Office clean ups & moves

On June 21, 2013, in Office area, by admin

Oftentimes offices perceive summer as a great time for an office clean up. It’s a good time and opportunity to clear out old files and carry out a big cleaning project. This cleaning project may also include office move as summer is also a very suitable season for office moves. Such office move in most cases includes sorting out, filing the papers, packing and moving office files.

Managing an office clean up or moving into a new office space can be challenging without proper guidance. The following organizing tips may help you make the process less chaotic and minimize problems related to moving. Following our advices will ensure conducting an efficient and effective project.

First of all it would be good to create an inventory of your records. These inventories are very useful in situations such as office moves and clean up projects. Having such inventories will help you get a better understanding of what records your office has. This will also help to identify which records are good candidates for off-site storage, which are ready for destruction, and which are ready for transfer to the archives. If you are moving to a new office, you can use inventories to document the records you pack into different boxes. This will definitely help you in unpacking and organizing your records in the new office. Sometimes office employees find it difficult to manage piles of documents. Some important documents can be lost. That’s why it is especially useful to note what documents you keep and where you keep them.

When you move to new location you should prepare the records that are going to be moved with you. Spend some time documenting what records are being moved, where they are being moved to, and who is responsible for them. This will insure your records are not abandoned or misplaced. You will find it more easy to unpack you records in your new office.

After you have packed your boxes, fill out the identification form for each box and place it inside the box. You can keep a copy of the completed form for yourself just to be safe. Label the outside of each box with owner’s name.

Summer is a prime season for office moves of big clean up projects. Don’t lose the opportunity to spend your time wisely.

Cleaning and Organizing your office space

On January 25, 2013, in Office area, by admin

If you find yourself spending more then few minutes to find an important document in your office (or even something as simple as a pencil), it may be time to clean up your office space. When you decide to organize your office, don’t do it alone – incorporate everyone in the office.

Choose one day and tell employees that this day is not a business-as-usual day, rather it’s a day to tidy up. Invite everyone to bring old clothes and their favorite cleaning supplies. Try to make cleaning an interesting experience for all incorporated.

Follow these steps for a successful clean-up.

Before you begin to clear out your office, arm yourself with the cleaning supplies. Make sure everyone in the office has what he/she needs to get organized. Go shopping for office supplies that you will need to reorganize your office area. Be sure to purchase file folders, pads, new pens and pencils, self-stick notes, cleaning solutions and garbage bags.

Prepare yourself to throw away old stuff. Cleaning out your office includes throwing some very old files and papers away. Take everything out of each shelf, drawer and file cabinet. Decide what to keep and what to toss. Save master and legal documents. Store all tax records. Throw out what you don’t need or use. Create a place for everything left. Wipe down all your drawers, cabinets and desk spaces with a wet rag.

To give your office a thorough clean-up, you will need to spend the whole day re-organizing, throwing out, wiping down, etc. If you can’t spare at least 4-5 hours to tidying your work space, leave some taks for the next day. But try to complete all the main cleaning and organizing tasks.

Make cleaning and reorganizing your office space a habit. Clean and organize your office on a regular basis. It will help you make your daily work life more efficient. Maintain order throughout your office and it will let your company start each day with a clean slate.