22-save-money-going-greenWhat a businessman doesn’t want to save money? Today experts from Pro Quality cleaning want to share several green tips that will help businessman to save money.

1. Recycling

Tons of recycling stuff is accumulated in the office monthly. In order to go green create a special plan that will help you to start recycling process. There are many recycling companies that provide you with special bins and very often they don’t charge for that.

2. Old products that are not used.

Anything that is not used in your office, but still works, may be donated to different organizations. Most often computers are upgraded, but the old ones can’t be thrown away because they contain toxic substances. Old equipment needs special very expensive utilization. Instead of utilization experts say that it’s much better to donate office equipment to schools.

3. Less paper usage

Go digital and use less paper in the office. Instead of printing and handing out tons of papers it’s much better to send an e-mail.

4. Use coffee mugs, tea cups and glasses

Instead of using plastic cups and plates ask your workers to use usual glasses, cups and mugs. But be sure to explain to your workers that they need to clean after themselves.

5. Use less paper towels and disposable wipes during cleaning

It’s much better to use sponges and mops that are reusable.

6. Don’t forget to turn off your computer

Very often workers do not turn off their computers and it’s a big mistake, because they do not save the energy. Researches have shown that one turned off computer can save up to $ 150 annually.

7. Energy-saving bulbs

Nowadays it’s not a secret that you can save the energy bills using special energy-saving bulbs that do actually work. Each bulb can save up to $ 40.