65-maintain-office-carpetDo you have an office that meets lots of people daily? Do you want to extend the life and durability of your carpets? If yes, than this article is prepared just for you. Experts from Pro Quality Office cleaning have prepared several tips for you that will surely come in handy.

The number one aim for the janitorial companies in offices is to keep carpets clean, free from stains, but it is very important for managers and property owners to know what cleaning supplies are used in their office.

First of all, you can ask you janitorial company to provide you with the list of chemicals they use for cleaning stains. You need it because sometimes cleaning supplies do not work well and the stains appear again and become even worse.

What do you know about the methods of carpet cleaning? The most common methods include:

  • Water Extraction

Special equipment sprays water with special chemicals and at the same time vacuums it. The water dissolves dirt and a vacuum cleans it.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is good, but it cannot be used on man-made carpets or it can cause shrinking of wool carpets. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it kills dust mites, and removes almost every stain, but it will take about 8 hours for your carpet to dry.

  • Foam Dry Cleaning

Do not believe that it says “dry”. This method also requires usage of water. Cleaning machines of this type use foam to cover the surface and then it is vacuumed. Usually the carpet will be dry whining an hour. Disadvantages include damaging of the carpet by brushes and bleed lines from a shampoo.

Use entrance mats. We have said about it so many times, but again this tip is important.

You cannot believe, but door mats do wonders, they reduce the amount of dirt, moisture, sand, etc.