Spring is a time of renewal. Your company also should prepare for some office renovation. Take care of your office and it will become a productive place to work.

First of all, look around. Find a work environment where you spend most of your time. Exactly, it’s work desk. This place should be clean and well-organized. Try to have only necessary items on your desktop that you use everyday. In most cases, your telephone, computer, planner, writing items and action files will be left on your desktop. You might need some other items depending on your job functions. Try to file papers in the appropriate filing system. If you are working on some current project, store it in its own file folder. Create your to-do list and consolidate your sticky notes into it.

Second, pay attention to what surrounds your desk. It’s better to keep a minimum of items around you. Those items that you need should be located so that you can find and use them easily.

Third, check your office supplies. Maybe you are low on some, then replenish it.

You should keep your office clean and well-organized. The best way to complete this task is to maintain your work environment on a daily basis. Cleaning your office regularly will help you avoid the build up of clutter. In addition, if your office is free of bacteria, you stay healthy and use your work time efficiently.

This is not a difficult task to clean up your work space at the end of the day, and get it ready for the next day. This process will take few minutes. If daily maintenance is not possible, try at least every week or month.