How to Prevent Falls at Work 

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72-falls-at-workRecent statistics show that 91 millions of working days are lost missed due to fall injuries annually and 90% of them happen because of wet floors at work. If we only think, these numbers are horrible, and they should be decreased. Furthermore, it is so easy to prevent slip and falls at work.

As a professional cleaning company, we can say that clean floors look fabulous and create the positive impression, but there are several rules that should be followed in order to prevent falls.

Indoor floors

1.    Remove different obstacles

2.    All the mats and rugs should be safely secured

3.    Clean the spills as soon as you notice them

4.    Cables should be covered, especially if they cross walkways

5.    Dangerous areas should be well-lighted

Safety rules for stairs

1.    Clean all the grease or liquid spills

2.    Make sure that stairways are correctly lighted, change the light bulbs regularly.

The outside of your office building should be also well-maintained to ensure safety.

Below there are several safety tips for you:

1.    All the obstacles should be removed, no boxes, no loose rugs and no trash canes.

2.    Remove snow or water regularly.

3.    Keep the entrance well lit.

The outside of your building also creates a first impression and needs to be monitored to help ensure safety so people don’t slip, trip and fall.

71-main-cleaning-productsFacility Cleaning Decisions Magazine conducted a survey among the facility managers. They were asked about the cleaning products that they consistently need to order and keep in stock.

Here are their most common answers:

The first place goes to paper towels and tissues.

The runner-up is sanitizer (disinfectant) and hand soap receiver the third prize.

So, what conclusions can we make thanks to this survey? Hand hygiene and germ-free surfaces are very important for any office building.

If you do not have a professional janitorial company that helps you to deal with cleanliness, it is very important to keep in mind the results of the survey to look professionally in the eyes of both employees and customers.

If you are looking for an affordable cleaning service, Pro Quality Office Cleaning will be glad to help you. Pro Quality Office Cleaning is the most affordable company in Washington State. We offer the best way for keeping your building with the right surface cleaning products.

We work hard to make your visitors feel comfortable and happy with what you are doing.

How to Maintain Office Carpets

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65-maintain-office-carpetDo you have an office that meets lots of people daily? Do you want to extend the life and durability of your carpets? If yes, than this article is prepared just for you. Experts from Pro Quality Office cleaning have prepared several tips for you that will surely come in handy.

The number one aim for the janitorial companies in offices is to keep carpets clean, free from stains, but it is very important for managers and property owners to know what cleaning supplies are used in their office.

First of all, you can ask you janitorial company to provide you with the list of chemicals they use for cleaning stains. You need it because sometimes cleaning supplies do not work well and the stains appear again and become even worse.

What do you know about the methods of carpet cleaning? The most common methods include:

  • Water Extraction

Special equipment sprays water with special chemicals and at the same time vacuums it. The water dissolves dirt and a vacuum cleans it.

  • Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is good, but it cannot be used on man-made carpets or it can cause shrinking of wool carpets. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it kills dust mites, and removes almost every stain, but it will take about 8 hours for your carpet to dry.

  • Foam Dry Cleaning

Do not believe that it says “dry”. This method also requires usage of water. Cleaning machines of this type use foam to cover the surface and then it is vacuumed. Usually the carpet will be dry whining an hour. Disadvantages include damaging of the carpet by brushes and bleed lines from a shampoo.

Use entrance mats. We have said about it so many times, but again this tip is important.

You cannot believe, but door mats do wonders, they reduce the amount of dirt, moisture, sand, etc.

How to Keep Office Floors Clean

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62-office-floorsClean floors are very important for every office, but when autumn and winter comes it becomes harder and harder to keep them clean. Below there is the list of the tips that will help to keep your floors shiny.

Use Mats!

It is very important to stop dirt at the entrance, that’s why cleaning experts recommend using floor mats at every entrance. Outdoor and indoor mats will help to reduce the amount of dirt in the building.

Frequent Mopping

Ask your cleaners to mop floors as often as possible. This will help to reduce the amount of dirt and water if it is raining or snowing. Mopping also helps to remove stains from ice melting. Make sure that your cleaners know how to mop correctly and use special techniques and supplies.

