45-how-clean-is-hotel-roomDoes your hotel look clean? No stains on the sheets, no hair in the bathroom, no dirt and dust. But is it really clean? There are no guarantees that someone hasn’t left the germs or bacteria.

Be careful and try this steps.

1.      Read reviews

Even before booking a room, read the reviews of the hotel you are going to stay at. Usually these reviews are honest.

2.      Have antibacterial wipes

According to the travel experts the germiest thing in a room is a TV REMOTE. To this list of germiest places we can add doorknobs, toilet flusher, faucets, ice bucket and phone. Wipe this things with antibacterial wipes before you touch them.

3.      Remove the bedspread

Travelers advise to remove it immediately, because these things are not changed after every traveler.

4.      Wash water glasses

Keep in mind that there are only two states that require hotels to sanitize water glasses, they are Kansas and Missouri. Before drinking from this glasses, at least wash them thoroughly.

5.      Wash your hands

Every mom teaches her children to wash hands. We also say: WASH HANDS in every season, especially at cold and flue season. Washing hands prevents the spread of germs. Use warm water and soap every time you wash your hands.