14-commercial-steam-carpet-cleaningFirst of all, it should be said that there is difference between carpet cleaning machines and steam vapor machines. Commercial carpet cleaning machines use not vapor but heated water, and the steam vapor machines use vapor and the amount of water that is used is much smaller.

There are many advantages in using vapor cleaning machines, because they clean quickly, they help to disinfect and sanitize the cleaned surface, and they use very little amount of water, so they are very efficient.

It should be said that there is a great choice of the vapor steam cleaners on the market, of course, some of them can be used at home but most are for the commercial usage.

Experts say that such vapor cleaners are very eco-friendly because they do not use chemical cleaning products. These machines continue to gain popularity because they can disinfect and sanitize the cleaned surfaces.

These vapor cleaners are considered to be hypoallergenic and they can be used by people and in the environments with allergies. They do not require any additional cleaning chemicals that cause allergies; at the same time without chemicals the quality of the air in the room becomes much better.

It should be said that there are several types of steam cleaners, and the difference in them lies in the way the steam is created.

There is dry and hot steam cleaner that boils the water and in such a way steam is created. They are also called dry because a boiler system creates steam that is very low in humidity.

The second type is a vapor cleaner without a boiler; the steam in such a vapor cleaner is not so hot and more humid.