Cleaning Tips for Restaurants

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42-cleaning-tips-restaurantHygiene at the restaurants should be a number one matter. In order to be productive and effective your restaurant should keep to the health regulations and codes.

Here are several tips from our cleaning experts that will help you to keep your restaurant clean and germ-free.

·         The main thing in a clean kitchen is floor drains. They should always be clean and well-maintained.

·         All the floors at the restaurant should be covered with special anti-slip coating. It will help your visitors not to fall, but at the same time it will keep the floor clean. You may use extra layer of coating in the hard to reach spots.

·         If you use mops and buckets at your restaurant, you need to remember that these things should be cleaned every day. They should be also disinfected once in a while.

·         A good buffer is a great helper at the restaurant. Buff the floors at least once a week. The best way to buff the floor is to use a special machine. Choose a small one that will be perfect for your kitchen.

·         You also need to remember that all the cleaners and other chemicals, as well as mops and buckets, should be stored in a special place. This will help them to remain clean and stay away from any pests.

        And let me mention again, if you want to save time and be sure that your restaurant is clean and shiny, our company will help you with that. We know how to work and please our clients.

Easy PC Cleaning

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35-easy-pc-cleaningThe PC, screen, mouse and keyboard need to be cleaned like anything else in the office. But unfortunately, we do forget to give them appropriate cleaning.

If you are the one who forgets to do it, let’s start immediately.

Turn off your computer. Spray a glass cleaning product on a soft cloth, don’t spray it directly on the screen. The cleaning product may damage the screen.

Gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth, be sure to wipe away all the fingerprints.

And now let’s clean the keyboard. It should be said that every keyboard is full of crumbs, coffee spills and dust.

In order to clean it, turn it over and let all the crumbs to fall. You may also remove all the keys, but be sure to make a picture of their right order. It is not recommended taking off big keys, such as the Enter Key, the space bar, etc.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and wipe the keyboard.

Gently wipe away all the stains and spills.

As for the key caps, you may wash then and rinse them thoroughly and then leave them to dry in the air. Put them on the same places.

 The mouse

Unplug the computer mouse, open the underside of it and remove the ball and the batteries.

Use a damp cloth to wipe any grime. You may also use rubbing alcohol for a better cleaning.

Gently wipe the inside of the mouse and let it air-dry.

Now your computer is clean and safe to use it again.

33-questions-for-carpet-cleaningNowadays the number of cleaning companies is great. The same happens with carpet cleaning services. How to choose the most reputable and professional carpet cleaning service?

Here are several tips that will help you to find a carpet cleaning service for your office that will meet all your needs and requirements.

You need to understand that you, as a manager or the office, will need to ask a lot of questions in order to understand whether this company suits you or not.

These questions should include:

1.       Does your company charge extra for moving the furniture around?

2.       How long does it take until it is allowed to walk on the clean carpets?

3.       Will the scents be a problem for the employees with allergies?

4.       Do you charge extra for difficult stains?

5.       Will you provide a written cost estimate?

6.       Do you have any references to call?

7.       Do you provide a copy of the proof of liability insurance?

8.       Do you use a carpet steam cleaning or shampoo cleaning?

You need to be aware about all the services the carpet cleaning company provides, because different companies provide different services.

Before the carpet rug cleaners come you need to secure valuable and breakable items.

Put away documents and paper piles.

After the cleaning is done you are to make sure you like it.

Inspect the cleaning work that was done within 24 hours.

If you find the drawbacks in the work, unclean areas or stains that have not been removed, make the company known immediately.

The cleaners should come again and resolve the problem in the shortest possible time.


25-interesting-cleaning-tipsWe spend most of our life at work. We are overloaded with all the tasks we need to perform. No wonder we do not have time to organize papers on our desk and always are looking for the car keys in this mess.

The first thing you need to understand is that when you leave your office or desk try to leave it clean.

File all the documents that you have been using today and find special folders for them. Find at the store a special organizer that will help you store all the papers and documents.

We are talking not only about your paper documents but also about your computer. Don’t forget to organize all the documents in it. Make folders and don’t collect your documents on the desktop.

Experts recommend starting Monday with cleaning your electronics.

Clean places with the largest number of germs in the office: a computer keyboard, a mouse and a phone. There are special gadgets that can be used for cleaning your electronics, but we are sure that a usual antibacterial wipes will work perfectly.

The next step in making your office shining is decluttering of your desk.

Most people leave thing here and then try to find them in the piles of papers and documents. Once and for always clean your table, throw away everything that you don’t need and assign a special place for the things that are used and needed.

If you put everything in the right place, you won’t have mountains of unneeded things.

And one more thing you need to do is to throw away all the junk from your table and from the drawers.

