3-how-to-motivate-workersIt’s worth noting that the working place of your workers is so to say the “face” of your company. None of the customers wants to see piles of papers and dust on the desks of your workers.

A messy workplace is not one of the most productive places. And it happens so that in this mess the workers loose important documents and disorganize the work of personnel as a whole.

But to tell you the truth, it’s very easy to motivate your employees to clean-up after themselves, and there are several ways how you can achieve good results.

First of all, you need to voice out loud that everybody in the office must clean up after himself. You can also assign special cleaning tasks to different employees.

But you can not forget about yourself, you also need to clean up and show them a role model how to act. You shouldn’t grumble while cleaning, do it with a smile, showing to the co-workers that it’s not difficult to keep you workplace clean and well-organized.

Your colleagues shouldn’t also forget about the food leftovers that rot and smell horribly. Explain to the workers why it is important to clean up, tell them that dirty office gives to the customers the idea of non-competitiveness.

It’s also a great idea to have a system of rewards and penalties. The boss may reward them financially or giving free lunch, etc. And employees who do not clean up for themselves may clean after everybody as a kind of a punishment. Hopefully, in such a way they will be able to understand that it’s much easier to clean up only after yourself.

A special cleaning schedule should be developed; it will give the employees a special time that is especially dedicated to the cleaning. Usually this time is given at the end of the day, 5-10 minute is quite enough to arrange the workplace.

It would also be nice to have special organizers for papers, pens, pencils, documents, etc. Try to encourage your workers to eat their lunches in a special canteen and not at the desk, where they leave lots of stains and crumps.

Very often people just forget to clean because of the busy day they have, that’s why it’s good to have special reminders.

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