24-cleaning-of-hotel-roomExperts from commercial cleaning company in Seattle decided to share top secrets on how to clean hotel rooms.

These experts have cleaned a lot of hotel rooms and they know how to make them shiny. No matter where you will use their advice, there are lots of interesting things that you can learn from their experience.

Creating of a plan

You may develop a cleaning for every room. You need to know what you start with, you need to understand in what order you clean stuff. It’s good to have a check list in order not to miss anything while cleaning.

Starting at the top

Most experts say that cleaning of the room should be started from the top and work downward.

Don’t forget about the furniture

While you may be focused on the cleaning floors and other hard surfaces, you may forget about cleaning your furniture. Don’t forget to vacuum sofas and upholstery.

Clean the bulbs

Is it enough light in the room? If not, check whether the light bulbs are clean. Brighten up your room giving the bulbs regular cleaning.

Be careful with chemicals

First of all, remember the main rule: “NEVER MIX CHEMICALS!” Use chemicals only the way they should be used. Frankly speaking, nowadays more and more people choose to go green and they try to use natural cleaners which do not cause harm for the health.

Air your rooms by opening windows

Open windows are good not only for airing, but natural light that comes through opened windows help you to see more details. It’s also good for the environment and ventilation.

Use mattress protectors

These protectors may be used not only at hotel rooms but also at home. They help to save expensive mattresses from stains and spots.