The next time someone gives you a calendar or a card as a present from the partner company, it’s better to throw it right away in order not to make a mess on your desk.

Office Trash: Let’s Manage It!

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20-office-trashOffice is a place where you will find lot’s of papers, documents and other stuff that is not needed. Trash is accumulated in the office with the velocity of light. That’s why this problem should be solved by every employer.

Sometimes it seems that office trash will never go away. There are piles of different papers in every corner of the office; trash cans are always full of papers.

It should be said that office trash is usually represented by paper, cardboards, office stationery and food that was thrown away by the workers.

What you need to understand while taking about office trash is most of it is recyclable. You just need to sort your trash and recycle that can be recycled. Experts say that such trash sorting saves a lot of money.

The firs thing experts recommend doing is checking with your trash removal company whether they charge for recycling removal. Nowadays most of the companies do not charge for removing recycling.

But if you find out that your trash removal company charges you for everything, we recommend changing the company. Just call one of the recycling removal companies. They will provide you with special trash cans for paper, glass, plastic, etc.

You also need to remember that many stores will gladly accept all the recyclable ink toners or other supplies. They will also give you as a gift special discount cards. Search in the internet what are proposed by different companies in your region.

The main thing you need to understand that you must manage your office trash. And it’s not very difficult to do, you just need the desire.

If you don’t have time, the experts from Pro Quality Office Cleaning will gladly help you to cope with this problem and save money on trash.

16-cleanness-in-storeIt is known that unclean stores tent to lose its customers. And is your store clean enough? All the store owners should understand that unclean and dirty stores do not look appealing.

Just imagine yourself a customer of your store. What will you notice first? What arrears will you avoid? You may also ask them. You even may not realize that something is missing or something should be changed.

What is the best variant for a store owner? We will say a hiring of a professional commercial cleaning service that will give your store a real and professional cleaning.

Of course, they will move shelves and clean in the places that are difficult to reach, they will make your display shelves shine.

If your store has special refrigerators and freezers, professionals will clean them outside and inside. They will also fight unpleasant odors or food odors that can be felt in the refrigerators.

After a deep cleaning performed by the professionals, your customers will see the difference.

The next thing you need to do in order not to loose your customers is to have the commercial cleaning crew on a special regular timetable.

It’s not a secret that clean and shiny store keeps the old customers and attracts new ones, of course. You shouldn’t also forget about the inside of your store, about the restrooms for the employees, about manager’s room and office. Keep it clean, because no one knows when you may have a meeting with potential providers or partners.

Make your store clean and don’t be afraid of loosing your customers! More customers – better business, greater results!!!

Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning Systems

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14-commercial-steam-carpet-cleaningFirst of all, it should be said that there is difference between carpet cleaning machines and steam vapor machines. Commercial carpet cleaning machines use not vapor but heated water, and the steam vapor machines use vapor and the amount of water that is used is much smaller.

There are many advantages in using vapor cleaning machines, because they clean quickly, they help to disinfect and sanitize the cleaned surface, and they use very little amount of water, so they are very efficient.

It should be said that there is a great choice of the vapor steam cleaners on the market, of course, some of them can be used at home but most are for the commercial usage.

Experts say that such vapor cleaners are very eco-friendly because they do not use chemical cleaning products. These machines continue to gain popularity because they can disinfect and sanitize the cleaned surfaces.

These vapor cleaners are considered to be hypoallergenic and they can be used by people and in the environments with allergies. They do not require any additional cleaning chemicals that cause allergies; at the same time without chemicals the quality of the air in the room becomes much better.

It should be said that there are several types of steam cleaners, and the difference in them lies in the way the steam is created.

There is dry and hot steam cleaner that boils the water and in such a way steam is created. They are also called dry because a boiler system creates steam that is very low in humidity.

The second type is a vapor cleaner without a boiler; the steam in such a vapor cleaner is not so hot and more humid.


2-cleaning-service-for-your-businessYour company has decided to hire a cleaning service? But be careful while choosing the right company. Nobody wants to spent lots of dollars on the commercial cleaning company and not to receive the results.

Here are several tips how you can indemnify your company while choosing the cleaning service.

Before meeting with the cleaning companies, you need to understand what kind of services you would like to get and how often you want the cleaning to be done.

For example, you need to determine how often you want the office restrooms to be cleaned, how often should the vacuuming be done. Make up a list of the needs and your desires as for the cleaning, the methods of cleaning, etc. Don’t forget to think about the minimum and the maximum of the budget that can be spend on the cleaning company.

While the meeting with the company, you are to ask a lot of questions. If they are professionals, they will give you concrete and clear answers.

