29-carpet-cleaning-tipsClean office is the real face of how the office works. That’s why it is very important to have clean carpet in your office and not only on the day of cleaning, but all the year round. Professional janitorial service shares cleaning tips for your carpet.

1.      If you use the help of janitorial service, make sure they vacuum all the areas which are most frequently used at least two or three times a week, and the rest of the carpet at least once a week.

2.      Professionals recommend using special floor mats under the chairs, because it will save your carpet from scraping.

3.      You also need to make sure that cleaning crew uses stain-resistant carpet protector after cleanings.

4.      Make sure that a commercial cleaning company is ready to help you as soon as possible when a heavy stain occurs on the carpet.

5.      Cleaning crew shouldn’t also forget to clean under the rugs and carpets from time to time.

6.      If you don’t want the color to transfer from the furniture to the floor, use protective blocks for several days after cleaning.

7.      It is much better to clean carpets and furniture on the same day, because it will save time and won’t interrupt the working process.

When your carpet is properly maintained and cleaned, its’ life will be extended. But be sure to choose the right company that provide commercial cleaning services, choose the most professional company.

If you still look for a professional commercial cleaning crew, our cleaning company that works in Seattle and the area will gladly help you.