special wipes, you can use an ordinary soft terry cloth. Moisten it with warm water and wipe the monitor.


Do not wipe the monitor with material or solutions that contain alcohol, toluene, ammonia liquid or acetone. They will cause irreparable damage to the monitor.

Cleaning of the keyboard

While cleaning of the keyboard, you can use a damp cloth, a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer in order to blow out the crumps and the dust that were accumulated in it. If the vacuum cleaner doesn’t help, you will need to remove all the keys in order to clean the inside of the keyboard. It should be noted that you will need to remember where each key was located. We recommend taking a picture of your keyboard before you start cleaning it from the inside.

Cleaning of the computer mouse

It is the easiest part of the computer as for the cleaning. It can be cleaned with anything. Of course, you shouldn’t imbathe it with the water, because you will damage the device and will have to buy a new one. If the mouse has the roller, don’t forget to clean it.

Cleaning of the system unit

The most difficult thing to clean is the system unit. If you do not know what is inside the system unit and you have never cleaned it before, it is much better to step aside and to allow the professional to clean it.

If there is no much dust in the system unit, you can blow it out with the help of the vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer through the holes in the computer casing. From the outside the system unit can be cleaned with the help of a cloth. Be careful with the wires that are connected to it.

But if your system unit is filled with dust, your computer will work slowly, coolers will sound strangely and will poorly ventilate the most important parts of the system unit.

Before you clean the system unit, make sure it is turned off and only then take the cover off. If there is much dust inside, then use a vacuum cleaner. You can also use a brush, but be careful using all the equipment for cleaning. Be sure to clean the coolers thoroughly and then apply machine oil for their better work. After cleaning you will enjoy the excellent work of the computer with computer pending.

How often to clean your computer?

At least once a week you need to clean the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. As for the system unit, it should be cleaned at least once or twice in a year.

If you are not sure how to clean your computer, our specialists will help you with this.

Advice on Office Cleaning

On December 26, 2012, in Cleaning advice, by admin

Clean office is a vital part of business success. That’s why the office area should be kept clean and neat at all times. Keep it in mind that office cleaning should be carried out regularly. There are different techniques of carrying out office cleaning. Whatever the technique you choose, note that the secret of easily completing the task is to perform office cleaning as soon as it’s needed.

One of the ways to make your office clean is to hire office cleaning professionals. This is a popular option as it both eliminates a lot of work and places the responsibility on the cleaning company. This is the best option for large companies as it simplifies the whole process and gives employees an opportunity to focus on their work. There are plenty of companies out there that offer exactly what you should be looking for — quality cleaning services!

Another option is to hire its own in-house cleaners to carry out office cleaning. It can help save money in a long term. But the less expensive way is to carry out the cleaning of your office yourself. If your office is a small one and doesn’t require a lot of cleaning, this option can be exactly for you. But if you don’t fit into this category, carrying out office cleaning yourself might be too overwhelming. So, it would be better to hire the service of a cleaning company.

If you decide to employ a professional cleaning service for your office cleaning jobs, be sure to interview the company before granting them the job. Ask for references, registration and other pertinent details. Let the company know the full range of cleaning services that would be required, then ask them about cleaning rates. The prices of the cleaning services may vary. They will depend on the area you live in, the type of services provided, the number of people doing the cleaning and the party providing cleaning supplies. Some companies quote their rates per square feet while other do it on the basis of the number of times they come clean the office.