The questions that you are to ask the future cleaning service providers:

1.       How long have the company been working? Ask about their specialties if they have any.

2.       Be sure to ask if the company is licensed and insured, ask for the documents that prove this fact.

3.       Ask whether they have control procedures.

4.       Ask for a written contract with all the detailed information about the company and the services they are to provide.

5.       Ask about emergency response policies whether they provide such services or not.

Be sure to meet with representatives of several companies in your region. If you research you’ll probably find the most appropriate company for your office.

Pro Quality Cleaning provides high quality cleaning services in Seattle and Seattle region.

Contact our company to get more information about cleaning services we provide. We will be glad to help you and make your office shining.



It’s not a secret that most of us perceive cleaning as an annoying process. And when it’s comes time to clean your home you strive to put it aside. You know that the next day everything will be the same and you will have to clean up again and this makes you even more anxious and frustrated. Many people resolve this problem hiring professional cleaning services. In such situation cleaning services are very beneficial. There are a lot of options. You can hire a professional cleaner to come in every day, once a week, or fortnight depending on your needs. They can deep clean your home from top to bottom, or just provide general cleaning and sanitizing of the basics. It’s up to you what should be cleaned, sanitized or removed. You tell what to do (make a list for example) and they meet sll your needs and requirements. It’s really great option for busy people or for those who don’t like or even hate dealing with household chores.

So, if you decide to hire someone to clean your home yo will face the problem whom to hire. Choosing a cleaning provider relying on from mouth to mouth method is not always a good idea. It’s better to do it through a reputable company, instead of say, neightbours, nephews, etc.

One of the main reasons for this is that professional cleaners are covered under workman’s compensation insurance in case anything happens to them while working in your house. Individuals will not have this option. And this may put a dent in your budget.

Reputation is everything for a cleaning company. It works hard to establish a good reputaion to retain and find customers. In addition, professional cleaners are more efficient. They are well trained in every aspect of cleaning, use the best equipment and products. When you hire professional you get better service quality.

It’s dificult to trust individuals you hire through an ad you found in the newspaper or online. A cleaning professional will most likely have years of experience and you can worry less about theft.

Oftentimes people think that hiring independent contractors costs less. But sometimes it’s vise versa. The commercial cleaning companies offer package deals at a discounted rate or lower their prices if you get their services on an ongoing basis.

In most cases when you hire a cleaning company you won’t be paying by the hour. Professional cleaners will clean your home efficiently and in the fastest manner. Individuals oftentimes charge by the hour and take their time to make more money.

Hiring the professional and efficient cleaning company can be hard and challenging. Check out the following tips that can help you find the right cleaning service provider.

There are lots of commercial cleaning companies out there that offer quality services and competitive prices. All of them would love to have your business. So, you have a lot of options and should choose the best cleaning company. This company should be professional enough to serve all your needs. The key is hiring the medium-sized local cleaning company that has a good reputation, well trained insured and bonded staff that love their work. The cleaners should be dedicated to what they do, pay attention to delails and do their best to meet all the clients’ needs.

Your city has a lot of good, local cleaning companies to choose from. But how to make the best choice? Here are a few questions you should ask the cleaning company you contact. These questions will help you screen out the not so professional, not efficient, not reliable cleaning services:

What do you use for Dusting? There are many dusters and cleaning rags out there. Look for company that uses microfiber dusters and rags. Micro-Fiber is the best material that catches and contains the dust. Some housekeepers use cotton rags to clean the surfaces. But first of all, cotton rugs may leave lint behind and it will make your desk look like it still has dust and second the housekeeper will spend more time on completing the same task as using a microfiber rag.

What equipment do you use for Sweeping? Make sure the cleaning staff use a dust-mop and not a simple broom. Using a dust-mop cuts the working time almost in half! Everyone wants to hire a cleaning company that is efficient when cleaning. Cleaning time is your money and you can save a lot if the company you hire clean thoroughly and efficiently.

Ask the cleaners what vacuum they use for carpet cleaning. If you have at least 2,000 sq.ft. of carpeting, it is more efficient to use a back-pack vacuum. For smaller places it’s good to use an upright vacuum. If you want to get under those hard to reach areas, it’s better to use a back-pack vacuum as it will anable you to maneuver. This type of vacuum is more expensive than an upright one. But a back-pack vacuum saves cleaners time they can spand on other task. In addition, this vacuum doesn’t cause harm to your floor as it doesn’t have rollers that can scrub your flooring. Cleaners cary this vacuum on their back thus have both hands free. They can simultaneously operate the “wand” and move items when vacuuming.

A professional and efficient cleaning company will make sure they have the right tools to do a quality work. Professional cleaners should know how to choose the right equipment depending on the area, specifications and size of the job. Hire a cleaning company that is locally owned and operated, treat its employees well and meets your needs and requirements.