4-office-cleaning-checklistIt’s natural and understandable that when you pay for some kind of the service, you want to get it. In order to be sure that your office cleaning company does the job, ask for a check list from them. In such a way you will see how much they have done or haven’t done.

If the company doesn’t provide the check list, you can use the check list developed by the cleaning experts in Seattle.

Let’s start with daily cleaning. What should a commercial cleaning company do?

First of all any cleaning company should pay a special attention to the areas where customers spend most of the time – the reception area, lobby, etc. They get their first impression about the company sitting in the lobby, that’s why it should be clean, bright and shining.

Cleaning tasks of the reception area include:

  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Vacuum carpets and floors
  • Clean the dust on all the surfaces
  • Disinfect the surfaces using natural disinfectants
  • Wash the floors and disinfect them
  • Remove cobwebs from the ceilings and the front door
  • Clean and disinfect light switchers and door handles
  • Remove all the fingerprints from all the surfaces
  • Wipe all the mirrors and glass surfaces
  • Throw away all the garbage, papers, unnecessary documents, etc.
  • Make sure that the lobby is clean and well-organized

The next place that is considered one of the most important in the office is bathroom. It should be clean and free of germs and bacteria, this place should be especially sanitary.

  • Empty wastebaskets
  • Add or replace toilet paper, hand towels, facial tissues, hand soap or hand sanitizer
  • Polish all the mirrors
  • Clean hand towel, hand soap, hand sanitizer dispensers and hand dryers
  • Clean and disinfect basins, door handles, faucets
  • Wash the tiles in order to remove the splash marks
  • Make sure that all the surfaces are disinfected and clean
  • Toilets and urinals are to be disinfected on both sides

Every month a cleaning company should vacuum chairs and vents.

These procedures are considered to be usual and obligatory for every commercial cleaning company and they are to be completed by the janitorial company.