79-office-furnitureSpecific furniture is an integral element of office spaces, which is equally important for the normal working process as the office appliances. That’s why office cleaning must definitely include office furniture care. For the furniture to serve longer, optimum “life conditions” should be provided for it in the first place.
- the indoor temperature should not extend beyond 60°F … 77°F (the OSHA recommended temperature for comfortable and productive work of the office employees is 68°F – 76°F);
- relative humidity should not exceed 60%;
- arrange the furniture in such a manner to avoid direct sunlight hitting the furniture surfaces;
- tables must stand on flat surfaces, since a slant may aggravate tension on single elements and cause their deformation;
- the weight of the load should also be taken into consideration. In accordance with recommendations, maximum load on the bottom of the drawers should not exceed 10 kilos, and the load for the racking shelves is allowed twice as much as for the drawers.
Furniture is divided into different categories, so during the office cleaning it is important to consider the material it is made of. Laminated office furniture sets are considered the most undemanding in care. Laminate is moisture resistant, sustains well different mechanical loads, but doesn’t stand abrasive effect.
It’s enough for laminate to be wiped with a wet cloth, but as for the lacquered furniture, it requires much closer attention. During cleaning the surface of such furniture is wiped with a special wax containing mixture. It gives gloss, restores micro defects and performs a protective function at the same time.
The most difficult in maintenance and cleaning is upholstered office furniture. But this is the topic for our next article.

How to keep your workplace neat and tidy

On September 4, 2012, in Office area, by admin

You look up from your work desk and it feels as mountains of paper avalanche right onto you and you sink in these piles of paper. If this has ever happened to you, you know that there is only one remedy available in such a situation. Yes, that’s right you should clean up your workplace. A little bit of time and effort and you will have a clean and well-organized office place. A clean office will help you keep your sanity as well. This in its turn will help you show your boss that you’re an organized and dedicated employee.

If you don’t know where to start and how to organize your office — start by sorting. Prepare two bins: one for papers you can recycle and one for shredding. Go through all of the papers on your desk. Decide what papers you still need and trash those you don’t. Then, go through your desk drawers, closets, filing cabinets, bookcases cleaning out anything you no longer need. Make sure everything has its own place.

In order to increase your productivity you can reposition your office furniture so you can get to the things you need every day without any problems. Also, you can redesign your office. Put some pictures or paintings directly where you would look up from your computer. It is good to look away from your computer every six minutes.

Office cleaning is not an easy task to complete. If you really want to do a thorough job, make sure to wipe off your drawers, shelves, door handle, telephone, and keyboard. Swab your desk and or table. Clean your workplace using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. You can eveb make your own cleaning solution. All you need is vinegar and baking soda. The major cleaning is done.

If you don’t want to spend tons of time every few weeks cleaning your office, clean up every day. Make this your end-of-the-day ritual.