41-comfortable-meeting-roomIn 2005, Microsoft Company completed a survey, which showed interesting results about personal productivity in the office. 71% of the office workers, who spend an average of six hours at the office, said that their meetings are unproductive.

What should be done to make an office meeting room comfortable and functional?

Let’s start with the most important things: Tables and chairs

It should be said that table and chairs in the meeting room is considered to be a center. Here are several tips for arranging your conference furniture.

Round tables are ideal for meetings, because every worker has equal opportunities with the others for idea contributions. Long rectangular tables are perfect for meetings where there will be people who will make the decision.

We live in the times of new technologies, and offices should also be equipped with everything needed.

This high-tech equipment will help you to increase creativity and cooperation. Your modern conference room should have a projector with a screen. If you think about saving money of course you may choose a usual board. Then it is great to have conference phones that will help you to hold conference calls

Easel pads are also important. Many office workers prefer to mark ideas on an easel and then take it back to the office and work on the ideas.

Don’t forget about a wall calendar, which will help to plan during meetings and set realistic deadlines for your projects.

Now let’s say several words about the color of the walls. Scientists say that yellow color promotes concentration; blue color promotes relaxation and agreeability. Do not use grey color, because it promotes negativity; red color promotes aggression and conflict.

The other important thing is lightning. It would be great if your conference room will have windows, because natural light keeps people awake.

And of course, keep your conference room clean. Our janitorial company will gladly help you with all the cleaning around your office. We propose best quality and affordable prices.