Cleaning and Organizing your office space

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If you find yourself spending more then few minutes to find an important document in your office (or even something as simple as a pencil), it may be time to clean up your office space. When you decide to organize your office, don’t do it alone – incorporate everyone in the office.

Choose one day and tell employees that this day is not a business-as-usual day, rather it’s a day to tidy up. Invite everyone to bring old clothes and their favorite cleaning supplies. Try to make cleaning an interesting experience for all incorporated.

Follow these steps for a successful clean-up.

Before you begin to clear out your office, arm yourself with the cleaning supplies. Make sure everyone in the office has what he/she needs to get organized. Go shopping for office supplies that you will need to reorganize your office area. Be sure to purchase file folders, pads, new pens and pencils, self-stick notes, cleaning solutions and garbage bags.

Prepare yourself to throw away old stuff. Cleaning out your office includes throwing some very old files and papers away. Take everything out of each shelf, drawer and file cabinet. Decide what to keep and what to toss. Save master and legal documents. Store all tax records. Throw out what you don’t need or use. Create a place for everything left. Wipe down all your drawers, cabinets and desk spaces with a wet rag.

To give your office a thorough clean-up, you will need to spend the whole day re-organizing, throwing out, wiping down, etc. If you can’t spare at least 4-5 hours to tidying your work space, leave some taks for the next day. But try to complete all the main cleaning and organizing tasks.

Make cleaning and reorganizing your office space a habit. Clean and organize your office on a regular basis. It will help you make your daily work life more efficient. Maintain order throughout your office and it will let your company start each day with a clean slate.

How to clean an iPod

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Have you ever dropped your iPod? If the answer is yes, then it’s a great reason to clean an iPod. But how to do it? We all know that water and technology: not a good combination. So, follow the next advices and you will bring your iPod back to life.

First of all, turn off your iPod. Then, remove the iPod cover. If you have an older model iPods, you should switch the “hold” button.

Start by cleaning the front of an iPod. It would be good to find a new microfiber cloth. Freshly washed microfiber cloth will also work. But if you washed your microfiber cloth using fabric softeners, it’s better to use a very soft paper towel instead. Fabric softeners may make the cloth leave a residue on the sleek surface of the iPod. Use your soft paper towel or dry cloth to gently wipe down the front of the iPod.

Then, take the cloth damped in warm water, and wipe down the back and sides of the iPod. Be careful not to water any ports or openings on your iPod, like those on the top and bottom. Wipe down the back and sides of an iPod. Then, take paper towel or another cloth and thoroughly dry your iPod.

Spot-clean your iPod. Take a look at the crevices and ports of your iPod. If they have collected dust, clean them. Make sure the iPod is off when you do this. Use a dry cotton swab to gently wipe down the crevices and ports. Never use alcohol or water on the cotton swab as it can damage your iPod.

When your iPod is clean, take measures to protect it by getting an iPod cover. There are many iPod covers to choose from. You can find covers just about anywhere iPods are sold: at any Apple store or an online vendor. They range from very expensive to very cheap, so you will find one that pleases your taste and budget.

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