Regular Cleaning of Cleaning Equipment

Floors become even much dirtier if your cleaner forget to clean the equipment. Ask the cleaning team to change water in the bucket more often and to use special detergents and chemicals. If your office chooses to go green, there are lots of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is also very important and it should be scheduled and regular, especially in winter. Deep cleaning will help to preserve floors from damaging because of water.

Prepare your Cleaning Crew

Make sure that your cleaning crew is trained and knows how to get rid of dirt.

But if you feel unsure and don’t know how to clean your office floors correctly, call us and we will help gladly.

How Clean Is Your Hotel Room?

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hotel-roomI’m sure you’ve seen lots of reports telling about how unclean the hotels are. How to stay safe and clean in a hotel during your business trips?

Experts from the commercial cleaning service have shared with us very important tips that should be kept in mind.

First of all, you need to inspect your room before you start unpacking. Check the floors, bathtub, toilet seat, sink, mirror for stains, hair or other unpleasant stuff.

If you consider your room to be unclean and dirty, don’t hesitate and ask for a room change.  Most likely a receptionist will gladly help you.

If your room looks clean and you agree to stay in it, be sure to follow several rules for your personal safety.

Be aware of phones, remote controls and other small things

Everybody knows that remote controls and phones are homes for millions of bacteria. Before using it, it is recommended to sanitize them.

Don’t use the bedspread

Bedspreads are not washed after every guest. If your bed is coved with a bedspread or a comforter, toss it aside and don’t use.

Keep your hands clean

Use special sanitizers or wash your hands with soap and hot water.

Don’t walk barefoot

Don’t do it even if you really want to. Not all the hotels use special shampoos and sanitizers for carpets. Wear slippers or socks. The same rule is applied to the bathroom. Take your shower in flip flops or special shower shoes.

56-janitorial-cleaning-serviceIf you are an owner of an office or any other type of business from a store to manufacturing plants, you will surely know that a clean environment is one of the most important factors for being successful. A dirty and unhealthy environment brings problems, unhappy faces and poor reputation. People walk in and they do not want to see dirt, they want to see professional working in an appropriate atmosphere.

Professional cleaning services will help you to keep your office clean and professionally looking.

Sometimes owners think that they can clean their business by ourselves…but is it really so?

Professional Janitorial Cleaning Companies know exactly their job; they know what to do and how to clean. They pay special attention to the details that you might forget and do not see. These companies know how to make your establishment to look best, they have experience. Commercial cleaning services will make your office shine and sparkle.

Professional janitorial cleaning services, such as Pro Quality Office Cleaning, offer to its’ customers not only usual cleaning services, but also customized ones. If a client needs his office to be cleaned on weekend, they will surely come. If a client needs a crew to pay attention to certain details, or course, our cleaning crew will do that.

Every office and establishment has their own requirements and needs, some offices are small and others are large, that’s why customized services help not only to save time, but also money.

A clean environment has numerous benefits:

  • Happy employees
  • Safe working environment
  • Increased working efficiency

A professional janitorial cleaning company helps to keep your office spotless. Professionals pay attention and put more efforts in cleaning the areas that usually are overlooked by others.

Cleaning professionals save your time and give the opportunity to work over important deals.


Clean Office In Three Steps

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53-clean-office-in-three-stepsMany companies and employees think that is it hard to maintain clean environment in the office. But our experts say that it is not as difficult as they think. There are several steps that will bring cleanness into your office.

Step #1


Before you start thorough cleaning of your office, you need to declutter all the drawers, shelves and cabinets. Experts recommend cleaning from top to the bottom.

Don’t hesitate and throw away all the unnecessary things, pens that do not work, sheets of papers that are used etc.

Try to make your cabinets and drawers as empty as possible, use special organizers that will help you to store small things.

Don’t forget to declutter your computer. Delete all the unnecessary letters and documents, delete all the voice messages.

Step #2


Now let’s start cleaning. Experts recommend using detergents and cleaning supplies that do not cause allergies. The main thing at your work desk is your computer. Don’t forget to clean it thoroughly. Check our articles that tell about cleaning tips of the computers.

The best cleaner for the office is a mixture of water and white vinegar. Mix the liquids in a spray bottle. This mixture can be used for cleaning almost all surfaces, at the same time this mixture is a great disinfector.

