64-tips-for-clean-officeA clean and organized office should be a priority foe every business. Clean environment maximizes productivity and plays an important role for your clients.

Our team has prepared several, but very important tips for a clean office.

  • Less Paper

Go digital! Use as less papers as possible. Offices spend lots of money on paper that later just clutter your office. Computers save so much time and money. You wrote a letter and one click and the letter is sent! No printing, no folders, no clutter. Your work desk will be really clean

  • Clean Entrance

Mats and rugs will help to keep your office clean; they collect moisture and dirt at the entrance door. Later you will understand that mats and rugs save money on carpet cleaning

  • Garbage Bins Everywhere

Use as many trashcans in the office as possible. Your customers and employees shouldn’t look for a trashcan, they should be easy to find. Don’t forget to remove trash regularly. If you have a professional cleaning crew, they know that it is one of the priorities.

  • Regular Cleaning

Don’t wait till your carpets, floors, windows, furniture will be covered with dirt. Your cleaning crew should know that you require regular and thorough cleanings. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Seattle, Renton or King County, ProQuality Office Cleaning will gladly help you

  • Have the Eyes of Your Customers

Imagine that you are a client of your company. Look around your office and try to understand what looks not so clean or not so organized. Remember, a clean office is a professional office.