68-new-year-cleanupThe New Year has come and usually we decide to accomplish lots of things and one of them is to be organized! Good decision, let’s get rid of this clutter at home, at the office and in your life!

Our professional crew has prepared several tips that will be helpful in the process of cleaning. We are here to help you declutter your office! Clean office is a productive and effective office.

·    Get rid of unnecessary papers. You can contact a special shredding company that can propose you several choices of shredding possibilities.

·    Set a special day that will be a declutter day. Choose a day, once or twice a month when your employees check their desks, folders and documents. Let them clean their workplace. Buy special folders and organizers to make this process easier.

·    Before asking your employees to clean – start with your workplace, be a positive examples for your colleagues. Remove papers from your desk, keep all the documents in special file folders. Use organizers and boxes for the old documents that should be kept.

·    Be ready to develop your own archiving system. All the outdated documents should be stocked in a special area in special boxes. Keep these papers for a required period of time. Our team recommends writing an expiry date on the boxes or folders.

·    Keep this process going, do not stop. When you receive a document, work on it immediately: file it or shred.

·    When the working day is over, set a rule to leave the office ONLY when your desk is CLEAN

If you don’t know how to tackle with a big heap of mess on your desk, follow our instructions. Clean and tidy table will give you peace of mind.

First of all clear your desk. Throw away all the things you don’t need anymore (rubbish).Gather all the clutter left and sort into the following piles:


Paper items

Specialty items such as pens, pencils, pins, blu-tack/sticky tacks, etc.


An empty desk is easier to clean than a messy one. Buy some boxes or drawers. They are incredibly useful if you need to store lots of stuff. For example, you can put the books which you need on the desk in the drawers. If you already have desk drawers just clear them out. Do the same thing with your cabinets. Clean all surfaces with a moist cloth and cleaning solution.

Put up shelves.

Prioritize the items by necessity and keep on your desk only the things that you use on a regular basis. Other stuff put in the desk shelves.

You can put a calender on your desk. This will help you see your schedule and know when you have up coming events.

If your desk does not have built-in CD storage, consider buying a CD container/rack. It will be useful if you store information on CD’s. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying new items go to a discount store.

Put a wastebasket. It is very important in keeping your desk neat. Put all of the rubbish in the bin. This will help you keep your desk clean.

Design a space for “Things that are of the highest importance.” You can prioritize such things by deadlines or importance and put them on a separate shelf.

Thee are many benefits of having a clean desk and a tidy office. You will work better and faster in a clean space. Tidy your desk at the end of each day! Never ever go home without tidying your office space! Always strive to keep your workplace clean and tidy. This will help you stay organized and ready to meet your customers. A clean and tidy desk as well as office bring up the appearance of a person that knows how to organize things smoothly. If you can maintain you office well-organized and clean, you must run your business successfully.

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