30-cleaning-windows-in-officeIt should be said that many of the offices do not clean their windows often enough. Once or twice a year, seasonal window cleaning is not enough for the office. Our experts agree that you need to clean the windows in the office at least once in three months, because clean windows are important for an office’s general outlook.

Our experts have prepared professional cleaning windows tips that will be helpful for any cleaning company. But you also need to understand that these tips won’t be able to substitute the great work of a commercial cleaning company.

1.      Cleaning methods

The best way to work on your windows is from top to bottom. Usually this method helps to avoid leaving streaks on the windows. It is recommended wiping the water streaming in such a technique, from top to bottom, because in such a way you won’t have stains on the dry windows.

2.      Use a cleaner that is eco-friendly

Most of the cleaners that are sold in the stores are ammonia based; they are too dangerous for your health. If you don’t find the eco-friendly cleaner in the store, you may make it yourself. You may mix white vinegar with warm water and prepare very safe and efficient window cleaner not only for your home but also for your office.

3.      Cleaning tall windows

Your office may be situated not on the first floor and it’s much better to ask professionals to clean tall windows. But if you want to save your money, you may use a garden hose foe washing tall windows. You may also use a painter’s pole and attach a clean cloth to it.

4.      Don’t forget to protect the floor

Professionals say that the easiest way to protect your floors is to cover them with old newspapers. Some of the window cleaners may leave stains on the floor and the newspapers will help you to protect it.

5.      Dry your windows with usual newspapers

Usual newspapers are the best way for drying your windows. Newspapers do not leave water stains on the windows.