13-estimation-of-costsIt’s not a secret that any office area should look nice and clean in order to be successful and appealing to the clients. Today experts from our company will help you to understand how to evaluate the cost of these commercial cleaning services. If you have any questions, we would love to answer them, just contact us.

First of all you need to determine the square footage amount that should be cleaned.

And then you need to determine the tasks that should be done daily, weekly or monthly by the cleaning company. For example, basic tasks may include window washing, vacuuming, cleaning of the restrooms, washing the walls, washing the doors, dusting, cleaning of the desks, chairs and reception area. The price for these services will vary in different companies. Look through the internet to find out how much the companies ask for such type of cleaning.

Write down all the tasks that need to be performed by the commercial cleaning company. It will take you more than one day, because it’s impossible to remember all the tasks that should be done.

And now it’s time to select a cleaning company. Search for a company through special services on the web, ask your friends if they can advise you a good company. And, of course, conduct as much interviews as possible. Be sure to explain to them all the tasks and your requirements, explain how often you expect them to come. Name your price and wait for their reaction, also be sure to ask how much they charge for performing extra tasks. Be sure to keep in mind your budget that is affordable.

Good luck in choosing the company that will suit you and meet all your desires and requirements!