23-hiding-places-for-germsOf course, you won’t be able to create a completely germ-free surrounding for you, especially in the office. But experts recommend to be aware and to avoid the places in the office where the most germs and bacteria are accumulated.

  • Computer keyboard and computer mouse

The reason, why a keyboard and a mouse are the dirtiest things, is simple, people just forget or don’t know how to clean them. You need to remember that you need to clean your keyboard and a mouse at least at the end of every week or it’s better to do on Monday before starting your work. Disinfect them using special wipes.

  • Your desk

Lots of things that you keep on your desk may be a haven for germs. What should be done? The answer is simple – CLEAN IT! Again use special disinfecting wipes. Experts recommend cleaning your desk as often as possible.

  • Door handles

Door handles or knobs act as magnets for germs and bacteria. Ask a cleaning crew to disinfect and clean not only the door handles but also doorframes of your office.

  • Phone

Of course, office workers talk a lot on the phone. Studies show that more that 25, 127 germs and bacteria per square inch can be found on the average office phone receiver. Be sure to disinfect your phone as soon as you finish reading this article.

  • Copy Machine

You need to remember that lots of people use it and all of them leave bacteria and germs on the buttons of a copier. In order to avoid getting sick wear plastic gloves. Ridiculous? Yes…So, what should we do? After using shared office equipment wash your hands with soap and warm water.

Be healthy and think about your safety even at work!