home-scents-for-officeComfort and coziness of an office does not begin with modern furniture and decor elements. A positive first impression, feeling of well-being and good mood are created by air freshness and delicate aroma.

You can ensure the freshness in the room by wet cleaning and open windows, but this is in case your office is not located in the city center, where the air is full of carbon monoxide. When the weather outside is oppressively hot, frosty or just bad, artificial air fresheners come to help. But, unfortunately, most of them have a synthetic basis, which does not have a beneficial effect on our health, and their use in the premise with small children in it is completely undesirable.

It is possible to replace industrial fresheners for the premises with natural air fresheners, which you can do with your own hands. This article presents various ways that will help you to give the office a pleasant aroma and freshness without any risk to health.

“Citrus” freshener

Take the peels of citrus fruits (orange, lemon, tangerine, etc.) and cover them with alcohol. Let the peels sit in alcohol for some time and then dilute with a little water and use a spray gun to spray the resulting liquid around the room. This freshener will remove an unpleasant smell, moisten the air, and essential oils of citrus fruits will give you energy and a good mood.

“On-the-spot” freshener

If your office is lucky to have a kitchen part in it, there is one more method which can be helpful for an urgent and quick elimination of unpleasant smell. Use coffee beans, cinnamon sticks and dry peels of orange or lemon. Put them on a hot (but not burning!) stove burner. Under the influence of heat, they will give off a pleasant aroma and absorb foreign odors.

“Aroma of petals”

Use the fallen petals of fragrant flowers, for example, roses, peony, lilac, jasmine and others, to create a flower air freshener. For this method, you will need an ordinary salt of medium-fine grinding, petals and 50 g of alcohol. Into a dry jar with a volume of approximately 0.5 liters, put the petals of flowers and salt. Fill the jar with alcohol up to about 2 fingers below the neck and tightly close the lid. Then you need to put the jar in a dark place for two weeks, periodically shaking it.
In two weeks, the home-made freshener will be ready. For an aesthetic look, place it in a beautiful vase or a glass and enjoy the aroma. To give some spicy notes, add a few twigs of smelling herbs, such as basil or mint.

“Gelatin” freshener

This freshener can become a part of the office decor, giving it a pleasant aroma. You will need 30 g of gelatin and 10-15 drops of essential oil to your taste. Dissolve gelatin in 1 glass of water and add oil. To avoid rapid drying, add 1 tsp. of glycerol. Adding food coloring or flower petals to gelatin, you will get a fragrant stylish decoration of the room.

Fragrant wooden cubes

Wooden blocks, impregnated with essential oil, will become the original decoration of the room. Take your favorite essential oil, pour it into a small container and apply it to the cubes with a brush. Next, place the cubes in a closed container and leave overnight. In the morning you can use them.

Aroma sticks

Pour essential oil into a jar and add some baby oil. Give the resulting mixture a day to sit in a dark place. Then put the bamboo sticks into it, turn them upside-down in an hour and enjoy the aroma.

Easy Ways to Freshen Office Car

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46-freshen-office-carHow to make your drive to the office pleasant? Sometimes we drive the car that smells not really nice. Below are the pieces of advice from our experts that help to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Bath salt

Pour bath salt with strong fragrance into a small cotton bag. Place this bag into glove compartment. Every time you open it, you will surely enjoy the smell. Replace the bag when needed.

Potpourri wax tart

A potpourri wax tart is made and sold by candle companies. Experts advise to choose the scent you like and to place it into a cup holder in your car.

Fresh herbs

If you want to get rid unpleasant odors, we recommend placing fresh herbs on a newspaper in your car. Just leave these herbs to dry. The herbs will dry and bad odors will be removed.

Essential oils

Sprinkle several drops of your favorite essential oil onto mats. Use lemon or eucalyptus oil. They will help your car to smell nicely for the next several weeks.


Odor removal tips

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If you want to get rid of that bad odor that irritates you, the first thing you need to do is to remove the cause of this odor. Open the windows of your office to increase the air flow. Make sure you let the sun in to help dissipate smoke and other odors as you try to eliminate the cause. It will be good to put the smelly items outside for a while. Also, you can fill small dishes with vinegar or vanilla for an inexpensive smoke eater. Vinegar isan environmentally friendly cleaning products that works effectively in smoke odor removal. If your company doesn’t skimp on cleaning you can buy odor neutralizer from a janitorial supply store. This costly cleaning solution will work more effectively.

The odors that remain after a fire cling to your walls and furniture. That’s why it is not so easy to remove such odors. If we are talking about unpleasant odors caused by the fire, in most cases people hire professional odor removal companies to get rid of that odors. Cleaning professionals use strong smoke odor removal solutions that work in a short time. Generally it takes a relatively long time for cleaning companies to complete the odor removal procedures. Also, a lot of these services cost a fortune. But it’s definitely worth to hire the cleaning company.

The odors caused by fire are very harmful to the health of the people who stay in the facility. Special attention should be paid to the areas of the facility which have been severely damaged by fire. The smoke odors penetrate your walls, ceilings, drapes, carpets, rugs, furniture and other surfaces. Oftentimes, ozone generators are used to help eliminate the odors. These equipments will release oxygen ozone gas which will remove the odors from the air and the surfaces. If you deal with stubborn smoke odor you should should know that the longer you put it off, the harder it will get to remove this odor.

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