How to clean up the kitchen equipment

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84-office-kitchen-equipmentIn this article we will talk about indispensable assistants of a present-day person in the kitchen – small appliances. These kitchen appliances make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Microwave, juicer, blender, toaster turn the hard work of cooking in a pleasant experience, significantly reducing your time spent in the kitchen area of your office. Of course, these devices require some care. We will tell you how to quickly and efficiently clean these appliances.

Microwave oven. With its help you can quickly cook, heat or defrost food. Microwave ovens found their application not only in domestic life, they also have become one of the favorite appliances of office workers.

• To clean the outside of the microwave, use glass cleaner. It can be used both in pure form or diluted with water in a ratio of two to one.

• The same means can be used to clean also the inside part of the microwave. For this purpose an aqueous solution of a cleaning agent should be poured into a bowl (special one, for microwave ovens) and put on maximum heat for several minutes. Under the action of steam grease and other contaminants will soften, and you will just have to wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Then rinse thoroughly household chemical residues from surfaces and wipe them thoroughly with a dry cloth. Leave the microwave open until it is completely dry.

• It is also possible to clean a microwave oven by using vinegar or citric acid. Pour one hundred grams of water in a ceramic cup and add a spoonful of vinegar or half a standard bag of citric acid. Depending on the power of your oven heat the cup until the water boils and steam showers all surfaces. Open the microwave oven, remove the cup and wipe the inside with a microfiber cloth.

Instead of vinegar, you can use a solution of baking soda (one tablespoon of baking soda per a cup of water). All further actions are the same as with a solution of vinegar.

A toaster is able to cook the crunchy toasts quickly. It, like any appliance in our kitchen, needs to be cleaned once in a while. But it should be cleaned not only from the outside. Within some prolonged use of this device it accumulates crumbs, which after being burnt, not only emit an unpleasant smell, but also reduce the efficiency of the toaster.

- Before you start to clean a toaster, unplug it. Wait for the toaster to cool completely down. Remember, it is forbidden to wash a toaster under running water, you also can not immerse it in water.

- The housing can be cleaned with baking soda. It is enough to apply soda to the sponge and rub the outer surface, putting a little more effort in the areas of maximum contamination. Then, wipe the remnants of soda with a microfiber sponge.

- The inner surface of the toaster should be cleared from crumbs. For this purpose spread paper or cloth on the kitchen table (so that crumbs are easier to remove). Put some salt into the slot for putting pieces of bread. Then you need to close the slot, for example, with parchment paper, fix it (you can do it with duck tape). The next step will be a good shake-up of the toaster. Salt will cleanse toaster from adhered crumbs and scale film. Now you need to remove the paper and shake out the toaster. It is necessary to clear the toaster from the salt residues. For this purpose you can use a brush or an old toothbrush, you also may try to blow the toaster off with a strong air flow (you may use for this purpose a hairdryer).

- If the toaster is equipped with a removable tray, wash it with water and detergent.

Blender, mixer, juicer. These devices do not require any special care. They are easy to be taken apart. Removable parts can be washed in a dishwasher or by hand using a conventional detergent. To wash the strainers (if a special brush is not included) it is convenient to use an old toothbrush not suitable anymore for brushing teeth.

Note! The part of the devices, where the engine is located, cannot be wash under running water; for safety you may just wipe it with a wet cloth.

Easy to care for and very useful in everyday life small appliances can make cooking easier and more enjoyable and last longer if you keep them clean and follow the operation rules.

Handy office cleaning tips

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When you hire a commercial cleaning company you know that professional cleaners will come to your facility twice per week or more frequently. You rely on them to clean your office from top to bottom. You understand that it’s their responsibility to clean and maintain your office facility. But you should face the fact that sometimes hiring a cleaning service to come weekly or even daily is just not enough. Office cleaners do their work but between their cleans everything may happen. You or your coworkers may spill the coffee, leave bread crumbs, etc. A piece of paper here, a pan there, a jacket hung over a chair, a file set down at random…it all piles up and in few days or even hours you may not recognize your office space. Your previously spotless office can just in few hours become a huge mess once again.

So you also should be responsible for cleanliness of your office area. You should strive to keep your work place neat and tidy, so your office won’t become a pile of files, pensa and coffee mugs. Here are some tips to help you maintain your office as clean as possible between visits.

Always keep emergency cleaning supplies for those unforeseen circumstances. Keep handi wipes, some iar freshner. Last mentioned will help you make your office smell clean and fresh.

Get a brush to get rid of crumbs hidden in your computer. Oftentimes employees eat at the desk. This computer brush will help you get rid of crumbs and dust. They will disappear immediately. Tell your employeesor coworkers that they should keep their food in special drawers or mini-friedge. Keeping snacks in a special place (under the desk for example) will definitely reduce the amount of clutter in the area.

Always wash out dirty mugs or cups. If you want coffee, don’t just get a new cup, make sure to wash (throw out) the old one.

Clothing tossed around makes mess. Try to keep your clothing in a closet, if you don’t have it, suggest a communal area where you and your cooworkers could hang up their coats, jackets and gear.

If you want to find what you’re looking for faster, keep your desl organized. Use filing cabinets, they exist for a reason. If there is stuff on your desk that should remain there for a reason it also can be filed or at least neat. Your desk won’t look cluttered if you keep piles of documents contained.

Get rid of extraneous stuff. Piles of old papers, receipts, broken pens or pencils…if you aren’t using it, dispose it all.

Find a garbage can that will fit in your workspace. Place it near your desk. This will prevent buildup of trash and junk.

Everything should be in its place. It’s essential to have a drawer, a shelf or rack for your stuff. Take adventage of in- and out-boxes, desk organizers, pencil holders. All this stuff can make your life easier. Good luck!

What an interesting office cleaning idea to incite employees to keep their office clean and tidy at all times. Below we will provide you with few creative office cleaning tips on how to maintain the office tidy and clean without any significant inconvenience.

Keeping a workplace clean is important to any company whether it receives costumers at their business premises or not. Many companies hire professional office cleaning services to clean their offices while others prefer to divide the cleaning responsibilities between their employees. In this way employees are encouraged to keep their offices sparkling clean at all times.

The best place to start introducing cleanness is employee’s workstations and desks. Every employee should be responsible for its own work space; employees should strive to keep their desks uncluttered and speckless.

It’s recommended to not allow employees to eat at their workstations. Also, it’s nice to incite employees to wash their hands every time they return from a snack specially if they went out to eat.

Unfortunately the offices that allow employees to eat at their desks tend to turn their keyboards into bacteria’s hives. Also, it’s better not to allow your employees to store food in their workstation drawers and make sure they keep them tidy and clean as well. It would be good to provide files and folders so employees can store their paper work and avoid paper clutter on their desks.

If you hire an office cleaning company make sure their cleaning specialists disinfect keyboards and phones every time they come to clean your office. In addition, make sure they use appropriate cleaning solutions, because using the wrong products may lead to damaging electrical equipment.

Implement random audits and penalties for those employees who don’t keep their workplaces organised and clean. In this way you will incite your employees to maintain their workstations clean and tidy most of the time.