Step #3


Once you’ve cleaned everything and decluttered all the drawers and cabinets, it’s time to put your efforts in maintaining this cleanness. Try to make a list of daily and weekly cleaning for your employees that will help to keep your office in tip-top shape.


52-air-conditioner-filtersIt is very important to remember when your air conditioner filters should be replaced or cleaned, and at the same time it is very important to know how to clean them. Fresh and cool air is important for high working efficiency.

Remember that regular cleaning will prolong the life of air conditioners in your office. Regular cleaning is important in order to avoid accumulation of dirt, allergens and pathogens of filters. Regular cleaning is your clean and healthy environment.

Below are several steps that will help you to clean your air conditioner.

First of all, open your air conditioner. But before opening it, make sure it is turned off.

Remove air conditioner filters from the device. Inspect them and make sure they are in good condition. If you see damages on your filter, it is better to replace it.

Vacuum it. Vacuuming is needed for getting rid from dust and dirt from the inside of the conditioner.

Filters disinfection is important. Sanitize them by using usual vinegar. Pour equal portions of water and vinegar in a basin and place filters in this solution. The mixture should cover all the surfaces of the filters. Vinegar will kill all the germs and bacteria.

Leave your filters in this solution for about 4 hours. In 4 hours remove them and allow to dry. Do not rinse them. Place them on a towel and leave to dry.

Check your filters again. If they are in normal condition, fit them back in the system. You may also replace air conditioner components if needed. Enjoy fresh and clean air in your office!


Non-Toxic Cleaners For Your Office

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49-nontoxic-cleanersThe choice of the eco-friendly cleaning products is getting wider and wider. There are lots of air-friendly cleaning products at the stores. But we also have the opportunity to save money and to prepare cleaners ourselves.

If you think that they do not clean well, you go wrong here. All of the natural cleaners work really well and at the same time are not so harmful and do not cause allergies.

To tell you the truth there are four basic components that will help you to prepare non-toxic cleaning solutions.

Here is the list of the most important components:

·         Baking soda can be used as an all-purpose cleaner

·         White vinegar is great for disinfecting and cleaning different surfaces, including glass

·         Borax cleans and deodorizes, it is great for cleaning toilets and bathrooms

·         Castile or glycerin-based soap is great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces

If you choose to go green at your office and to use only eco-friendly cleaners, you need to know that you will need to avoid harsh ingredients. Read labels and try to avoid toxic chemicals such as:

·         Glycol and butyl ethers – they are usually found in all-purpose cleaners

·         Terrenes which is contained in cleaners with citrus smell

·         Formaldehyde

·         Phosphates

·         Ammonia which is found in glass cleaners

These chemicals are known to cause different kinds of irritations such as eye, nose and throat irritations, headaches and nausea.

Scientific researches also show that exposure to these chemicals can damage your nervous system, liver and kidneys.

If you buy cleaners at the grocery stores try to look for those that are dye-free, perfume-free, phosphate-free, biodegradable and non toxic.

47-why-your-office-needs-janitorial-serviceAlmost every business needs a janitorial service, because professional cleaning company will do their job and your employees theirs.

Every business owner should realize one thing: customers like to see cleaners that work in the office. This fact gives them assurance in the cleanness of the restrooms, office area, reception, etc.

At the same time janitorial service shows to the customers that employees of this office do their own work, they are not distracted by other cleaning tasks. Customers will also agree that those companies who hire janitorial cleaning companies care about their business, about their employees and about their clients. Invest in your business by making it professionally clean.

The next advantage of having a janitorial service is that they make your workplace healthier. They know how to get rid of germs and bacteria. Professional cleaning companies keep your staff and your customers healthy by providing healthy and clean environment.

Managers need to realize that sick employees do not do their work professionally; working efficiency decreases significantly if the working environment is unhealthy.

And the last, but not the least advantage of the hiring of professional janitorial services is the efficiency. Keep in mind that if you choose professionals – they do the cleaning work professionally, without adding stress to your work and life.

If you are a business owner, you know that you are professional in the field you work. The same happens with janitorial companies. They are professionals in their cleaning work. Let the work be done by professionals!

Don’t waste your time cleaning floors and bathrooms – hire janitorial cleaning company and enjoy the clean working environment. Time is money and your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on unnecessary things!
Find a professional cleaning company and increase the productivity level of your business!